The First Ever Kaijudo Master Challenge Results!

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Hey there Kaijudo Duelists, Aiden Thorne here, and I'm bringing you the results of the KMCs this weekend! First though, I must apologize for once again showing you a zoomed in picture of my! I took a new one... we just didn't have the chord to connect it to my computer... It will change eventually, I promise!

My predictions were pretty accurate, but then again it wasn't too hard to guess that the popular decks were well represented! One of the decks that was well represented in KY went on to being represented in TX the next day; I'm glad to see some more innovative lists out there!

If you didn't know, the first place winners of a KMC will receive an invitation to the Kaijudo Championship and a PAID flight out to Seattle for it and second place receives just the invite. The Kaijudo Championship is going to be an exclusive tournament that only the best of the best can attend; this special two day event first has the players who qualified work with R&D to leave a permanent mark on the game, and then duelists will be dueling it out to who is the best!

First off, let's take a look at the biggest KMC of May 4, 2013 in British Columbia, Canada!

Total Players: 54
Top 8:
1 Tyler Winther piloting Mono Darkness
2 Jeevan Gill piloting Water/Fire Rush
3 Damon Carron piloting Herald
4 Matt Robert piloting 4 civilization Saber-Bolt
5 Alex Mcleod piloting Hyperspeed
6 Ryan Last piloting DFL Herald
7 Bobby Shaesgreen piloting Mono Water
8 Brandt Carron piloting Light/Nature Ramp

Congratulations to all the players who topped! This is a crazy diverse array of decks that managed to make it, and I'd like to wish Tyler and Jeevan good luck in Seattle! Let's take a look at the winning list, Tyler Winther's Mono Darkness!

Tyler Winther's Mono Darkness

 Spells: 14
3 [ccProd]Bone Blades[/ccProd]*
3 [ccProd]Return from Beyond[/ccProd]*
2  [ccProd]Death Smoke[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Devouring Smog[/ccProd]*
3 [ccProd]Terror Pit[/ccProd]*

Creatures: 23
3 [ccProd]Gigabolver[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Grudge Weaver[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Scavenging Chimera[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Gigastand[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Ghost Spy[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Screeching Scaradorable[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Ripper Reaper[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Dark Scaradorable[/ccProd]

Evolution Creatures: 5
3 [ccProd]Hydra Medusa[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Tekamora the Wretched[/ccProd]

All cards marked with an asterisk are Shield Blasts.

Total: 42
Shield Blasts: 12
Mana Curve: 1/3, 2/6, 3/5, 4/11, 5/8, 6/6, 7/3, 8/0, 9/0

It's nice to see a Mono Darkness deck win. I've played around with these variants and had a lot of fun. [ccProd]Scavenging Chimera[/ccProd] is of course a huge asset to this list with its 2 cost 3000 body and the ability to be recursion on attack! This allows you to let your creatures die without too much fear; this becomes especially true when you want to reuse them later. Two of the first things I noticed about this deck was [ccProd]Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Screeching Scaradorble[/ccProd] were only at 2. Both of those are normally considered some of the best Chimeras and [ccProd]Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow[/ccProd] is especially good in this list as it can both be defensive and avoid dying in early trades, but it definitely seemed to work as it won him the KMC! Next up, I noticed the [ccProd]Ghost Spy[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Ripper Reaper[/ccProd] combo which is actually one of the most fun plays on the planet. You banish [ccProd]Ghost Spy[/ccProd] which makes them discard a card, banish a creature, and then you draw a card—All the pluses! I'm a huge fan of [ccProd]Tekamora the Wretched[/ccProd] in this list because it becomes a near unstoppable powerhouse in the mid game; the only downside is that [ccProd]Andromeda of the Citadel[/ccProd] is 500 power larger. Overall this is a really solid and fun list, I'm glad to see it perform as well as it did and I hope to see more rogue lists winning out there!

Congratulations again, Tyler Winther! You won one of the first ever KMCs!


Next up we're Georgia bound! A much smaller event this time around, but that makes sense as this and Kentucky were a bit harder to get to for most players. A little fun fact, Atlanta was labeled the nerdiest city in the country; I bet that means they have some solid players!

Total Players: 20
Top 8:
1 Nathan Bond piloting DWL Dragon Control
2 Ricky Gross piloting Colbalt Control
3 Kyle Sabelhaus piloting Dark Saberbolt
4 Ryan Sabelhaus piloting DWL Bottle Dragons
5 Parker Windsor piloting FWL Dragons
6 Josh Hacker piloting LDN Dragons
7 Larry Trustler piloting Nature/Water Sabertooth/Neuron Rush
8 Hunter Osborn piloting FWL Dragons

Congratulations to all the players who topped! This meta-game was a lot closer to the one I had predicted in my previous article, and still had a couple rogue decks that popped up in the top! I'd like to wish Nathan and Ricky good luck in Seattle! Let's take a look at the winning list, Nathan Bond's DWL Dragon Control!

