Time After Time – A Forbidden and Limited List Discussion

Hello Yugioh Community! The month of February is almost here and that means the new Forbidden and Limited list is just right around the corner! The month leading up to this bi-annual event in yugioh is always very exciting as everyone is trying to guess at what is going to happen! Instead of giving you guys a prediction list, which I may do in a future article, I want to just go over a few possibilities of what could happen by looking at specific cards with some logic to back it up. I can honestly say this is one of the first forbidden lists that I feel anything could really happen. Konami could decide to take the strong route and extensively deal with the power of all the decks and have a huge overhaul list or could only touch a few cards and keep everything powerful, but attempt to balance the game out a little more. Only time will tell and for now we can have our predictions! Due to the many amounts of possibilities I want to discuss this will be part one and anything I didn’t get a chance to cover in this article will be in part two!

Question of the Article: What one card do you want to see get hit more than any other on March 1st?

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-Card Destruction – Forbidden
This card has been on my most wanted to be forbidden list for quite some time now, but hopefully the time for it to leave the game is upon us. Not only is it one of the most unfair cards in a Dark World deck, there are now FTK, First Turn Kill, decks that allow a duelist to deck their opponent out on their first turn with this card. While it is not the only problem card in the deck, it is easily the main card that inspired Jeff Jones to build the deck. This card does nothing good for the game and is usually only included in decks that essentially play solitaire and not Yugioh. I don’t know about you, but I like to duel and have to play against my opponent, there is no fun in playing alone hoping your deck doesn’t fail you.

-Pot of Avarice – Forbidden
Another card I feel is on the forbidden chopping block. This card has been included in way too many decks over the past couple of years and can be really frustrating to see an opponent activate it. Personally, when I play against Wind-ups I try to get all of their copies of Wind-Up Magician and Wind-Up Shark to the grave, but a timely Pot of Avarice defeats all of my hard work to out play my toy wielding opponent. This card is almost always live by turn two in any form of the Water deck and while I do not think they will go after too many cards in the Water deck, Avarice would be a great general card to hit to take its power down a notch. The reason I know this card should be forbidden is because if it didn’t exist and there was a spell card that simply said, “Shuffle back 5 monsters from your grave back into your deck.” It would still see some play, and Avarice let’s you draw two cards on top of that.

-Gateway of the Six Samurai- Forbidden
Every once in awhile a card that has been pretty good for awhile and enough to keep a deck competitive, in this case Six Samurai, goes from annoying to degenerate with the release of new cards. If you haven’t heard, once Daigusto Emeral is released in the new Hidden Arsenal in April, there will be loops with this card alongside any two other samurai spell cards that produce counters that will win them the game on the first turn. I am going to save the whole combo for another time, but just know it exist and once again playing solitaire is no fun. One can say it is inconsistent, but the fact of the matter is that the Samurai player, apart from changing up the extra deck, can just play a normal six samurai deck and in any given game get a free win essentially. It is finally time to see this card go.

-Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning – Forbidden
I still do not see why this card should exist in our game. Sure he isn’t in a few of the popular decks due to their lack of using light and dark monsters, but seriously I would rather just have Chaos Sorcerer at two instead of this guy around. He is easily the strongest stand alone monster in the game and can be quite hard to play around in many scenarios. Please let him return to his Forbidden grave so duelist will not have to deal with this over powered monster ever again. It doesn’t make sense that Chaos Sorcerer, an essentially much weaker version of this card, would only be allowed to play the same amount of copies as its much more powerful brother. Get rid of BLS and put Sorcerer back to 2, problem sovled!

-Wind-Up Shark – Limited to 1
Yes, this card is the problem. Probably one of the best TCG- exclusive cards ever made is single-handedly why Wind-Ups are one of the best decks right now. It is one of the co-conspirators in the infamous Magician-Shark combo, and with multiple copies of Shark in the deck gives this two card combo pretty much game no matter what the situation may be. The fact that one Shark can trigger at least two Wind-Up Magician, you can search him off of Factory, he gives the deck access to any Rank 3,4, and 5, and he is free to summon is just too much. If this card goes to one I think it will hinder the Wind-Up deck enough for it still to be a contender, but nowhere to the extent of unfairness that it is now.

-Rescue Rabbit- Limited to 1
In a perfect world the Evolsaur xyz monsters wouldn’t exist and this card would be a great way to utilize cool normal monsters and xyz monsters, but that is just not the case. While this card has/had the ability to inspire creative decks, it does just the opposite. It makes for very boring games to where you lose because your opponent went first and opened up with Rescue Rabbit, Solemn Warning, and Tour Guide From the Underworld. While semi-limiting Rescue Rabbit was a step in the right direction, it going to one is just another step. While another scenario would be if Evolsaur Laggia were forbidden, I would love to see Rescue Rabbit become completely unrestricted, but that is very unlikely to happen. Instead, as long as this bunny is spouting out guys who can negate anything their opponent is trying to do, the consistency of how often they can do this must be lowered.

-End of Part 1

Conclusion: The Forbidden list is coming upon us fast! This was part one of my discussion on different things I feel we could see happen on the upcoming list. It seems to me that this list is much harder to predict than most of the Forbidden and Limited lists in the past, but this simply means that game has been heading in a fairly good direction. While it is all just speculation, and in some cases hope, we really won’t know the true list until it is on Konami’s official site. Remember that this is only part one of the discussion so if you feel I left something out, odds are it is simply waiting to be disused next week!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to just answer the question of the article, feel free to do so in the comments down below!

-Billy Brake
-YCS Toronto and Columbus Champion