That Time of the Year

Of course as many of my peers at ARG have been doing, this article will be about the upcoming Forbidden/Limited list, which should be popping up around the internet in oh... 12 days or so, right after YCS Miami. Now, I will not be doing a full comprehensive list but actually just a few cards from each area of the list, most of which I hope to see there. So lets get this started!

Most people start with the Forbidden part of the list, but I'm going to go in reverse order for more of a dramatic feel.


The list of cards I have on this list is pretty unimportant, but the one cards I would like to see back to 3 more then the rest is Hieratic Seal of Convocation. The Hieratic deck is something that never really took off in the TCG, and was mainly an OCG nuisance. Konami tends to "overdo" things when it comes to trying to make decks more fair, when in reality all they have to do is maybe hit a few cards and let the new decks coming out take care of the rest. This can be seen when the old Plant Synchro deck and Agent deck were SEVERELY hit previous to Wind-ups and Inzektors coming out. The fact of the matter is, the old Plant Synchro deck could never keep up with those decks at their prime. So it's utterly ridiculous to destroy them so.

Anyway, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon was the real problem with Heriatic decks (And Dragon decks in general) and Limiting it to 1 severely cut off its ability as a deck to do well in the meta, so Semi Limiting another card from the deck was kind of just like kicking a kid when their down on the ground already.  I really wouldn't be surprised if we see Convation back at 3 this list.


Slowly, as time has gone by, certain cards from the old Plant Synchro deck have been making it back off the F/L list, like Debris Dragon and Spore. This time around (without Glow-up Bulb) I REALLY hope to see one of my favorite cards ever made come back to 2, and that card is Lonefire Blossom.

Plants as a deck, have never really been "great". Certain ones were always splashed into decks to make them better, as an "engine" of sorts. Lonefire Blossom is easily the best support for Plants that they have ever gotten, and will have in the foreseeable  future, and as long as Konami takes the needed proceedures, I think it would be great to see our old friend Lonefire Blossom back in action. I may be a bit biased, but I really do think its power level compared to other cards in our current meta would be absolutely fine.

The second card I would like to see come up to 2 on the F/L list is something I feel VERY VERY strongly about, especially with the ever growing popular feature of decks to DFLSJFLKSHFLSFHLSJDFLDJSLKDJ out a bunch of Monsters with just using 2 cards, and that card is the extremely powerful... Dark Hole.

No matter how Konami thinks, some players believe its okay to play all their cards and resources without any understanding of consequences. It's all just "HEY LOOK AT MY HAND HERE'S 4 MONSTERS TO TRY AND KILL YOU", and it's my firm belief that people who act without thinking or preparing accordingly should be punished for doing so.  Cards like Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute to 2 make this somewhat better, but of course, they are Trap cards and can be played around a lot easier then something like Dark Hole. I believe that if my opponent can open up with 2 cards and make a giant field and have 3 more cards then me, I should be able to take that away without having to invest 3 cards. Dark Hole brings a balance to the game, and it is my hope that if Dark Hole were to go to 2, that it would make people think a much greater amount before just throwing down their entire hand and hoping for the best, and for those who don't think, get punished for doing so.


As most people assume, Wind-ups will probably get slaughtered this F/L list, but the cards people think that will get hit vary from person to person. In my personal opinion, Wind-up Magician and Wind-up Factory should be on this list limited to 1. Wind-up Factory is worse then something like Black Whirlwind ever was, while Wind-up Magician allows you to create giant fields just for activating any of your monsters effects. Some people belive that it is Wind-up Shark that should be hit, and while in reality Shark and Magician both lose power without the other, by just READING both monsters, you clearly can see that it's Magician that clearly has the more powerful ability and allows for a greater amount of combo strings then Shark itself.

Call of the Haunted is my next card I think should be Limited to 1. While a Trap card, and a Trap card that can be Typhooned, it's one of those cards that keeps being able to be abused more and more, allowing for again, giant combo strings that can lead to unfair fields and advantages. Putting this at 1 would also leave me hope that Lonefire Blossom could go to 2, as it limits the amount of shenanigans you can do with it.

The final card I would like to talk about being Limited is Machina Gearframe. An 1800 body with a Stratos like effect is way too powerful, especially since it's ability lets you grab a 2500 attack Monster that you can Special Summon for basically free. Machina variants have done decent in the TCG, but in the OCG Machina Gadgets is easily one of the most poweful decks do to some unreleased cards here. The thing is though, we will be getting those cards within the next couple months so I really dont think it's needed to have to go through the motions of dealing with this, and hope that Gearframe is Limited.

And finally what you've all been waiting for!


Monster.... Fricken... Reborn... PLEASE GOD GO AWAY AND NEVER RETURN. You want to talk about card that inables combo strings? This is the mother load. By far Monster Reborn is my single most hated card in Yu-Gi-Oh. It brings back basically ANYTHING. Oh Warning? Well I just so happen to have this Monster Reborn to ruin your day. OH OKAY. Yeah, no thanks. It's an utterly ridiculous card and how it's been left unchecked for so long is beyond me. Also with what I want to happen, no more Lonefire + Reborn combos! Most people agree with Reborn should go but jeeze, please this once just LET IT REST IN PEACE.

Number 16: Shock Master... if there was a card I had to choose that wasn't Monster Reborn, this would be it. This card is the single reason why I don't have 3 Championship wins. The card literrally says YOU CANNOT PLAY CARDS. Does Konami not learn their lesson? Anytime something like this happens you just KNOW it cannot be good. It's easier then ever to throw 3 monsters onto the field, so it's not even like Shock Masters summoning conditions are even irrational. The card for real can make games end where your opponent cannot activate a single card. Its highly unfair and should be the first Xyz monster to get the axe.

The final card I want to talk about is difficult, and I had 4 left to choose from, but I think this one is the important one. And that is Elemental Hero Stratos.

Ever since Elemental Hero Stratos came into existence, in every format, there has been some sort of Hero deck, all which rely upon, of course Stratos. Now while Hero decks may not be seeing the greatest amount of tops at YCS's, the deck is still widly played in the TCG and OCG. If you forbid Stratos, you can do things like remove Emergency Call and A Hero Lives from the F/L list, because they no longer are problems. They are simply problems because ELEMENTAL HERO STRATOS EXIST. Without it existing, there are no more problems. It's as simple as that.

And with that ladies and gents, concludes some of my opinions on this upcoming Forbidden/Limited list. This upcoming weekend I have a regionals at ARG, and the week after will be YCS Miami, so make sure you tune in next week to get a peek at what shenanigans I've cooked up this time around.

And until next time duelist, play hard or go home!




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