Summer Championship is over, What’s next?

bob2Now that the Summer Championship is over many people think their time to shine has now passed and there is no reason to continue playing. They are very wrong though! There is now even more of a reason to continue playing or have new players start getting involved in Kaijudo! Within the next few months there will be new set releases, more Kaijudo Master Challenges, and even another Championship. There will also be the start of a new series of highly competitive tournaments at the ARG Open! So let us break down everything we have to look forward to just for the rest of the year.

Kaijudo Set Premieres

We are only weeks away from a new set coming called Shattered Alliances coming out on September 13th! With every new set release there will be a Set Premiere Event stores can hold the weekend of release. At this set premiere duelists will get their first chance to use enemy-civ cards which will strengthen decks that might have been a little weak before, as long as get exclusive set premiere cards . The release of this set will once again have a huge impact on the game and change how decks are built and played. I also want to note that another new set will be released in November before the Winter Championship that way the meta will be completely different from the KMC Season to the Championship.

New KMC Season

Just when you thought it was over Wizards was not done yet. A new season of Kaijudo Master Challenges are beginning on September 18th and ending on October 27th, with the Winter Championship on November 24th. This gives players another shot at attending the Championship if they were not able to make it in the summer. This is amazing because it gives an opportunity for more players who were not able to experience the fun we had a few weeks ago a chance to. The season is shorter but they are also going to have more KMC’s than they did last time so if you did not have one close to you maybe they will this time. They will also be giving away the long awaited Bronze-Arm Sabertooth promo card with the prize kit they send to the stores, so you can look forward to receiving one of those if you were not able to make it to the first Championship.  

Winter Championship

As of writing this article we do not know much about this yet expect that it is on November 24th and it is going to be some place warm, I am hoping Texas! It is also good that is the weekend before Thanksgiving so it should not conflict with School. Based on what happened at the Summer Championship I have no idea what to expect at this one. I heard that they may have public events at this one for those who did not qualify would still be able to play in tournaments and have fun there. The Summer Championship felt like a one in a lifetime experience so I cannot wait to see what they do to top it!

ARG Open

This is what I am really excited about. ARG is going to start a series of tournaments around the country, giving out amazing prizes like you have never seen in Kaijudo before. The first one will be in Fort Worth, Texas and here is a link to it to find out more information.

Here is a breakdown for prizes for the main event:

Constructed Deck $1,000 Cash Prize

1st Place: 10 Kaijudo Booster Boxes or $500 Prize Credit – 30 Invitational Points
2nd Place: 4 Kaijudo Booster Boxes or $200 Prize Credit – 25 Invitational Points
3rd-4th Place: 2 Kaijudo Booster Boxes or $100 Prize Credit – 20 Invitational Points
5th-8th Place: Kaijudo Booster Box or $50 Prize Credit – 10 Invitational Points
9th-32nd Place: 5 Invitational Points + Kaijudo Promo Card
33rd-64th Place 2 Invitational Points
65th+ Place 1 Invitational Point

With the entry fee only being $25 these are some pretty insane prizes. You get the option to keep the Booster Boxes or just trade them in for cash if you are more interested in that. There will also be a Case tournament the next day which is only $15 and the winner walks away with an entire case! The fun does not stop there though, both days there will be non-stop win-a-box tournaments going on. They are 8 person flights and the winner will receive a box. You can enter a constructed or booster draft tournament. The booster draft will probably be a lot of fun because you receive packs just for playing and everyone will be on an equal playing field. Many people have been asking about Invitational points. They are points you will receive, depending on how well you perform, and someone with enough points would get an invite to an exclusive tournament. Hope everyone is looking forward to seeing these come to a town near you, I am lucky enough for the first one to be near where I live. Having a store branch out and start its own tournament series for a newly starting card game will help it grow and make the community a better place to play.

I know a lot of people contemplated giving up the game after the Summer Championship because that is all there was. It is great that Wizards and ARG are stepping up to the plate and giving what the community wants, a non-stop competitive scene. With all these events happening there is even more reason to continue to buy product and keep playing the game because only greater stuff will come after this.

See you on the other side of the veil!

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