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Friendly faces, new challengers, enthusiastic Wizards staff members, and the unique opportunity for players to design brand new cards! If you missed out on the first ever Kaijudo Championship in Seattle this past weekend, you missed a really unique event. The weekend wasn’t without its ups and downs on a personal note, but even after flying out to Seattle on my own dime and ultimately not walking away with the crown, I’d do it all over again. The trip was a whirlwind, so this article is going to follow suit. LCQ #1: Dodging the Landmines, or, “Please Don’t Pair Me Read more

It’s easy to identify deck archetypes and ascribe roles to them. Rush tries to kill the opponent as fast as it can. Midrange curves out and attempts to outlast rush, but kill before the late game. Tempo usually overlaps with midrange, but may be more open-ended as to its kill turn. Control tries to hang around as long as it can until winning with fatties is inevitable. We all implicitly understand the gameplans of decks that fall within this paradigm. Decks that don’t fall within this paradigm are probably lacking in focus; in Kaijudo, it’s essential to know your deck’s Read more