The Potential Meta – Looking Ahead to September

tyreeWith September 1st rapidly approaching, everybody is dying to know what the banned list will look like. Dragon Rulers and Spellbooks are the top decks at the current moment and I’m pretty sure not many people will be sad to see them go. By now most of you have probably heard of or seen the rumored list that’s been floating around for the past few days, and I know many people are wondering if it is true. Many people believe the list to be true because of the trustworthy sources they got it from or scans they saw, others are still skeptical of it because of some of the contents on the list. This list is most likely not the completed version either as there are some cards still missing on it. Let’s take a look at the known contents of the list for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. I’m going to bet that most of you didn’t see many of these changes coming, I know I didn’t.

Newly Forbidden:

Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks
Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Drafts
Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles
Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets
[ccProd]Spellbook of Judgment[/ccProd]

trishulaNewly Limited:
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Rooster
[ccProd]Genex Ally Birdman[/ccProd][ccProd]Mermail Abyssteus[/ccProd] Wind-Up Shark
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Number 11: Big Eye
Divine Wind of Mist Valley
[ccProd]Super Rejuvenation[/ccProd] Abyss-sphere

Newly Semi-Limited:
[ccProd]Gladiator Beast Bestiari[/ccProd] Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
[ccProd]Black Whirlwind[/ccProd]

Newly Unlimited:
[ccProd]Tsukuyomi[/ccProd] Wind-Up Magician
[ccProd]Advanced Ritual Art[/ccProd] E – Emergency Call
[ccProd]Pot of Duality[/ccProd][ccProd]Scapegoat[/ccProd][ccProd]Mirror Force[/ccProd]

spellbook of judgmentNewly Forbidden Cards

Burner, Lightning, Reactan, and Stream all getting put to one or two wouldn’t shock me, but them all getting banned sure does. The entire backbone of the Dragon Ruler deck got hit hard and it would be hard to continue running the deck without them. Dragon Rulers have been at the top ever since they were released and if this list is true; their time on the top is most likely over.  Some people don’t believe this because of the Dragon Ruler tins coming out shortly and banning these might drop some sales, but the Dragons are playable in other decks besides Dragon Rulers so they might not drop as hard  as many people  think.

I know I’m not sad at all seeing [ccProd]Spellbook of Judgment[/ccProd] go to zero and I know many others feel the same way, in my opinion that card should have never been made. You take one look at the card and it screams broken; Spellbooks don’t need that card to be good. The deck goes back to what it was before Tachyon was released; a good control deck that’s not too over the top like it is now. With this, Spellbook decks will most likely be built differently than they are now being made to handle Dragons and the mirror.

Newly Limited Cards

Rooster being put to one is another change I did not see coming at all. With Judgment of the Light just getting released in the TCG and us just getting the card, many people are hard pressed to believe that Konami would actually put this card to one already, inhibiting some of their sales of the set. I know a quite a few people that would be sad to see this hit considering that they bought a playset of Roosters not too long ago. Even with this card at one you can’t write off Fire Fists, the deck is still pretty good even with only one Rooster; people would just have to adjust to the change.

birdmanI’m pretty sure Birdman and Divine Wind of Mist Valley were put to one because of the FTK deck with them over in Japan, though I don’t know much of it. I’m just glad that’s one less thing I have to worry about in the future

[ccProd]Mermail Abyssteus[/ccProd] and Abyss-Sphere going to 1 seems like something Konami would do, though I would have liked to see Dragoons or Diva go to one instead of Abyssteus. When you look at Abyss-Sphere it sure does a lot for one card, bringing out a 2400 or 2700 beatstick through Abysslinde, popping a set S/T or faceup card with Infantry or Marksman in hand, while bringing out a lvl 4 monster which adds another Water monster to hand. Abyssteus becomes even more absurd with Star Eater out, as Abyssteus+Dragoons or Diva turns into a Star Eater, so putting this to one draws no complaints from me. Mermails got hit but they are for sure not done, you still have 3 Megalo, 3 Tidal, 3 Diva, and 3 Dragoons which is more than enough to make Water still viable with all those cards still at three.

