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Hello, duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! The absolute realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report on the internet, and of course it’s right here on ARG! Having been in the game as long as I have, I’ve seen the evolution of players, websites, and the community as a whole. One of the things I miss about Yu-Gi-Oh! in the older days was the presence of teams in the game! Compiled of magnificent players, teams like Overdose and Comic Odyssey would come in and completely WRECK Shonen Jump Championships! If you were sitting across from a member of one of those teams, you Read more

Hello, duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! The absolute realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report on the internet, and of course it’s right here on ARG! We have reached the conclusion of the World Championships as well as the ARG Circuit Series Championships, marking the end of one of the most fantastic seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh that we’ve seen in quite some time! I’m excited to see what this next year will bring, but not before wrapping up this years events and remembering all of the incredible moments we’ve seen in the game this year. Before we get started, I’d like to extend the biggest Read more

Good day duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! The absolute realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report on the internet, and of course it’s right here on ARG! This upcoming weekend is the pinnacle of competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! for the year! The players that have qualified for the ARG Circuit Series 25k Championship are slowly making their way to Philadelphia in order to claim their shot at both Players Champion and ARGCS Champion, and a shot at some fantastic prizes! The players that qualified for the World Championships have made their way to Japan and are preparing to battle it out for the illustrious title Read more

Why do you play Yu-Gi-Oh and why do you enter tournaments?  For entertainment?  To have fun with friends?  For the feeling of winning or to win prizes and a trophy?  Would you use every advantage you can get so long as it’s not labeled ‘cheating’ ?  That was the discussion I originally posted on my Facebook page and when it was shared on ARG’s Facebook page a heated debate ensued. The original question asked whether or not you would tell your opponent that he or she was accidentally exposing their cards or would you use this information to your advantage? Read more

In more recent events, it seems as if the Hieratic/ Dragon Ruler deck has fallen out of favor by many of the top players in this game.  Seemingly overshadowed by the Mythic Dragon Ruler variant, or left behind for other decks completely, could this be a mistake?  With the recent ban list, Hieratic Rulers were one of the least affected decks with the loss of a single copy of Hieratic Seal of Convocation.  Now with YCS Las Vegas completed, a deck that has brought me to my 3rd top (my others being the 75th and 100th YCS) and a deck Read more

        Welcome everyone to Coverage for ARGCS Charlotte!  Here’s just some pictures of the event so far, and be sure to check out the live coverage at        

Name: Tahmid Zaman Hometown: Queens, New York What deck are you playing today? Hieratics Why did you decide to play this deck? Cause I’m the best What deck are you most prepared for? Mermail and Fire Fist What deck are you least prepared for? Geargia What would you do with the prize money if you won? Flights to other events Shout outs? Just Team Black, that’s about it.   Name: Corey Encinas Hometown: Phoenix, Az What deck are you playing today? Cool Clogs and Gears Why did you decide to play this deck? I’ve been playing the deck for awhile Read more

Hello everyone! I am glad to write once again for Alter Reality Games! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Connor Bazil. I’ve written here once for the YuGiOh Holiday Contest back in 2011. Currently, I play a variety of card games such as YuGiOh, Kaijudo and even a little MTG. Over the past few months, Kaijudo has instantly become one of my favorite games (probably because I enjoyed Duel Masters so much :D). I was delighted to hear about the recent Organized Play announcement and cannot wait to hear more news about it! In Read more

Hey all, so for those of you completely unfamiliar with who I am, my name is Evan Russo. I host and produce the YouTube channel “Epic Duel Time” and am an avid YuGiOh player and judge. I began playing fairly competitively and at regular tournaments in early 2010, having only previously played casually and infrequently since the game was first released. Since my entrance into competitive play, I have developed a great interest in judging and tournament policies, as I found that a surprising amount of players are completely unaware of when to call over a judge, and even how Read more

Hello Yu-Gi-Oh! Community! I’m here today providing you some insight on a certain card that I feel hasn’t gotten much attention, and with YCS Atlanta vastly approaching, I feel that it should get some recognition and at least a little thought(No pun intended). Yes, that card, the one archfiend that has ruled your thoughts since the release of The Duelist Genesis is Thought Ruler Archfiend! Just for those who don’t quite remember and are too lazy to click the link to view its stats, here they are: Thought Ruler Archfiend Dark/Psychic/Synchro/Effect 2700/2300 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters When Read more