The Fifth Set Of KMCs

aiden thorneHey there Kaijudo Duelists, Aiden Thorne here, and I’m bringing you the results of the KMCs this weekend! I was supposed to be present at another event, but things had come up and my KMC season is over! Luckily, I got my invite for Seattle back in Ohio!

Clash of the Duel Masters has jumped the meta, and it seems we're finally starting to see a dominant trend. I really thought I was going to be on time, but it seems not all KMC winners want to part with their deck lists; I can't blame them!

I’d like to thank the community that helps me compile the information; I couldn't do these without everyone, and I write these so everyone can benefit from the information! So, let’s get on with it!

Let's start off the with the KMC in Colorado!

Total Players: 32
Top 8:
1. Preston Brimage - Leap of Faith
2. Wilder Miller - Mono Fire Rush
3. Mike Dotson - Greedier Dragons
4. JD Jonathan Bauer - WDF Control
5. Brandon Reddy - Greed Dragons
6. Jason Toste - Fire/Nature Aggro
7. Gabe Costello - Keeper Control
8. Jacob Sconci - Spell Jackers R' Us

Congratulations to all the players who topped! This is quite the pleasant surprise; look at the difference in decks! It's really interesting to see how different the meta is from place to place. I guess it shows the east coast is a lot more control heavy eh? Let's take a look at the winning list, Preston Brimage's Leap of Faith!

Preston Brimage's Leap of Faith

Light: 10
3x [ccProd]Lyra, the Blazing Sun[/ccProd] 2x [ccProd]Starlight Strategist[/ccProd] 3x [ccProd]Stormspark Blast[/ccProd]*
2x [ccProd]Keeper of Laws[/ccProd]

Water: 10
2x [ccProd]General Finbarr[/ccProd] 3x [ccProd]Rusalka, Aqua Chaser[/ccProd] 3x [ccProd]Aqua Seneschal[/ccProd] 2x [ccProd]Logos Scan[/ccProd]

Nature: 6
3x [ccProd]Root Trap[/ccProd]*
3x [ccProd]Essence Elf[/ccProd]

N/L: 9
3x [ccProd]Humonculon the Blaster[/ccProd] 3x [ccProd]Starseed Squadron[/ccProd] 3x [ccProd]Sword Horned[/ccProd]

W/L: 5
3x [ccProd]Piercing Judgment[/ccProd]*
2x [ccProd]Memory Keeper[/ccProd]

All cards marked with an asterisk are Shield Blasts.

1/0, 2/5, 3/8, 4/11, 5/3, 6/10, 7/3

Shield Blasts: 9
Total: 40

This is about as aggro as aggro decks can be. It concentrates on dropping creatures and pressuring your opponent until they lose. Cards like [ccProd]Starseed Squadron[/ccProd] have incredible synergy with [ccProd]Essence Elf[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Humonculon the Blaster[/ccProd] by allowing your creatures to spontaneously become double breakers. My favorite part of this deck is actually the synergy between cards like [ccProd]Aqua Seneschal[/ccProd] and [ccProd]General Finbarr[/ccProd]! It has become one of my favorite plays to say, "I'll attack with [ccProd]Aqua Seneschal[/ccProd], I draw two." The deck has solid tempo to it as well; it will curve out into it's finishers that can also act as removal. [ccProd]Lyra, the Blazing Sun[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Starlight Strategist[/ccProd] both can tap a creature and allow your bigger guys to just run over something. All in all it's quite nice to see a new deck winning!

Congratulations again, Preston Brimage! You won one of the fifth KMCs!

Next up is kind of a sad story; this would be the second KMC to almost completely fall off the radar. Which might not be too surprising if you knew about the area; Duluth, Minnesota is one of the coldest cities in the U.S. and is situated on a giant hill—one of my best friends is actually a resident there.

Total Players: 11
Top 4:
1. Robert Arguelles - LWD Control
2. Mike Perry - Keeper Control
3. Peter McQuirk - Dark Saberbolt
4. Chad Blunt - FWL Dragons

Congratulations to all the players who topped! I'm not sure what the first place deck list was; I tried contacting the winner, but it seems I won't have that information to post for this article. It was named as something other than Keeper Control when I was given the standing, but it may still be a variant of that. Regardless, this was another low turn out KMC, and that is quite saddening. I guess in the first year of the game we do need to expect at least a couple of blunders!

Congratulations again, Robert Arguelles! You won one of the fifth KMCs!

At least we'll be ending this article on a success story; east coast did not disappoint this time around, and we have a new second largest KMC to date in MA!

