Simplification: Why Dino Rabbit Still Wins

What’s up boys and girls, its T-Time! I did not play at YCS Chicago, rather I vended at the Alter Reality booth. Thank you to anyone who came up and said hello or chose to do business with us, we appreciate the loyalty. Though I did not play, I tested and prepared as if I was going to. I took time to figure out the deck I would have played, and the deck I liked the best was Chaos Dragons (my own variant of course). However, that was before priority changed. When that happened I was unsure of what deck I thought was the best, though I had a pretty good feeling it would be Inzektors, since they don’t need priority to go off. Then I started thinking about how relevant priority really was.

To some decks, priority was crucial, and the main deck I can think about that had that stipulation is Synchrocentric Plants. Without that deck in the format, the most affected deck is Wind-Ups. However, I will go over that as well in a moment. Many people thought that priority would make certain cards ridiculously good, and in many ways it has. Bottomless Trap Hole had unbelievable hype when priority was gone, but it was already seeing play with the rise of Chaos Dragons. Another card that became Main Deck worthy is Chain Disappearance. I played it while I tested without priority in a T.G. build I ran and it was amazing. It hits every deck where it counts, besides Dark World of course. The ability to remove all copies of Bubbleman, Rescue Rabbit, Tour Guide or Sangan, Wind-Up Rat, Inzektor Dragonfly, or Inzektor Hornet. Any card that can negate an effect became amazing as well, including Effect Veiler, Forbidden Chalice, and Fiendish Chain. Safe Zone also got much better because you can equip it before certain monsters (particularly Chaos Sorcerer) has a chance to target it. So let me brake down some of the best decks and how they are affected by priority.

Elemental Heroes: They haven’t been affected by priority much at all. They have an advantage in this upcoming format, but unfortunately have the same problems they always have had. Heroes have the problem where they beat themselves, much like Dark World. Their cards rely on each other in order to combo out and become good, though when they do, they can generate tremendous advantage. On their own, heroes have the problem of drawing the wrong cards at the wrong time. I’m not saying that they don’t have good top-decks, they do: Bubbleman, E-Call/RoTA for Bubbleman, and Miracle Fusion just to name a few. However, Gemini Spark and Hero Blast are both irrelevant if you don’t have a live Alius. That is just an example of what I mean, the biggest issue comes from one of its best cards: Super Polymerization. One of the best cards in the deck can also be one of the worst if your opponent is playing dark monsters. So against Inzektors and Dark World, you are playing 3 dead cards. Super Polymerization also requires you to play use 3 cards to bring out your Hero. That is fine, but if you are low on cards, you are completely reliant on it working out. Even though it can’t be responded too, that doesn’t stop them from responding to the Summon of the monster with Bottomless Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute. It has a good matchup against Wind-Ups and Dino Rabbit, but against Inzektors they are totally reliant on Skill Drain. Against Chaos Dragons and Dark World the opponent’s monsters are simply too big and Samurais will negate your critical spells such as Gemini Spark. In the future, Heroes have great potential, but as long as Inzektor is as popular as it is, I can’t see it winning an event.

Wind-Ups: The great victim of priority… However, most people are not playing Maxx “C” anymore, so there is no reason not to go crazy when you can. The deck can also do a pretty good job of playing around Effect Veiler with Wind-Up Rabbit. The bad news is that decks are playing so much effect hate that it may be impossible for the deck to go off. They are very reliant on the dice roll and they have to open their combo to really go crazy if they do. With Dino Rabbit still so popular, Evolsaur Dolkka can single handedly pick this deck apart. If there is a Meta change, Wind-Ups have a good chance again, but for now the most hyped deck out of ORCS will have to take a back seat.

Dark World: The deck is very similar to Heroes where they defeat themselves. If you open poorly, you are in trouble. There is no way to do anything if you can’t discard your monsters. Also, they are very reliant on Gates of Dark World. Bottomless Trap Hole on Grapha is also pretty bad for the deck. However, Skill Drain is still amazing and Grapha is still very big. The deck is something to worry about, but I don’t see it winning another event any time soon.

Six Samurais: Yes, this is actually a deck. A lot of people had sob stories about losing to it at YCS Chicago, forgetting what the deck can do. It can still swarm like crazy and can still negate Spells and Traps all day. Unfortunately, this is a format where Monster Effects rule, so the deck just isn’t as spicy as it could be. The starter deck coming out for it may make Samurais good enough to really bring the heat before WCQs but until then, they are just another deck that tends to be annoying to play against.