Wind-Up Shark and Magician got the switch, with Shark now at 1 and Magician now at 3. It’s tempting to try and make Wind-Ups work with 3 Magicians but now it’s very hard to put together consistent Rank 5 plays without running multiple Wind-Up Warriors, which adds inconsistency. Sure Rabbit+Magician into a Rank 4 is cool, but you just aren’t able to apply consistent pressure to the board like with Volcasaurus or Tiras. As much as I like the deck, it most likely won’t be able to keep up.

Trishula being put to one being one of the only things I dislike about this list. When successfully resolved the card is absurd, swinging the game into your favor. Decks like Mermails, Karakuri, and Infernity can make this card easily. This is one of those times to where you wonder what Konami was thinking bringing a card like this back into the game, well only time will tell I guess.

As I said in my previous article, a 2600 body Snatch Steal at 3 in the extra deck isn’t fair. Even with Dragons gone, Mermails can still make this card without much effort. This card belongs at one.

[ccProd]Super Rejuvenation[/ccProd] going to 1 was just a nail in the coffin for Dragons I suppose. Don’t need decks like Dragon Draw Exodia using multiples after all. It’s one of many older cards that got a little too broken as newer sets came out, and it’s not really helping the game in any way so to 1 it is.

gorzNewly Semi-Limited Cards

At the beginning of every format I hear the words “Glad Format” at least once, and I’ll probably hear it even more this time around if this list proves to be true. Though Bestiari going to 2 helps Gladiators a little, it doesn’t help them enough to be Tier 1 again. What they need isn’t another Bestiari, its new support to keep up with the rest of the decks. I feel that as long as they are deprived of support in newer sets, they most likely won’t become a top contender in future formats.

[ccProd]Black Whirlwind[/ccProd] going to 2 changes almost nothing, expect MAYBE a handful more Blackwing players at the first regional you attend next format. This deck will need more than another Whirlwind to become competitive again.

Gorz going to 2 was another thing I was iffy on. The fact that you now have to play around this card even after they drop the first one is a tad annoying.  It going to 2 isn’t the end of the world though, since I’m pretty sure that not everybody is going to shove 2 Gorz in every deck they make. It’s one of those things that players will get used to in time.

Grand Mole going to 2 just mean more outs to Synchros and XYZs, the main one most likely Ophion. Not much will change with this at 2.

TsukuyomiNewly Unlimited

Like I said before, the difference between 2 and 3 Tsukuyomi is minuscule. It just mean for those people who have that dying need to run 3 can now, though I doubt that it is necessary.

[ccProd]Advance Ritual Art[/ccProd] going to 3 is something I know a many players are happy about. Herald Agents, Demise and other Ritual decks go a small boost. If I didn’t play Ritual decks before I might start playing them for fun now!

E-Call going to 3 seems fine, gives Heroes and Bubblebeat a little boost. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

[ccProd]Pot of Duality[/ccProd] isn’t the staple at 3 it once was in the past. Though I’m sure decks are going to run 3 Dualities to add consistency, I’m pretty sure adding in one more won’t push the deck to Tier 0.

The days of [ccProd]Mirror Force[/ccProd] being that game-breaking card are behind us. [ccProd]Mirror Force[/ccProd] nowadays is usually 1-for-1, you might get a +1 every now and then but not too often. People play around this card when they see the first one since it’s at 2, pretty sure not much will change with it at 3 since I’ll bet not everybody will run the full set.

[ccProd]Scapegoat[/ccProd] going to 3 is a change that I would enjoy. People can create some cool decks or combos with it, like Shapesister with this card can make Beast or Barkion or this card and Cyber Valley or Plasma. I mean it can’t really be more degenerate that what we’ve had to deal with in the past. You might see me playing a deck with 3 Goats in it at a Regional this season.

If this list proves to be the right one, barring any new drastic additions to the list, the next format looks be a diverse one with many decks seeing play. Mermails, Fire Fists, Infernity, Gadgets, Spellbooks, Psychics, Fire Kings, Evilswarms, Constellars, these are all decks off the top of my held that will be playable under this list. Much different than the current format we are under.   I guarantee you will see all kinds of decks at the top tables of Regionals and YCSs. I am hoping this list is the right one, as the format ahead would be one I would look forward to playing under. In the comments below, name some of your favorite decks you look forward to playing if this proves to be the true September list. Until next time guys! 

-      Tyree Tinsley

-         YCS Rhode Island 2011 & YCS Meadowland 2013 Champion