Top 16 Feature Match Marquis Johnson (Infernity) vs. Kevin Rubio (Hieratic)

IMG_2386Welcome to Day 2 of ARGCS Richmond! Today we have an interesting matchup involving Marquis Johnson and Kevin Rubio. Kevin breezed through swiss and was a lock in for Day 2 by Round 8. Marquis on the other hand had a tougher time and was forced to play out his Round 9 match yesterday where he knocked out 2-Time Champion Tyree Tinsley.

Game 1

Marquis rolls a 12 and will take first. He opens things up by setting a monster and a backrow and passing.

Rubio draws and looks at his hand and passes.

Marquis contemplates his plays for the turn and decides to Normal Summon Infernity Archfiend. He flip summons his set Archfiend, attacks with both and in MP2 sets a card, turns his two archfiends into Number 66: Master Key Beetle protecting his going to be revealed Vanity’s Emptiness.


Rubio sets a monster and 3 backrow before passing.

Marquis draws and declares an attack on the set monster. In the damage step Rubio uses Forbidden Lance to protect his Dragard. During the MP2, Key Beetle uses its effect to protect the newly set backrow.

Rubio draws and plays Reckless Greed for his turn clearly trying to look for answers. He plays Cardcar D in an attempt to dig for more. In the MP2 he discards a Labradorite Dragon.

Marquis draws and finally kills the Dragard with Key Beetle. He sets another backrow and a monster before passing.

Rubio skips his draw phase and looks at his hand clearly unable to get around the Key Beetle/Emptiness Lock at the moment. He summons Hieratic Dragon of Eset and sets two cards and passes.

Marquis draws for his turn, plays a Trap Stun, sets the last two cards in his hand before flip summoning his set Infernity Necromancer. He uses the effect to bring back Infernity Archfiend and that lets him add a Necromancer to his hand. He summons the Necromancer and plays a Transmodify to turn the used one into another Archfiend that gets him an Infernity Barrier. He overlays his Archfiends into another Key Beetle and uses the effect to protect his newly set Barrier. Unable to think of a way around the board, Rubio picks up his cards.

Game 2

Rubio elects to take first and starts his turn off by summoning Eset. He tributes off the Eset to Special Summon a Hieratic Dragon of Su from his hand and Labradorite Dragon comes out from the deck. He overlays the two for Constellar Ptolemy M7 and detaches Su to add Eset from his graveyard back to his hand. He sets two cards and passes.

Marquis summons Stygian Street Patrol, plays Instant Fusion for Darkflare Dragon, and overlays the two for Evilswarm Exciton Knight. He detaches Street Patrol to blow up the board, and Rubio is forced to play his Reckless Greed. He sets 2 and passes.

Rubio sets 2 cards and passes.

Marquis summons Archfiend Heiress and attacks with both his monsters before setting a card and passing. In the EP Rubio plays another Reckless.

Rubio draws for his turn and slams his set Royal Decree onto the table. He sends that to the graveyard for Magical Planter and screams out “Oh my god I lose” after seeing his draws. Forcing through a play, he summons Eset, banishes it for Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, and that’s met by a Book of Moon. Rubio passes his turn with 2 Effect Veilers, 1 Maxx “C”, and D.D. Crow in hand.

Marquis draws for turn, summons a Necromancer and overlays his Necromancer and Heiress to make Mechquipped Angineer before passing.

Rubio skips his last DP and flips his Red Eyes into attack mode. He attacks into Exciton Knight and Angineer protects it. In MP 2 he brings Su back to the field and passes.

Marquis turns Exciton to attack mode, plays Mystical Space Typhoon on his own set card, attempts to use the effect of Exciton, but Effect Veiler stops him in his tracks! Forcing a play through he plays Soul Charge bringing back Darkflare, Necromancer, and Stygian Street Patrol, however Maxx “C” attempts to spoil his plans. He overlays Street Patrol with Darkflare to make Lavalval Chain which uses its effect to put Archfiend on top of his deck and passes his turn.

Rubio draws and plays Hieratic Seal of Convocation to add an Eset to his hand and uses Su to destroy Marquis’ set Black Horn of Heaven. A Labradorite Dragon comes out and the two make Hieratic Dragon King of Atum to bring out a Nebthet. He uses Red-Eyes to bring back Eset and overlay the two for Number 61: Volcasaurus which destroys Exciton Knight. Rubio overlays 2 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Chargers over his Volcasaurus and Atums and does some math before declaring his attacks. He sets a card and passes his turn. A revealed Vanity’s Emptiness forces Marquis to move onto a third and decisive Game 3!

Game 3

Marquis elects to play first and kicks things off by playing Dark Grepher into an Instant Fusion to bring out a Darkflare Dragon. The two are overlayed into Lavalval Chain to send Archfiend to the graveyard. Soul Charge follows up to bring back Archfiend and Dark Grepher while letting him add Necromancer to his hand. Grepher ditches the Necromancer to send Street Patrol to his graveyard. Another Lavalval Chain sends Heiress to the graveyard and Archfiend is added to his hand before banishing Street Patrol to Special it and add Infernity Launcher to his hand. He makes Key Beetle to protect a card, Launchers back Necromancer and Archfiend to get an Infernity Break and sets everything before passing.



Rubio staring down a loaded field opens the turn up by playing Convocation to add Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit to his hand. Shuffling through his hand, he finally decides that his only play is to try and survive by setting a monster and 4 backrow. In the EP Marquis uses Break to destroy the set monster.

Marquis draws for turn and proceeds to MP1 (in case Rubio wanted to play anything to play around Infernity Barrier). He uses Key Beetle to protect Necromancer and attacks with everything he’s got before passing.


Rubio draws for his turn and plays Reckless Greed clearly trying to dig for cards. He flips up Royal Decree and Vanity’s Emptiness and uses Magical Planter to send Emptiness to the graveyard to net two more cards. He Special Summons Tefnuit and Tributes it in order to bring out Su and special Labradorite Dragon from his deck from Tefnuit. Su uses its effect to destroy Marquis’ Book of Moon that books a Labradorite Dragon and special a Labradorite from his hand. He overlays the two for M7 to bring Dragard back to his hand and summons that to bring out a Labradorite from his graveyard. He turns the two into a Leo, the Keeper of Sacred trees and uses that to attack into Key Beetle with Marquis electing not to use the effect to save itself. M7 kills the Necromancer and passes.

Marquis draws and sets a card for his turn, summons Stygian Street Patrol and turns his Archfiend and that into a Gagaga Cowboy for game!