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jeff jones aug 2012

Every week I get probably 100+ questions in my inbox on Facebook. Clearly, its unreasonable for me to answer every single person, so honestly, I don't read most in-boxes I get because I feel like it's just not right to help some people and not others.

So the other day on my Facebook I posted "Anyone who wants me to answer a question, Email me your question and I will randomly pick some people who's questions I will answer". I got quite a lot of questions, so today will be my first "JJ Q&A" article.

First up we have a question from Jake.

"What is your mind set going into an event? And what are some basic tips you think is most crucial to becoming an experienced player?"

My mind set varies from event to event, and it all depends on what deck I have cooked up at the time. For example going into YCS Toronto where I placed 2nd with Psychics, my mind set was "I'm here to have fun with my friends, just have a good time", and I was completely shocked that I was able to place so high with a deck I simply ran because it was cool, unique, and fun. While at this past YCS Miami, I felt SUPER confident I was going to do well, and ended up going 8-3 not making the top cut. I guess in the end, I never go into an event thinking "Clearly I'm not going to do well", I never go into an event with a negative attitude, although to be honest, I get nervous before EVERY event. Butterflies in my stomachButterflies_in_my_Stomach_by_Kanta_Kun, going to the bathroom frequently, you name it.

As for some basic tips, you've probably heard most of them. Playing A LOT is the only way to truly get better. That, and being able to accept when you make subpar plays, and not make excuses. It's something I constantly see in people, "I made this poor play, but I won anyway, so it doesn't matter" is one of the most ignorant things I hear in Yu-Gi-Oh. If you say this, you will never truly get better. Being able to realize your mistakes so you can fix them is one of the greatest traits to have when trying to get better.

Our next question is from Collin.

Hey Jeff, I am currently playing the Undineless Mermail deck, and I have 2 questions about it:

1. What cards from the main deck do you generally side out for games 2 and 3?

2. Now that people know the list and it's doesn't have the surprise factor, people know it doesn't play any protection. Do you think it's worth Maining cards like Gorz, Solemn Warning, Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, and/or Fiendish Chain now so people get punished for assuming I don't run them?

Ever since YCS Miami, I've gotten this first question at least 10 times. Cards Billy and myself decided we side out normally all depended on the match-up and if going first or second, but to make things easier the most common cards to side out were the third Abysspike, an Abyssteus, Lances, Pot of Avarice, an Abyss-Squall, and Solemn Judgment.

As for your second question, absolutely. The Mermail deck once again will have to evolve to thrive and becoming more defensive with an actual Trap lineup is probably a very good place to start.

Next question is from Robby.

What do you think the best Tier 1 deck is?

As I said in my article last week, I'm fairly confident that Mermail is the best deck right now, at least until Lord of Tachyon comes out.

Next question is from Felipe.

Will you marry me?

Unless your initials suddenly change to LJP, I can't sorry. 🙂

Our next question is kind of a tough one to answer, but I'll try my best.

Dear Mr. Jeff Jones,

I'm just another run in the mill duelist in response to your recent post, my question to you is how did you become a pro in this game and also I have been running this deck  for nearly a year now, known as Lavals and I was wondering how in your opinion they will play out in the meta.

The first part of your question is VERY difficult to answer, and it is something I've gotten asked over the ages and I will never truly be able to answer or make people understand. But to try, I've always been naturally good at all card games. My mom started teaching me how to play Euchre when I was 5 years old, and then by the time I was 10, Pokemon came around and I played that, I've dabbled in MTG and just about every other card game that's come into existence in the past 10 years. My brain just clicks when it comes to card games. I never did anything special to get good, it just simply "was". I look at cards, and I see pieces of a puzzle, and my brain moves them together so I can see the entire picture. That's the only way I can explain to how I've gotten to where I am.

As for Lavals, I absolutely think after lordLord of Tachyon they have a place in our meta. They get the Fire Elemental Dragon which drastically increases the consistency of the deck which is awesome, and it still has all the same explosiveness with Conductive Field and Rekindling.

Our final question of the day is from Alex Reynolds who asks

Are you a Pirate?

Not the kind you're thinking of.

Well duelist, that will conclude this weeks session of "JJ's Q&A". I hope I was able to clear up some of your questions, and keep in mind, if you did ask a question, I still have it and it will be possible that I will randomly pick you next time! I will be doing this once a month from now on, so if you have a question you would like me to try and answer, send them to with the title "ARG Question".

Until next time duelist, play hard or go home!




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