The J.J. Q&A Part 2

jeff jones aug 2012

Last week was my first session of many in my J.J Q&A segment, in which I actually really enjoyed.  This week I'm going to go back and answer just a few more questions randomly chosen out of my inbox.

Today our first question is from William who asks

Dear Mr. Jones I would like to ask u a question about the Mermail deck.

The current version that was built used 3 Megalo, 3 Abysslinde , and 3 Abyssteus. I was wondering could the deck be played effectively if u only have 2 copies per of each card named?

In Yugioh, consistency is extremely important, and each of the cards you named all do very important things; tutor other cards. The more cards you play that can tutor others, and make your hands optimal, the better. This is why it's extremely important to run 3/3/3 of those cards in my opinion. The only card I would possibly even consider running 2 of would be Megalo, but he's so powerful and versatile the pros out way the cons immensely.

Donnell asks

Will Madolche or Heraldic ever be good?

How do you feel about the archtypes in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, like Burning Knucklers or Phantom Beastcraft.

Heraldic I doubt will ever be good, but anything is possible. Madolche however has great potential as it has many things that it takes to make a deck in Yugioh "good". However, there is a common misconception that I would like to touch on, and that is sometimes just because a deck doesn't "win" does not mean it is not good. "A deck doesn't suck, or is bad, it's just that everything else is better or more powerful." This is the case with Madolche and many other decks. Deck's like Mermail and Fire Fist are just so overbearingly powerful that it makes it difficult for other things to compete, and this is especially true of Fire Fist. Fire Fist is very similar to Inzektors for 1 reason, and that is that Fire Fist punish you for playing cards. Play a Monster? Okay, punished with Bear. Play an unchainable Spell or Trap? Okay, punished with Gorilla. This makes it very difficult for many decks which need to "set up" , like Madolche, very hard to use as Fire Fist just break up your plays before you can really get going. It's unfortunate archetypes like this keep popping up because it really restricts the decks that can be used in a format.

Concerning Burning Knucklers and Phantom Beastcraft, I feel like Knucklers are just a poor version of Blackwings, and won't really amount to anything. Beastcraft as an archetype are somewhat interesting, but don't seem very powerful as a whole, HOWEVER some of their cards are great stand alone cards, and can easily be splashed into other decks to make them more consistent. This is especially true of Tether-Wolf, which helps make Rank 7 Xyz's greatly and will be especially dominant after Lord of Tachyon is released.

Our next question is from Xavier, who asks

Think you'll run back Psychics in May with the release of Redox (that earth suppressor dragon)?

P.S: Gransoil is an earth bender, Redox is more advanced, he's a Metal Bender!

Actually yes! One of the first decks I started messing with after the release of Lord of Tachyon was my old Psychic deck updated with Redox, the Earth Elemental Dragon, for those of you living under a rock, here is what Redox does

You can banish 2 Dragon-Type and/or EARTH monsters from your hand or Graveyard, except this card; Special Summon this card from your hand or Graveyard. During your opponent's End Phase, if this card was Special Summoned: Return it to the hand. You can discard this card and 1 other EARTH monster to the Graveyard to target 1 monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target. If this card is banished: You can add 1 EARTH Dragon-Type monster from your Deck to your hand. You can only use 1 "Redox, Elemental Dragon of Crags" effect per turn, and only once that turn.

One of the few problems my Psoil deck had was once you went over 5 earth monsters, lets say 8, it was very difficult to fix your graveyard back down to 5 without something like Pot of Avarice or Psychic Overload. Redox helps fix that greatly by not only allowing you to take cards away from your Graveyard, but also adding to it, by using his pseudo-Monster Reborn effect discarding himself and another Earth Monster. Redox and Grandsoil are Earth Elementals and best friends, and will work great together in the future for sure.

This question is from Banji

Once Hidden Arsenal 7 is released what direction do you think Lavals/Flamvell/Rekindling decks need to focus on to compete in the current meta(if they can possibly compete).. I dunno pyrorex? Blaster? Synchro-spam? Etc. And what other future decks do you think will possibly make an impact? Thanks -Banji

Once Lavals get their full support in Hidden Arsenal 7, I believe you will then need to use Blaster, the Fire Elemental Dragon in order to keep Lavals competitive. Blaster adds a lot of consistency to the deck and makes it so playing Gold Sarcophagus is even better, allowing you instant access to Blaster, or if you want to wait, something like Rekindling or Conductive Field. Pyrorex is a card that I like the idea of more then I actually like it. As an Elemental Lord, I'm biased into liking it just for that reason, and in theory it should work GREAT in the deck. Unfortunately I just think he's really not needed and the deck should focus more on Rekindling and such.

As for what other decks in the future that I think will make an impact, The Elemental Dragons are by far some of the best (basically generic) cards to come around in a LONG time. It makes whatever deck you use them in more consistent, similar to what Pot of Duality does. And the coolest part is, you can just run a deck of all Elemental Dragons, or splash your respective Element into whatever deck you are currently running. Mermail would use Tidal, Laval would use Blaster, Karakuri would use Redox, and Dragunity would use Tempest. Besides the Elemental Dragons, Fire Fist get a crap load more support which will further increase their consistency and power, so expect a lot more of them. Also, I believe that Lord of Tachyon will be getting 1/2 more TCG Exclusives in the form of Noble Knights, and it really wont take that much more to push them into a top deck, since Medraut is an insane card, 2 more decent cards could easily push Noble Knights as a contender for a top deck.

Well duelist, that will be it this time for J.J.'s Q&A, remember if you have any specific question you would like me to answer in a future Q&A, email them to and put "ARG Question" in the title.

Until next time friends, play hard or go home!




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