The Importance of Compulsory Evacuation Device

Hello to the Yugioh Community, my name is Mark Spears and I would like to talk about a very important card today.

*Compulsory Evacuation Device*

I used to think this card was awful, and for the longest time I told anyone running it that Bottomless Trap Hole and/or Dimensional prison were better card choices. After all the time of me hating it priority went away. Now you may ask what this means for the game, and the answer to your question is, a lot actually. In fact, this card is becoming one of my favorite cards now, and that is for multiple reasons.

Getting down into the fine details of why this card is so good would be basically naming the decks that this card is good against, which honestly to me seems like everything. Lets take the following decks for example which are all meta decks.


-Now that priority is gone, you can Compulsory Evacuation Device a Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaighty, Wind-Up Rat, or Wind-Up Hunter before it gets a chance to activate it's effect.

-The cards that are very hard to get around, Tiras, Keeper of Genesis and Wind-Up Zenmaines. Both of these are very hard to destroy, and even if you do get a chance to destroy them they have very dangerous effects (Wind-Up Zenmaines) or just can't die to card effects (Tiras, Keeper of Genesis)


-Inzektors rely heavily on having an Inzektor on the field or summoning an Inzektor onto the field, and honestly, without Monster Reborn/Call of The Haunted, it would be very difficult for them to be able to get a play off if you just return their Inzektor to the hand.

-Much like Wind-Ups, Inzektors can also go into to Rank 3's, 4's, and 5's, some of which might be hard to destroy due to protection effects, but again, this is where Compulsory Evacuation Device saves the day.

*Chaos Dragons

-This deck can explode very fast, and without proper protection, could kill you within one turn usually. Dimensional Prison is Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress/Ryko, Lightsworn Beast bait, and Bottomless Trap Hole doesn't hit everything in the deck; however, it is very good in this match up. But now imagine if you had a Compulsory Evacuation Device set, your opponent could summon Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress and you could activate Compulsory Evacuation Device bouncing Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress back to the hand, thus helping you out in two ways by stopping the milling engine of the deck, and saving you for a turn most likely.

-This deck runs a lot of Chaos monsters, which of course have to be summoned by removing 1 Light and 1 Dark monster, take into consideration if your opponent doesn't open with Future Fusion they will have to mill with Card Troopers, Lightsworn monsters, Solar Recharges, and Charge of The Light Brigade. Now after considering how hard it might be to get the monsters you need into the grave with Chaos Dragons, how would you feel if your Lightpulsar Dragon, Darkflare Dragon, Chaos Sorcerer, or even Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning got bounced right back to your hand with Compulsory Evacuation Device? You basically just used your vital resources (Dark and Light monsters in your graveyard) and could have honestly crippled your game state completely.

*Dino Rabbit, the deck that made me want to start running this card, which I will mention shortly in this article.

-If you went first and set Compulsory Evacuation Device and your opponent went summon Rescue Rabbit, banish to bring out two vanillas then you activated Compulsory Evacuation Device to return one of the vanillas to their hand so that the other monster will be destroyed in the end phase due to Rescue Rabbit's effect, that just saved you.

-Opponent powerplays Tour Guide Of The Underworld into a level 3 fiend, xyz's for Leviair the Sea Dragon when the have a banished Rescue Rabbit, you now chain Compulsory Evacuation Device to put Leviair the Sea Dragon back in the extra deck, thus getting rid of the number one powerplay that Dino Rabbit uses.

Besides the above mentioned decks, Compulsory Evacuation Device is very good against many rouge decks such as Karakuri, Stun, Blackwings, Gravekeepers, and many others. Next we will discuss using Compulsory Evacuation Device in a few different probable outcomes.

Lets take the following scenario for example:
Player A goes first summoning Rescue Rabbit (6 cards)
Player B activates Effect Veiler on Rescue Rabbit (4 cards)
Player A sets 1 back row (6 cards)
Player B starts his turn off by doing either of the following after his draw (5 cards)

*Summoning a monster to kill Rescue Rabbit
-Player B attacks and Player A bounces opponents monster to hand with Compulsory Evacuation Device, thus leaving Rescue Rabbit on the field for 1 extra turn, meaning that they could play Rescue Rabbit as well as Jurrac Guaiba/Tour Guide Guide From The Underworld, a truly detrimental play unless the opponent has more Effect Veilers in their hand or multiple trap cards face down such as Torrential Tribute, Bottomless Trap Hole, or any of the Solemn brigade.  (Players both at 5 cards, but Player A is in a better game state due to the fact that Evolzar Laggia basically means you make your opponent have one less card in hand).

*Activating Dark Hole
-Simply chain Compulsory Evacuation Device on the Rescue Rabbit bouncing it back to your hand unless you have Monster Reborn in your hand. (Leaving Player A with 5 cards and Player B down to 4 cards.

*Playing mystical space typhoon targeting the face down Compulsory Evacuation Device.
-Player A chains Compulsory Evacuation Device targeting Rescue Rabbit to bounce to hand to prevent it from being destroyed by a monster; however, many players could choose not to bounce if for example Monster Reborn was in their hand. (Player A 5 cards, Player B down to 4 cards).

I used to put this card down all the time, and now that priority is gone I feel that this card has received the spark it needed to create many power plays. I feel that if many other players try this card they would like it too. I will be attending many events in the future, hoping to increase my success at this card game and hope to make many new friends along the way.  My name is Mark Spears and thank you for reading my article.