The banishing bunnies

Hey guys I’m back with an article on the different Dino Rabbit builds. In our recent meta you have seen many Dino Rabbit players choosing to main deck Macro Cosmos. Although the two different builds, Macro Rabbit and Dino Rabbit, are both very good but in recent testing I feel that in our current meta with Chaos Dragons and Inzektors running rampant maining the Macro Cosmos really help in your strong and very important Game 1 win against Chaos Dragons, which will most likely be your most troubled match playing dino rabbit.

The first thing I decided was maining 2 or 3 macro cosmos. I first tested out three……. I didn’t like it and soon after decided to play two. Playing two still gives you the advantage of having a main decked card against chaos dragons but you still have room to play something that could also be useful like soul taker. Once I started with two I thought of what to replace my main decked effect veilers, Black luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning, and Gorz the Emissary of darkness with. I soon after relentless avoiding this option for testing started playing Jurrac Guibia again. The Jurrac guibias once I started testing gave me advantage until I could get rescue rabbit to start overpowering my opponent as soon as possible. I finally settled on awarding the extra main deck space to the much helpful Jurrac guibia and a few other helpfuls.

The next thing I immediately started thinking about during that testing was Mystical Space Typhoon. I had so often drawn it dead at 3. I began soon after to test 2 macro against a series of meta decks. I realized that I was being foolish and did need the three main deck. The message soon in my head why did I bother thinking of playing less anyway.

The next thing I realized was how necessary the 1 spirit reaper was in the main deck. Being able to stall the otk of chaos dragons and minusing your opponent with one simple attack could easily give you a much better card advantage for yourself without using to many resources. Stopping an Inzektor powerplay with dragonfly or a chaos dragons black luster soldier can easily win you a game before they can do something to overpower you. I tested two but I always ended up having a more consistent good hands with one so I decided to side the second. The one always ended up finding its way into one of my lackluster hands and allowing me to beat with a sabersaures or another mediocre monster.

Once I decided on my appreciatively semi-standard main deck I moved on to my extra deck which I immediately began to find I didn’t have enough room for anything. After testing what was more helpful this was my finished extra (note the stardust is mainly for Starlight Road):

2x Evolzar Dolkka

2x Evolzar Laggia

x1 Gemknight Pearl

x1 Photon Butterfly Assassin (Yes I call it that too the American name is TERRIBLE)

x1 Number 39: Utopia

x1 Number C39: UtopiaRay

x1 Maestroke the Symphonic Djinn

x1 Leiviar the Sea Dragon

x1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon

x1 number 30:acid golem of destruction

x1 Little drummer (temtempo)

x1 Wind-up Zenmaines

x1 Stardust Dragon

I see it now as very standard but I feel that every card is very necessary. The first card I would cut if I felt something was very needed would be Utopia Ray because although sometimes it’s a win condition it doesn’t have the needed requirements often enough to push for game. I also found the little drummer a great counter to Wind-up Zenmaines and Utopia and it does its job when needed.

Then when I was satisfied with my extra I went right on busy to complete my side deck ready for my upcoming competition. some noteworthy cards are

x2 Shadow Imprisoning mirror- Inzektors are still running a muck after their couple nationals wins and shadow imprisoning mirror just shuts them down if you cant get macro somewhere on the field.

x2 effect veilier for when macro comes out. Some people were telling me to main it but I refuse to have it dead in hand with Macro Cosmos which I know will end up happening. Effect vieler doesn’t find its way into the main deck very often because macro is needed to often in my matches and it only finds its way into the main deck game 2 in the mirror if im going second. Other than that it doesn’t see much play during the match but I still feel its necessary to lay back on.

x2 Royal Decree- although rabbit is a very trap heavy deck I find the Royal way to helpful in the chain burn and final countdown matchup. It puts them in a situation where they have to find an MST or just stall out with Swift Scarecrow.

That’s all im going to share with you guys today but always remember to test your deck with the two different options of what you might want to our what build you want to play before going to an event. Also always remember to……


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