Top 16 Feature Match: Clay Atchley Vs. Ben Leverett

Top 16 Feature Match

Alright good morning everyone we have some Top 16 action. We have Ben Leverett from Atlanta, GA playing Hieratic Rulers. Next we have his opponent Clay Atchley from Knoxsville, TN playing Geargiakuri. Both competitors are ready to go and Clay wins the die roll.

Clay will be leading us off and he starts with 2 Geargiagear, Call of the Haunted, Torrential Tribute, Karakuri Strategist Mdl 248 “Nishipachi", and Geargiaccelerator. He sets 2 cards to his back row and ends.

Ben starts us off with Dragon Shrine sending Laboradite Dragon and Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos to the grave. Upstart Goblin gives Clay 1000 bringing him to 9000 and Ben another card. He Normal Summons Hieratic Dragon of Eset next and it gets hit by Torrential Tribute. He sets one and proceeds to end phase. Clay activates Geargiagear to bring out Geargiano and Geargiano MK-II to the field at level 4.

Clay draws Mirror Force for his turn. Geargiaccelerator is Special Summoned to the field. Nishipachi is Normal Summoned and used with MK-II to Synchro Summon into Karakuri Shogun MDL 00 “Burei". Burei’s effect brings out Karakuri Watchdog MDL 313 “Saizan" which is used to Synchro with Geargiano into Karakuri Steel Shogun MDL 00X “Bureido". Bureido’s effect special summons another Saizan to the field. Next Burei changes Saizan to attack position and Bureido’s effect let’s him draw his second Mirror Force. Proceeding Saizan and Accelerator are used to Synchro Summon Crimson Blader. Clay enters his battle phase and attacks with his 3 monsters for a total of 8400 lps!

Clay Atchley opens up with exactly what he needs to stymy Ben’s monsters from hitting the field and allows him to combo off to end the game in 2 turns. Siding on both sides was efficient and quick on both sides. Ben will be leading off in game 2.

Game 2

Ben starts us off with One Day of Peace and Upstart Goblin putting Clay at 9000 but giving him another card. He sets 4 cards in his back row to end.

Clay starts with Geargiarmor, Geargiagear, Fiendish Chain, Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Warning, Geargiano, and Geargiano MK-II. He sets 3 to his back row and a monster. On the end phase Solemn Warning is blasted away by Mystical Space Typhoon.

Ben draws then just passes his turn.

Clay draws Maxx “C” for his turn. Next Geargiarmor is Flip Summoned to search a Geargiarsenal to his hand. Arsenal is summoned and Torrential Tribute clears the board. Geargiagear is activated to summon two Geargiano MK-II at Level 4 from the deck. Both are used to Xyz Summoned into Gear Gigant X but that gets negated by Solemn Warning 2000-6000.

Ben draws for his turn and send Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms and Debris Dragon to the grave to search Hieratic Dragon of Su to his hand. Eset is Normal Summoned and Su is Special Summoned to the field by tributing the Eset, Eset’s effect triggers and Clay chains Maxx “C” to draw Geargiarmor, and Summoning Laboradite Dragon from the Deck. Su’s effect is used to tribute another Eset from his hand targeting a back row but it’s shut off by Fiendish Chain. Ben uses both monsters to Xyz summon into Constellar Ptolemy M7, letting Clay draw Dust Tornado, and Clay activates Bottomless Trap Hole to get rid of the M7. Ben passes with that.

Clay draws Effect Veiler for turn. Sets one back row and monster to end.

Ben draws for turn then banishes Debris and Eset for Tempest then attacks over the set Armor letting Clay search an Accelerator to his hand. He sets a backfield and ends his turn.

Clay draws MST for turn then activates it on Ben’s set Compulsory. MK-II is normal summoned to special summon an armor from grave. Armor sets itself and then Clay ends without anything else.

Ben draws for his turn. He banishes Eset and Su from grave to summon Tempest from his hand. Next Hieratic Dragon Seal of Convocation lets him search Eset to his hand. He Normal Summons Eset. He enter Battle and crashes Eset with MK-II and attacks over the set Armor letting Clay search Geargiarsenal to his hand. He sets one and ends but it’s blasted away by Dust Tornado.

Clay draws Maxx “C” for his turn. Arsenal is summoned and tributes itself to Special Summon a Geargiarmor from deck in defense. He sets the Armor with the effect and ends his turn with that.

Ben draws for turn and activates Dragon Shrine to send Blaster from the deck to the grave. Tempest comes up banishing Blaster and Eset and Clay chains Maxx “C” to draw Book of Moon, and Ben searches Flamvell Guard to hand. Ben Synchros with both into Crimson Blader giving Clay Compulsory Evacuation Device. Ben attempts to enter his battle phase but Crimson Blader’s effect is shut off by Effect Veiler. Ben still attacks over the Armor letting Clay search another Accelerator to hand. He passes with that.

Clay draws for turn then summons Geargiano and tributes it to special summon an armor from grave. Next two Accelerators come down from hand and Xyz Summon into Gear Gigant X to search another Accelerator form deck. The Accelerator is Special Summoned and used with Armor to Xyz Summon Gagaga Cowboy. Cowboy’s effect in Attack is used on Crimson Blader. He attacks over the Crimson Blader for 200 and and directly to drop Ben to 3500. He sets Book of Moon and Compulsory to end.

Ben draws for turn then summons Tempest from his hand. He sets one and passes his turn with that.

Clay draws for his turn and then attempts to activate Gear Gigant’s effect but it’s shut off by Skill Drain putting Ben at 2500. After revealing his set Compulsory Ben extends the handshake.

Clay Atchley takes a 2-0 victory with his Geargiakuri deck over Ben Leverett’s Hieratic Ruler deck and is moving on to the Top 8 to play against Dalton Bousman and his Fire Fist deck.