Chaos Dragons: Another big victim of the Priority ruling. I think that had the priority ruling not changed before Chicago, this deck would have been the number one contender to win. Why you ask? Because it beats Dino Rabbit. Consider a rock paper scissors game where Dragons have an advantage over Rabbit, Rabbit has an advantage over Inzektors, and Inzektors have an advantage over Dragons. Whatever is played the most, the counter deck will have the best shot at winning. Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon not having priority to revive a dragon can be obnoxious, but at the end of the day, all of your monsters are gigantic. The deck can make OTKs out of nothing. They can simply decide to lose card advantage to lob 8000 on board, and even if you can stop that, you have to deal with the REDMD/Light Pulsar combo. All the while, they have their Lightsworn cards speeding the deck up and blowing up back row. The deck is still very good, but its best match up is Dino Rabbit. When that deck becomes the most popular one again, you can see this deck take over. However, we will see if this deck ends up taking a back seat to Heiratics.

Inzektors: This is where I feel that I will get the most people disagreeing with me. Many people think that this is the best deck right now, and I have to disagree. Even with the addition of Ladybug, they are still stuck with the same problem they had to begin with. It is a combo based deck that can get stuck, and when that happens there is really no way to win. If you are stranded without a hornet, your plays are incredibly limited. With Ladybug, you will have a chance to search it faster and create a rank 5 XYZ, but still, you are completely reliant on drawing them. On top of that, you need to have a Dragonfly or Centipede for it to go off and your opponent can be negating them left and right with Effect Veilers, Fiendish Chains, Solemn Warnings, Bottomless/Chain Disappearance, Forbidden Lance, Torrential Tribute, etc. Then there is Dolkka. Evolsaur Dolkka, if protected, can shut down the entire deck just like he can do to Wind-Ups and Skill Drain can do the same thing. Then there is the other issue, Side Decking. Cards out of the side deck can paralyze this deck, so you are left side decking to counter those specific cards. If Macro Cosmos (which is now main decked in some Dino Rabbit builds) is played, it can render an Inzektor player without any plays unless they have a way to get rid of it. My basic synopsis is that the deck is incredibly powerful, but it is a combo based deck. If you keep negating the combo, they are left with dead cards. It reminds me a lot of Infernities. Getting to Hornet is like not having a way to Infernity Archfiend (though Infernities still have a few wins under their belt). I think this deck is a very good deck, and may even win an event. However, I do not think it is the best deck, at least not right now.

Dino Rabbit: I hate to admit this, but I concede that this is the best deck. I dislike it for many reasons, mostly because it is so much like Six Samurais of the past and can require very little competency to win with (though every deck takes a certain amount of skill to win with). The reason I believe this deck is so good lies in the fact that it isn’t reliant on a combo at all. It doesn’t need to draw Rabbit to win, and if it does, it is only one stand-alone card. Yes, Kabazauls isn’t the world’s greatest card, but would you rather be stranded on a Kabazauls or a Gemini Spark, Wind-Up Hunter, or a dead Inzektor? The self sufficiency of the deck makes it strong in the late game because the cards you are drawing aren’t usually irrelevant. If the game simplifies, the deck will continue to draw cards that allow it to play like a stun variant. Also, once the deck goes off (uses Rabbit/makes an Evolsaur), it isn’t anywhere near done like Wind-Ups. You can still draw Pot of Avarice, Rescue Rabbit, and Tour Guide from the Underworld. The rest of the cards in the deck can fight off most opponents, which is the reason that, despite the meta, I still like Jurrac Guiba in the deck. It gives you another good card in your deck that your opponent has to worry about and makes Forbidden Lance very live. The deck also allows for a lot of tech cards to be played that normally cannot be. I don’t necessarily agree with a main-decked Macro Cosmos (due to the abundance of mirror matches), it sides it in with the greatest of ease. The deck isn’t reliant on a combo like most other decks (Inzektors needing Hornet, Wind-Ups usinging the loop, Darkworld needing Gates/Grapha, Dragons needing REDMD, Heroes constantly needing combos) and Samurais lose a card when they make Shi-En.

At the end of the day, this is just my opinion but I want you to understand the take away point from this entire article. I didn’t write this with the idea of ranking popular decks, but rather to understand why the meta is the way it is. It is also to understand that simplification wins. I will be writing another article describing and fully illustrating simplification soon and I will probably give a decklist for a deck that has no other intent but to do just that. Simplification is an older concept that used to work a lot better for decks like stun and gadgets, but it is still alive and well today. Isolate the key cards from combo based decks and they will fall apart. If all of your cards are independently solid, your deck can operate most consistently. I’ll try to answer questions that you post, I am sure that people will be happy to disagree with me on this article and that is okay. There is no absolute correct answer for what is the best deck and why, but this is my opinion and that is my reasoning. I would be happy to debate this in comments.

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