Nathan Bond's DWL Dragon Control

Light: 21
3 [ccProd]Lux[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Star Lantern[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Jade Monitor[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Spark Cage[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Canyon Skimmer[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Keeper of Dawn[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Lyra, the Blazing Sun[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Stormspark Blast[/ccProd]*
2 [ccProd]Andromeda of the Citadel[/ccProd]

Darkness: 19
2 [ccProd]Dark Return[/ccProd]*
2 [ccProd]Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Bone Blades[/ccProd]*
3 [ccProd]Death Smoke[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Razorkinder Puppet[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Terror Pit[/ccProd]*
2 [ccProd]Skull Shatter[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Dracothane of the Abyss[/ccProd]

Water: 9
3 [ccProd]Logos Scan[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Spy Mission[/ccProd]*
3 [ccProd]Crystal Memory[/ccProd]*
2 [ccProd]Dragon of Reflections[/ccProd]

All cards marked with an asterisk are Shield Blasts.

Shield Blasts: 15
Mana Curve: 1/0, 2/5, 3/10, 4/10, 5/5, 6/9, 7/5, 8/2, 9/3

As we can see, this is a pretty solid DWL control list; I'm not quite sure why it is referred to as a dragon list, but I guess using them as finishers would be enough for some people to refer to them that way.

Let's take a look at some of the choices he made; first off we see 1x [ccProd]Jade Monitor[/ccProd], this has been becoming a more and more popular choice as [ccProd]Jade Monitor[/ccProd] dodges [ccProd]Dragon's Breath[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Heat Seekers[/ccProd]. It also works well with [ccProd]Canyon Skimmer[/ccProd] as the 4000 power allows easy removal early game. The next thing that jumps out to me is 2x [ccProd]Keeper of Dawn[/ccProd], often times we see this card maxed out in these builds because it lets players recycle. It seems in place of the third [ccProd]Keeper of Dawn[/ccProd] he instead increased the amount of spells he had so he wouldn't need to rely on recursion. Speaking of recursion, [ccProd]Dark Return[/ccProd] has been seeing more play at 2 in these KMC lists; this has generally been something that DWL pilots are beginning to agree on. Next up we 1x [ccProd]Spy Mission[/ccProd], extra draw is always good and with such a low Water count it can't hurt to play more just to make sure you can cast that early game draw. Finally, we see 2x [ccProd]Dragon of Reflections[/ccProd]; this must be what warranted the title of dragons. While often replaced with [ccProd]Rusalka, Aqua Chaser[/ccProd] in other versions, [ccProd]Dragon of Reflections[/ccProd] still stands out as a solid finisher; I can definitely see why this list won—consistency is VERY important.

Congratulations again, Nathan Bond! You won one of the first ever KMCs!


Next up we're taking a trip to Kentucky! Kentucky wasn't much bigger than Georgia, but it had an interesting aspect to it, all of the Top 4 played the exact same list. This goes to show just how great team play can be!

Total Players: 24
Top 8:
1 Brian Durkin piloting Greed Dragons
2 Steve Silverman piloting Greed Dragons
3 Rob Wolinsky piloting Greed Dragons
4 Ryan Valentino piloting Greed Dragons
5 Zach Gillam piloting FWL Dragons
6 Dan Richard Piloting Blurple
7 Shebby Jeffers piloting DWL Dragon Control
8 Henry P. piloting DWL Dragon Control

Congratulations to all the players who topped! This meta-game was interesting, Greed Dragons took the tournament undisputed followed by the ever popular FWL, Blurple, and DWL lists. I'm glad to see a Blurple deck that managed to top! I'd like to wish Brian and Steve good luck in Seattle! Let's take a look at the winning list, Team SBK's Greed Dragons!

Team SBK'S Greed Dragons

Nature: 3
3 [ccProd]Root Trap[/ccProd]*

Darkness: 6
3 [ccProd]Terror Pit[/ccProd]*
3 [ccProd]Bone Blades[/ccProd]*

Water: 8
3 [ccProd]Nix[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Crystal Memory[/ccProd]*
1 [ccProd]Veil Vortex[/ccProd]*
3 [ccProd]Bottle of Wishes[/ccProd]*

Light: 12
3 [ccProd]Lux[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Lyra, the Blazing Sun[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Stormspark Blast[/ccProd]*
3 [ccProd]Andromeda of the Citadel[/ccProd]

Fire: 14
2 [ccProd]Herald of Infernus[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Hyperspeed Dragon[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Twin-Cannon Maelstrom[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Barrage[/ccProd]*
1 [ccProd]Moorna, Gatling Dragon[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Tatsurion the Unchained[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Spellbane Dragon[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Bolt-Tail Dragon[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Infernus the Awakened[/ccProd]

All cards marked with an asterisk are Shield Blasts.