Total Players: 69
Top 8:
1. Vu Nguyen – Keeper Control
2. Paul Clarke - Greed Dragons
3. Matt Robinson - LWDN Control
4. Miguel Cepda - Greed Dragons
5. Chance Lagassie - Greed Dragons
6.  Carl Miciotto - LWD Control
7. Zachary Mangal - Either LWD or Greed
8. Tom Rogers - LWD Control

Congratulations to all the players who topped! I'll be quick to say that I'm quite happy Vu won! Not only is he the newest member of Team Gates, but he is also my protege! Many nights of talking strategy and trolling has really helped improve his game; now he'll be heading up to Seattle with us as well! You'll also notice a fellow ARG writer up here, Paul Clarke! Vu and Paul really went at it in the finals going to a third game; one Dojo members described it as an iconic fight between Infernus and Tritonus!

On to the meta though; this is typical top 8 deck choices. All Greed Dragons and LWD Control. Many players are still calling their decks LWD instead of Keeper Control, but it seems it is at least sticking some places! Let's take a look at Vu's variant of Team Gates' Keeper Control!

Team Gates’ Keeper Control

Nature: 3
3x [ccProd]Root Trap[/ccProd]*

Multi-Civ: 8
1x [ccProd]Squillace Scourge[/ccProd] 1x [ccProd]Grip of Despair[/ccProd]*
3x [ccProd]Piercing Judgement[/ccProd]*
3x [ccProd]Aqua Strider[/ccProd]

Light: 15
3x [ccProd]Andromeda of the Citadel[/ccProd] 3x [ccProd]Lyra, the Blazing Sun[/ccProd] 3x [ccProd]Stormspark Blast[/ccProd]*
3x [ccProd]Keeper of Dawn[/ccProd] 3x [ccProd]Keeper of Laws[/ccProd]

Water: 14
3x [ccProd]King Tritonus[/ccProd] 3x [ccProd]Crystal Memory[/ccProd]*
2x [ccProd]Spy Mission[/ccProd]*
3x [ccProd]Logos Scan[/ccProd] 3x [ccProd]Cyber Lord Corile[/ccProd]

Darkness: 17
2x [ccProd]Skull Shatter[/ccProd] 3x [ccProd]Terror Pit[/ccProd]*
1x [ccProd]Suffocate[/ccProd]*
1x [ccProd]Razorkinder Puppet[/ccProd] 3x [ccProd]Bone Blades[/ccProd]*
3x [ccProd]Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow[/ccProd] 3x [ccProd]Mesmerize[/ccProd] 1x [ccProd]Dark Return[/ccProd]*

All cards marked with an asterisk are Shield Blasts.

Shield Blasts: 23
All Civilization counts include Multi-Civs:
Nature: 3
Light: 21
Water: 22
Darkness: 19
Total Card Count: 57

Mana Curve: 1/0, 2/4, 3/12, 4/14, 5/4, 6/7, 7/7, 8/2, 9/4, 10/3

This list is almost identical to the first, but with a few minor adjustments. Vu and I had discussed changes that we thought would benefit the deck; initially fitting a [ccProd]Razorkinder Puppet[/ccProd] to act as a fourth [ccProd]Mesmerize[/ccProd] was important, but we soon realized that King Tritonus was one of the most powerful cards currently available. We expected mirror matches all over, and we realized that playing a third would easily tip the scales in Vu's favor. To top it off though, adding a second [ccProd]Skull Shatter[/ccProd] would allow much more leniency for [ccProd]Crystal Memory[/ccProd] - Discard plays. Keeper Control has proven to be one of the most powerful control variants out there this format; it has claimed victories at the two largest KMCs that have happened post-Clash!

Congratulations again, Vu Nguyen! You won one of the fifth KMCs!

Phew, we finally got it done. These articles never seem to come out on time. Let me tell you it's often a challenge to pry these deck lists from winners. Even if I don't always succeed >_>

This is the only KMC coverage on the web though! So stay tuned next week to see how those KMCs end up! We're nearing the end of the season, and we're up to 32 people who have earned their invites; will you be the next person on that list? Good luck at your tournaments everyone!

I'm Andy Criss, also known as Aiden Thorne to the Kaijudo community. I am currently a full time student who works as a part time writer/editor—I also write A LOT about Kaijudo. I've been the administrator of a Kaijudo fan website/forum since before the game was released, this was because I was a strong advocate of Duel Masters. Though Kaijudo is not the only game I play, I often find success in MtG and other popular games. I am well known throughout the Kaijudo community for being a competitive player with great insight; I was a Card of the Day writer, I am article writer for, and I am known on as GatesKaijudo—a hub that I keep exclusively for competitive content.

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