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Hello Yu-Gi-Oh! Community! I’m here today providing you some insight on a certain card that I feel hasn’t gotten much attention, and with YCS Atlanta vastly approaching, I feel that it should get some recognition and at least a little thought(No pun intended). Yes, that card, the one archfiend that has ruled your thoughts since the release of The Duelist Genesis is Thought Ruler Archfiend! Just for those who don’t quite remember and are too lazy to click the link to view its stats, here they are: Thought Ruler Archfiend Dark/Psychic/Synchro/Effect 2700/2300 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters When Read more

Hello. As I sit down to write an article I consider a few things: Originality, information, accuracy, and a few more key points that I always look to address. I read other articles to be certain I don’t infringe on what other people have come up with, although I like to believe myself an original thinker. I love writing these articles and I especially enjoy it when people express their interest and let me know that they have benefited from knowledge that I was able to express through writing Yugi-Articles. These are things I think about as I sit down Read more

A Brief History of Time Hello Duelists, my name is Tanner Trachsel and I am 19 years old from London, Ontario, Canada (though my home store is Phoenix Games in Kitchener, Ontario). I started playing the great game of Yu-Gi-Oh all the way back when Metal Raiders was a new booster pack (that’s 2002 for those who don’t know). Being a 12 year old kid without much understanding of the game and going up against such decks as Goat Control and the Yata Lock, I got discouraged and promptly “quit”. In June 2010 I was on a school trip for Read more

Hey everyone! Dominique Roberts back again on the scene to provide you exactly what you want in the Yu-Gi-Oh World! Ladies and gentleman, you just have been DQ’ed! Now before you become alarmed, DQ’ed here does not mean disqualified. It means ‘Deck Questioned’. It is the theme and title of a new series of articles I am releasing. Before I write each article I will take questions via Facebook, Twitter and Texts from friends regarding a specific deck which will be posted on my Facebook page. I will then take the time to analyze those questions and make sure I Read more

And now, for something completely different. We, the unwavering public of the Yu-gi-oh community, have withstood many laughable antics from the lovable Konami Digital Entertainment. They provide us with cards, whether we want them or not, and we throw money, because we really want them. So, the most recent set has arrived by USPS in this frigid season, and I feel it hasn’t received quite the hype from the competitive meta that it may or may not deserve. Given, Hidden Arsenal 5 fought with announcements such as Tour Bus from the Underworld and, God forbid… Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon* for about a Read more

Hello and Happy Holidays to the Yu-Gi-Oh community! You may not know me by name, nor by face; but I can assure you that you will soon. I’m Dominique Roberts, a player that has had his share of tops and close calls(9th Place when SJC used to cut to top 8 is bad, right?). Through it all though, I come to the realization that the side deck is by far the most important part of the deck you play. The majority of my matches won over the years are a result of my amazing knowledge of side decking. The plethora Read more