The Stealthy Night Force – A Look Into Ninjas

So As Of Now Most People Know Of The New Ninja Cards In Order of Chaos. The Only Thing We Don’t Know Is What White Dragon Ninja Actually Does. Now There Have Been Rumors As To What It Does The Most Common Rumor Is That It Protects Your Face-Up Ninjitsu Art Cards. Now That Might Not Seem To Amazing To Some People , But What You Need To Know Is That It Can Mess Up So Many MST And Heavy Storm Plays. For Example: My Opponent Uses Heavy Storm I Chain With Ninjitsu Art of Super Transformation, And Tribute My Ninja And Their Monster To Special Summon White Dragon Ninja. Now If You Want To Mess Your Opponents Plays Up You Can Use Ninjitsu Art of Transformation To Tribute White Dragon Ninja and Special Summon A Dark Simorgh So That They Can’t Set Anything. Other cards You could Use To Make The Deck More Consistent Are Summoner Monk To Special Summon Hanzo To Make Up For The -1 From Summoner Monk Then Xyz Summon A Utopia Or Another Rank 4 Or Leave Them On The Field And Use A Super Transformation When Your Opponent Attacks Monk or Hanzo To Go Into A White Dragon Ninja or Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon. Another Good Card To Use Is Lightpulsar Dragon Not Only Is It A Target For Super Transformation, But With Hanzo Being Dark and Gold Being Light You Can Also Special Summon It Easily From The Hand In Later Game. Another Thing To Look Out For Is Some Cards Seen In The Zexal Anime. These 2 Cards Are Armored Ninjitsu Art: Quick Teleport Which Allows You To Special Summon A Ninja From Your Hand If You Have A Ninja On The Field With The Same Level & Armored Ninjitsu Art: Undead Return Which Is A Monster Reborn For Ninja's Both Of Which Are Great Cards. So Here Are Some Match ups, And What I Feel You Can Do To Stop Some Top Decks Currently In The Meta And below That You Will See My Deck List For This Extremely Consistent Deck.

Ninja vs Dark World

Everyone Knows Dark World Cards Are About Spamming Huge Monsters By Discarding Making You Feel Overwhelmed, But 1 Thing You Can Do Is Use Mind Control To Take Control of Goldd/Sillva It Gives Easy Access To A Rank 5 Xyz Monster If Combined With Earth Armored Ninja. Another Way To Get Through The Game With Little To No Damage Is To Use Aqua Armored Ninja. You Know Your Opponent Will Most Likely Use Something That Makes Both Players Discard Be It By Dark World Dealings Or Dragged Down To The Grave, You Can Work Your Aqua Into The Grave To Help Relieve Damage From A 3000 ATK Grapha Or Another Huge Monster.

Ninja vs TG Plants or TG Agents

Now TG Plants Will Be Up First. They Are The Most Consistent Plant Deck I Believe I Have Ever Seen. With The Hand Control They Get From The TG Striker and Warwolf To The Spamming Play Style of Plants It Is Very Difficult To Deal With If They Open A Decent Hand. Now Ninja’s Also Have Very Easy Moves You Can Make To Control the Field. Be It Gold Ninja Into Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo To Search Super Transformation And Use Super Transformation To Tribute Gold Ninja & A Reborn Tengu To Special Summon A Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon or A White Dragon Ninja Either Move Would be Pretty Good To Work Through A Tengu And Come Out With A Much Larger Monster.

Now T.G. Agents Is Something I’m Still Relatively New To. I have Never Played A T.G. Agent Deck But I Have Agents So Base On What I Know It’s Most Likely A More Consistent Agent Deck. One Easy Way To Stop Agents Is Just Well Placed Moves And Control. An Easy Way To Control The Game Is To Keep Control Of Your Opponents Hand With Either Mind Crush, Trap Dustshoot OR Effect Veiler To Stop Earth’s Searching Or Venus’ Spam Ability. Another Easy Way To Prevent Huge Moves Is to Use Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer So BLS Is Harder To Drop Without Going Out Your Way To Do It.

Ninja vs Chaos

As We Saw At YCS KC Chaos Won And With The Weirdest Card Choices I Have Ever Seen For It To Work. An Easy Way To Slow Down chaos Is Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer. Not Only Being A Good Card But One Of The Best Control Cards Of The Format. Now Seeing How Tour Guide Is An Amazing Card Its Way To Easy To Stop With A Well Placed Warning or Veiler It Still Can End Up Screwing You With The Right Combos So I Also Suggest Siding D.D. Crow As Most People Already Do. Another Easy Way To Stop Tour Guide Is To Use Chain Disappearance Yea They Still Have The Ability To Special Summon A Sangan etc., But With It Not Being Able To Be Used For Synchro It Makes It More Difficult To Pull Of Combos With It.

Deck List

Monsters (20)

1 Air Armor Ninja

1 Aqua Armor Ninja (Aqua Is Purely Optional I Ended Up Replacing It With Black Luster Soldier Envoy Of the Beginning)

3 Earth Armor Ninja

3 Flame Armor Ninja

2 Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

3 Gold Ninja

2 Lightpulsar Dragon

3 Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo

2 Summoner Monk

After White Dragon Ninja Has Its Effect Confirmed I Might Drop Galaxy-Eyes For 2 Of It Depending On What It Does

Spells (11)

1 Book OF Moon

1 Dark Hole

1 Heavy Storm

1 Mind Control

1 Monster Reborn

2 My Body As A Shield

3 Mystical Space Typhoon

1 Reinforcement of The Army

Traps (9)

2 Bottomless Trap Hole

1 Mirror Force

3 Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation

1 Solemn Judgment

2 Solemn Warning

Depending On What Ninjitsu Art of Duplication Actually Does I Might drop 1 Transformation For 1 Duplication.

Side Deck

2 Cyber Dragon

2 D.D. Crow

2 Effect Veiler

2 Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer

1 Maxx ‘C’

2 Chain Disappearance

2 Debunk

2 Dimensional Prison

Extra Deck

Not All Have A TCG Release Yet But The Extra Deck Is Your Option

1 Adreus Keeper Of Armageddon

2 Blade Armor Ninja

1 Lavaval Chain

1 Leviar The Sea Dragon

2 Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja

2 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon

2 Number 39: Utopia

1 Steelswarm Roach

1 Tiras, Keeper Of Genesis

2 Wind-Up Zenmaines

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