The Banlist: What I Feel Should Happen

Hello all, and welcome to my first article. Before I actually start, I would like to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. Today I am here to provide my insight on what I feel should happen on this upcoming banlist. The new banlist should be released in one or two more days, so I felt that this was the appropriate time to make this article.

The first thing I should talk about is what I feel should get banned. These cards include: Wind-Up Hunter, Lonefire Blossom, Monster Reborn, and Future Fusion. Wind-Up Hunter is the only way that Konami can efficiently hit the Wind-Up deck, but not KILL the deck. Hunter creates the hand loop, which can, at times, lessen the fun that we get out of this game, and we all know that Konami likes to neuter any OTK or FTK deck and any hand loop. Lonefire Blossom needs to get hit because, like I said earlier, Konami doesn’t like to kill decks, they just want to water it down, and make it less broken than what it already is. Hitting Lonefire would efficiently water plants down to where they aren’t dead, but still around the Tier 1.5 status. Reborn has been in the game for one year, and Konami normally gives us broken staples and takes them out of the game after letting it run rampant in OCG and TCG metagame. Future Fusion is expected, seeing as it creates a first turn Quasar with heroes, and creates an FTK on its own.

The cards I feel should be limited include: Agent of Mystery- Earth, Inzektor Hornet, Dark Magician of Chaos, Tsukuyomi, Rekindling, and Evolzar Laggia. Earth should get limited for the reason that Agents are technically Tier 0 in Japan, along with Inzektors, and the OCG meta is always what gets hit the most (same reason for why I feel Hornet should get hit). Dark Magician of Chaos (DMOC) should get limited for the sole fact that it is the cover card on the Battle Pack (with the Tour Guide reprint), and, with a possible Reborn ban, this may happen. Tsukuyomi is slow in the current meta that we are in, with only one or two good flip effect monsters (Ryko and Dekoichi), and wouldn’t prove to be a staple card. Rekindling makes Lavals Tier 1, and enables them to make a first turn Quasar, possibly Lavalval Chain in this combo, allowing for more Laval combos. Laggia should get limited because it is the main reason Dino Rabbit is good (outside of Rescue Rabbit, which I will talk about later in this article).

The semi-limited cards I feel should take a hit include: Wind-Up Rat, Master Hyperion, Rescue Rabbit, Blackwing Gale, Kalut, or Whirlwind (only one of these three will get semi limited, but I am going to talk about them in conjunction), Inzektor Dragonfly, and Emergecy Teleport. Semi-limiting Wind-Up Rat would make Wind-Ups kind of slow, but still be better than hitting the infamous Zenmaighty, as limiting Zemaighty would cause Wind-Ups to have a Tier 2.5 status. Semi limiting Gale, Kalut, or Whirlwind would give Blackwings a boost, making them about a Tier 1.5 status, and wouldn’t make them Tier 1, like they were with 3 Whirlwind and 3 Kalut (ah yes, the good old days). Master Hyperion would slow agents down enough to where they aren’t Tier 1, along with the limiting of Earth, and then the Agent decks would not be that broken anymore. Rescue Rabbit should get semi limited for the sole purpose that Dino Rabbit is still good in the OCG and the TCG, winning and topping several events. Inzektor Dragonfly would hurt Inzektors, but again would not cripple the deck to where it isn’t playable, and Dragonfly would get hit because it is the main Inzektor in the engine. Emergency Teleport would still see little play, even at semi limited, because Tele Dad isn’t good anymore. The deck needs more Allures, Dark Armeds, and ROTAs.

The cards I feel should go to 3 include: Summoner Monk, Destiny Draw, and Magical Stone Excavation. All three of these cards are seeing little play right now, and would still see very little play (outside of Destiny Draw in the HERO deck).

Some controversial cards I have seen in some predictions, and haven’t seen in some include: Destiny Hero Disk Commander and Magician of Faith both limited. I have seen many people saying Disk Commander getting limited for the reason that it did see a reprint in the Legendary Collection’s Mega Pack, however it did not get the HERO capitalized. Magician of Faith can come back because it is really slow, and is the main controversial card just because we have so many power cards in this meta right now (i.e. Monster Reborn, Heavy Storm, and Dark Hole).

That’s it for now, and until next time
Play Hard or Go Home.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you learned something out of this. Feel free to post what you feel should get hit in the comments down below.