Top 16 Feature Match: Nathan Ura (Dragon Rulers) vs. Larry Musgrove (Dragon Rulers)

Duelists Nathan Ura and Larry Musgrove are both playing Dragon Rulers in Top 16, each bringing their own special tech choices to the game! At the beginning of the match,  Ura offered to side out Return from a Different Dimension for games two and three, but Musgrove refused the offer! Musgrove won three games with Return from a Different Dimension yesterday and wants to capitalize on its explosive power again today!

Ura constantly whistled whilst sleeving his deck with the fresh sleeves ARG provided Top 16 players, but it didn’t give him the power to win the die roll.

Musgrove started the duel by activating Cards of Consonance and discarded Debris Dragon. He followed by activating Sacred Sword of Seven Stars and banished a Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to add a Redox from his deck to his hand. He set three cards and ended his turn.

Ura drew to six in hand of two Dragon Ravine, Sacred Sword, Cards of Consonance, Castle of Dragon Souls and Return from a Different Dimension. Ura set two cards in his backrow and passed back to Musgrove.

Musgrove drew and passed.

Ura drew Terraforming and deliberated before playing it, though he had no follow up to adding Dragon Ravine to his hand.

Musgrove drew to six in hand and activated Debris Dragon and discarded Dragunity Corsesca. He activated Sacred Sword and banished Redox to draw and add his last Redox to have 8 cards in his hand! Musgrove set to a full five back-row and ended his turn.

Ura finally drew a monster and used his facedown Cards of Consonance to discard a Flamvell Guard. He activated Dragon Ravine, discard the infamous Trigon, but Musgrove chained Raigeki Break and discarded Redox to null the Dragon Ravine. Ura ended his turn.

Musgrove used his Dragon Ravine, discarding his own Flamvell Guard to send Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos to the grave. He followed up by banishing Blaster and Dragunity Corsesca to summon Redox and searched another Blaster from his deck to his hand! Redox attacked for 1600 to grab a lead, 8000 to 6400. He set one spell or trap and passed.

Ura drew a Blaster and banished it with Sacred Sword to a draw and get another Blaster! Ura continued his turn by playing another Dragon Ravine, but Musgrove immediately used Raigeki Break discarding Blaster to pop it! Ura played his third and final Dragon Ravine and used it, pitching Blaster to send Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms from his deck to his graveyard!

Ura banished Tempest and Flamvell Guard for Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls and Musgrove responded with Emptiness! Ura was fast on his feet and chained Raigeki Break so his Tidal could arise. He added a Debris Dragon dragon to his hand. When Ura summoned Debris Dragon Dragon, Mosgrove used Effect Veiler, staunching Ura’s summons! Ura was forced to summon Star Eater and ate all seven stars of Redox to equal the playing field.

Musgrove activated a facedown Sacred Sword, banished Tempest to search Dragunity Corsesca. He stacked his own Dragon Ravine over Ura’s and buried Tempest to bury Tidal, but neither would stay in the graveyard long. After Musgorve banished Debris Dragon and Flamvell Guard, he brought out Redox and Dragunity Corsesca and then Scrap Dragon! It popped Dragon Ravine and Star Eater, but before it attacked, Blaster was summoned, netting him another tidal! Both attacked, dropping him to 800!

Musgrove played Return from a Different Dimension and brought back Debris Drgon, Tempest and Dragunity Corsesca and tried to attack for game, but Ura responded with his own Return, bringing back a Tempest and a Blaster!









During Main Phase Two, Musgrove made a Colossal Fighter and a second Star Eater with his four dragons so he didn’t have to banish any with Return from a Different Dimension!

Before the turn ended, Ura banished Tidal with Castle of Dragon Souls to boost his Tempest’s ATK and searched for Tidal and then returned Tempest and Blaster to his hand. Ura was down to 400 Life Points, while Musgrove had 3200.

Ura drew a Raigeki Break to have four in hand, but was facing a Colossal Fighter, Star Eater and Scrap Dragon, along with a facedown set and Musgrove’s two cards in hand!

Ura began his turn and banished Tempest and the Level 3 Trigon for Tidal to add Dragunity Corsesca to his hand and summoned it! Scrap Dragon hit the field next, but Musgrove had a Book of Moon!

Ura followd up by banishing two Dragunity Corsesca for Blaster, used Castle of Dragon Souls banishing Star Eater and ran over Scrap Dragon to drop Musgrove to 2400! Ura ended his turn.

