Tips for YuGiOh Players Looking to Step Up Their Game

Hello Yu-Gi-Oh Players, my name is Jeffrey Lang. You may have heard of me from various forums, as well as Youtube. Now, I am not a great player but I can certainly talk about the game on a high level, and I know my stuff. A little more about myself: I am known for making crazy deck ideas and being the go-to guy at events for cards and advice on the game. I have been playing this game since 2004 and it is without a doubt my favorite hobby. I don't see myself quitting anytime soon, it is a hard habit to break!

What I would like to talk about today, is some tips on how you guys can get better at the game. Nobody is perfect when it comes to this game, and there is always new stuff you can learn. Let me make a scenerio up: You have Reinforcement of The Army in hand, as well as a copy of Pot of duality, the other 4 cards are irrelevant. What card are you going to play first? Well, most cases, you will be playing the Army first. Why is that? Firstly, you are thinning your deck by a card. The odds of you getting a card you really want off of Pot increased, not by much, but hey, it is something after all. You increase your chances of getting a card that can compliment your hand, as well.

The next tip/suggestion that I have, is overextending your field. Here is another scenerio: You open up with 4 trap cards, none being Solemn Judgment or Starlight Road. Never should you go and set all of those cards just because you can. At most, you should set only two of them. Reason being, there are so many powerhouse cards in the game that can put you in a bad situation(Hyunlei/Cold Wave/Black Rose Dragon/Judgment Dragon). I myself will always set two cards on the board, because of people running Mystical Space Typhoon, so if they happen to draw one, you still have a card as a backup. Now, let's say one of the 4 cards you open happens to be Starlight Road. You still shouldn't be setting a lot. Reason being, there are still cards that can put you at a great disadvantage, and have you playing from behind(Cold Wave/Trap Stun). Don't set yourself up to get your teeth kicked in, don't play too aggressively, but also not too conservatively.

If you are going to a Regional or YCS (Yugioh-Championship Series), make sure that you test whatever deck that you are taking with you. NEVER should you go by theory, and say, " Oh well this guy topped, I won't have a problem". I am guilty of this myself, but I am more of a community helper and play for fun, so I don't take the game seriously any more. You should know what all your deck can do play wise, and what decks you have a favorable matchup against, and which ones you don't.

Siding is possibly the most important aspect of the game. Take the time to figure out what cards you should side out when playing against certain decks, and which cards to bring in. If you need help, ask some of your friends, and people at your local card shops and get some pointers. People often over-look this aspect, when a side deck is a solid reason of why you succeed/fail in a match or tournament.

Another thing that I see a lot, and quite possibly is the most important, is people complaining about how they lose games. Right when it happens, of course you will be angry, but just let it go! This is a game of chance, and who opens up better, and can draw better. Just have fun, and let it go. You cannot do anything about how people draw, and most times you cannot out-think people. Just look at the way that you win the games, and think about how your opponent felt when you drew better cards than them. Just have fun guys, and just let stuff go!

That is just some of the tips that I have. If I get an opportunity to write more articles, you will be getting more tips, as well as some crazy deck ideas that I have stashed away. As I said above, I am a community guy, so if you guys have any suggestions on what you guys would like to see, please contact me, I am not hard to find on the internet haha. Please take what I said into consideration when playing, and have as much fun as possible, that is the real meaning of this game!