Shield Blasts: 19
Mana Curve: 1/0, 2/3, 3/3, 4/5, 5/8, 6/8, 7/9, 8/1, 9/6

I barely even know where to start with this. Frankly, I actually like it quite a bit, and I am beyond ecstatic that they didn't name it Bottle of Wishes.dek! The deck itself has little to no early game and relies on Shield Blasts (Which is has a lot of) to survive through it. However, going to the late game against this many threats is going to prove a very challenging feat for most decks in the meta. This was a very innovative list and I must say I enjoyed the refreshing idea of using 3 [ccProd]Root Trap[/ccProd] to have 6 [ccProd]Terror Pit[/ccProd]. Due to the late curve in this list you won't have to worry about not having Nature mana or anything of that sort; they pretty much just help you reach 7 mana where the deck can really take off—that translates to feel free to drop [ccProd]Root Trap[/ccProd] in mana early as you won't necessarily NEED to unlock your other civilizations until turn 7. On the off chance you manage to get an early curving hand, cards like [ccProd]Herald of Infernus[/ccProd] can get you incredibly quick wins; most often though you'll be surviving into the late game and then simply overpowering your opponents with threats and using [ccProd]Root Trap[/ccProd] to get rid of opposing [ccProd]Andromeda of the Citadel[/ccProd] permanently. Have you ever seen a fast attacking [ccProd]Infernus the Awakened[/ccProd]? Let me tell you, it hurts.

Congratulations again, Brian Durkin! You won one of the first ever KMCs!


Last up on our KMC review is Texas! Texas was a day later than the previous 3 KMCs and actually holds the record for the largest KMC so far with a whopping 59! We were given constant updates and videos are flooding into youtube, make sure to check them out! Ryan Miller was present at this KMC and actually unveiled a card that I'll post at the end of this article!

Total Players: 59
Top 8:
1 Joe Bass piloting DWL Control
2 Robert Efseroff piloting 5-civ Dragons
3 Bobby Brake piloting 5-civ Dragons
4 Robert Hebert piloting DWL Dragon Control
5 Robby Stewart piloting DWF Dragon Control
6 Billy Brake piloting Dark Saber-Bolt
7 Andrew Sheffield piloting DWL Dragon Control
8 Kyle St Charles piloting LWDN Dragon Control

Congratulations to all the players who topped! Another Darkness/Water/Light list takes a KMC! Out of all the KMCs this one seems to have the most centralized theme, Control. While yes most lists have been control, they normally also had many a large array of decks as well. This tournament must have been crazy! Let's take a look at Joe Bass's DWL Control!

Joe Bass's DWL Control

Light: 19
3 [ccProd]Lux[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Jade Monitor[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Canyon Skimmer[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Keeper of Dawn[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Lyra, the Blazing Sun[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Stormspark Blast[/ccProd]*
1 [ccProd]Grand Gure, Tower Keeper[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Andromeda of the Citadel[/ccProd]

Water: 10
3 [ccProd]Logos Scan[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Spy Mission[/ccProd]*
3 [ccProd]Crystal Memory[/ccProd]*
2 [ccProd]Rusalka, Aqua Chaser[/ccProd]

Darkness: 16
2 [ccProd]Dark Return[/ccProd]*
2 [ccProd]Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Bone Blades[/ccProd]*
2 [ccProd]Death Smoke[/ccProd] 2 [ccProd]Razorkinder Puppet[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Terror Pit[/ccProd]*
1 [ccProd]Skull Shatter[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Dracothane of the Abyss[/ccProd]

All cards with an asterisk are Shield Blasts.

Shield Blasts: 16
Mana Curve: 1/0, 2/5, 3/7, 4/12, 5/5, 6/9, 7/3, 8/1, 9/3

I hope I don't have to review too many more DWL lists in for future KMCs, I'll run out of things to say! Overall, this is a really consistent list, and it has a few key differences I'd like to point out. First of all, there are no[ccProd] Star Lantern[/ccProd], when  asked why, Joe had mentioned people were playing around it—isn't that the truth, [ccProd]Star Lantern[/ccProd] has become a card everyone easily plays around nowadays. Again, we see [ccProd]Jade Monitor[/ccProd], this card is really starting to make an impact. Next, we see [ccProd]Rusalka, Aqua Chaser[/ccProd]; this is a key difference from Nathan's version where he ran [ccProd]Dragon of Reflections[/ccProd]. [ccProd]Rusalka, Aqua Chaser[/ccProd] opens a ton of new plays, from being able to bounce your own creatures to stopping early [ccProd]Herald of Infernus[/ccProd] from taking over. The biggest surprise that I see is [ccProd]Skull Shatter[/ccProd] at 1; this isn't unheard of, but there were mentions of some clutch [ccProd]Skull Shatter[/ccProd] plays. All in all, this is a really solid list, and I expect to see an absurd amount of DWL decks at future KMCs.

Congratulations again, Joe Bass! You won one of the first ever KMCs!

I hope everyone had fun at these events! There was lots of cool swag that everyone picked up, and I'm even more excited for my KMC now! I'd like to give a special thanks to everyone who helped me compile these deck lists for this article, and I can't wait to see what else wins. That's 8 people for Seattle now; will you be next on this list?

Oh, and before I forget, here is the card that Ryan Miller show cased!

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