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Hello my name is Brandon Smith I'm from Pontiac, Michigan just 17 miles north of Detroit. My home store is Collectible Investments In Berkley, Mi. I currently have 2 National top 32 and 3 Yugioh Championship Series top 32.

There are many times in a game where you should play conservative and there are times where you have to go for broke. Or what we in Michigan call go Ham!!

In this article I am just going to go through a quick simplified list of scenarios and what I I believe the best play is in these circumstances and why.

Going First…..

Whenever you make your opening play no matter how good or bad your hand is always think this. How can I counter my opponents play before they have a turn- or- Can I make a field that is unbeatable before my opponent has a turn.

These are the strategies that have worked best for me.  The first option, if done correctly can put you on a fast pace tempo to win the game. The second is going ham and is basically setting up an obstacle that should be difficult to beat.

Side Note:  Always keep in mind that your opening play either way should not leave you too over exposed to power cards like Heavy Storm or Dark Hole. But also not unprotected against simple plays.

Solid turn 1 Plays examples:  Thunder King Rai-Oh and Solemn WarningTour Guide into Tour Guide and Zenmaines. Summoning Agent of Creation Venus, paying 1000 and making Gachi Gachi Gentetsu.  While these plays seem simple they are the back bone to the most competitive decks in the format, because these plays take very few cards to use and can’t be disrupted with just one card usually.

Going Second…..

Although a lot of people never plan on going second. It unfortunately will happen occasionally. Going second you goal should be to break your opponents first turn plays. Sometimes this is very difficult because you are playing at multiple disadvantages, you are playing into traps or hand traps monster effects and the fact that your opponent is going to be up a card.

Best cards to have in the deck going second.

Mystical  Space Typhoon: This is one card that can break or disrupt the conservative defense. It also can allow you to make big push plays and disable your opponents responses leaving them open for attacks.

Dark Hole: this card is usually great for mass removal but it can be used as a one for one to simplify the game state.

Mind Control: Taking your opponents defense and using it as an opportunity. This card takes their defense and sets up for big plays.

That was a short list of cards that are good turn two. Now the only thing left is to add them to your deck and play them wisely.

Yugioh is a great game and there is a lot of very good plays, but there is a right time and a wrong time to make a play or make a push. Making the push at the right time can win you the game but if you push at the wrong time you can find yourself in a very bad position.  When considering whether you should go for game or not you have to be aware of what your opponent is playing, what kind of traps  they play and the ability to make reads on your opponent.

The Agent/ Hyperion:  is a deck that has been successful only played a single trap in the main deck.  Against this deck I would try to push fast and out speed there plays. I would call this reckless abandon. Slow playing against this type of deck is not recommended because you will allow them to draw into their cards.

Plants:  Has more tops in the last events than any other deck. This is because people don’t know when to strike. They find it hard against this deck because the trap line-up is so diverse.  You might be reading Solemn Warning and instead of being aggressive you set and play defensively but it can be call of the haunted and the plant player can be threatening game next turn.  The trap line up in plants is well diverse and that is why this deck is so good.

Traps/ Hand Traps in a Plant deck

1.)    Solemn Warning

2.)    Solemn Judgement

3.)    Torrential Tribute

4.)    Call of the Haunted

5.)    Effect Veiler

6.)    Maxx “C”

7.)    Dimensional Prison

My advice to readers is to learn the game. Be able to know your deck and also your opponent’s deck.

Don’t rush into bad plays and that going for broke is not always a bad idea .

This is Brandon Smith signing out. Play Hard or Go home

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