Musgrove drew to three in hand and played Dark Hole to wipe the field! He summoned Redox by banishing Tempest and Dragunity Corsesca to add Debris Dragon to hand and summoned that as well!

Raigeki Break destroyed Castle of Dragon Souls when Musgrove tried to attack for grave, and Ura summoned back his own Tidal from his banished zone to take Musgrove completely by surprise!

Musgrove then proceeded to Main Phase Two and made a Number 11: Big Eye with Tempest and stole Ura’s Tidal. He followed up by banishing Blaster and Debris Dragon for his own Tidal and got another Blaster to his hand!

Musgrove stacked both copies of Tidal for Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack and created two decoy tokens! He used Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack’s effect to pop and destroy his own Number 11: Big Eye and ended after Synchro Summoning Ancient Fairy Dragon with a Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack Token and Debris Dragon!

Ura cheered when he saw his next card, but it was clearly sarcastic because he scooped about five seconds later.

Ura started the game and clearly appreciated his hand much more. Hea activated Terraforming search Dragon Ravine, pitch Tidal to send Tempest to his graveyard! He used Sacred Sword to banish Blaster and snagged another from his deck! Tidal came out by banishing a Dragunity Corsesca from hand a Tempest from graveyard, and once Tempest was added to his hand, Ura had five in hand. Ura summoned Dragunity Corsesca and made his own Scrap Dragon and set two, finishing strong on the first turn of game two!

Musgrove began his turn, banishing Tempest for Sacred Sword and taking another Tempest from his deck. Musgrove destroyed Scrap with Dark Hole and set three to end his turn.

Ura used Dragon Ravine, discarding tempest, but Raigeki Break destroyed the Dragon Ravine before Ura could search. Blaster banished Tidal and Dragunity Corsesca, but Musgrove countered with Debunk to banish Blaster! Tidal was added to his hand via the first one’s effect. Ura set a card and passed.

Musgrove drew to three in hand and pitched Tempest and Dragunity Corsesca to search, but Ura countered with his own Debunk! There was discrepancy of whether or not Debunk would banish Tempest, so the duelists asked the Feature Match Writer, Loukas Peterson.

“Don’t ask me, I’ve just a writer,” Peterson responded. “I know nothing.”

It was ruled that Debunk did absolutely nothing. No one appealed. The judge officially debunked Debunk.

Editors Note: If you ever are not sure of something appeal to your head judge!

Musgrove added Blaster to his hand with Tempest’s effect and banised Redox and Dragunity Corsesca from his graveyard to summon it, but Ura chained Vanity’s Emptiness, wrecking Musgrove’s plan!

Ura drew to two in hand and passed.

Musgrove set and passed.

Ura played Dragon Ravine and pitched Tidal, but Mystical Space Typhoon killed Tempest and Dragon Ravine. Redox and Scrap Dragon were banished for Tidal, but Musgrove used D. D. Crow Ura’s Tidal! Ura was able to get Redox’s effect, but it netted him nothing as he ended.

Musrgove banished Redox and Tempest to summon Blaster, searching Redox and Debris Dragon.

“Shout-out to my homie, Sketbrock,” said Musgrove as he attacked with his Blaster, dealing 2800 points of damage. Musgrove insisted that his quote unquote homie received a shout-out before playing more cards. He attacked with Blaster for first blood, dropping Ura down to 5200! He set one facedown spell or trap and passed turn to Ura.

Things were looking grim for Ura with just three dragons in hand; he passed turn as Blaster Return from a Different Dimension returned to Musgrove’s hand!

Musgrove used Tempest’s effect, pitching Debris Dragon as well, and then summoned Tidal by banishing Blaster and Debris Dragon, netting him a Flamvell Guard and summoned it! Flamvell Guard and Tidal turned into Scrap Dragon and an Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed Ura’s set Raigeki Break, which he chained to blindly destroy one of Musgrove’s back-row, hoping to hit something useful! He destroyed a Debunk in the process, but Musgrove’s last card turned out to be really useful.

The crowd cheered “Go Lar-Bear!” as he flipped Return from a Different Dimension for game, and a 2-0 victory went decisively to Musgrove! He capitalized on his abundant removal in D. D. Crow, Mystical Space Typhoon and Debunk!