Top 16 Feature Match Tyree Tinsley (Mermail) vs. Jono Ritzau (Fire Fist)

Top 16 Feature Match Tyree Tinsley (Mermail) vs. Jono Ritzau (Fire Fist)

After a Grueling 9 rounds yesterday these two competitors have made it to the top 16 with 7-1-1 records. Jono hails from Australia and is fresh off a Top 16 finish last week at Atlanta while Tinsley hasn’t seen the top cut since winning it all at the Meadowlands.

The duel kicks off with Jono rolling a 9 against Tinsley’s 8 and elects to take first.


Game 1

Jono kicks off the match by playing Pot of Duality to add Upstart Goblin to his hand and he promptly plays it to net him a fresh draw before passing his turn.


Tinsley begins his turn by discarding Mermail Abyssgunde and Mermail Abyssteus for Mermail Abyssmegalo. He Special Summons Teus from his Graveyard with Gunde’s effect while adding an Abyssphere to his hand with Megalo’s effect. He swings with Teus and Megalo before overlaying the two for Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack in MP2. Tinsley detaches Teus to make two tokens before setting two cards and passing his turn.


Jono starts his turn by summoning Cardcar D and setting 3 backrow. In response to Cardcar’s effect Tinsley plays Abysssphere to bring out Mermail Abysslinde. In the EP Cardcar nets Jono 2 new cards while Sphere gets destroyed and Linde brings out a Mermail Abysspike that ditches Atlantean Marksman. Marksman targets Jono’s Compulse and Pike adds him another Marksman to hand.


Tinsley begins his turn by playing Sphere for Mermail Abyssturge and uses the cost of the negated effect to discard Marksman and destroy Jono’s set Dimensional Prison. He then tributes off Dracossack to destroy Jono’s last set card before summoning a Linde and swinging with everything for game!


Game 2

Both players hastily sideboard and Jono elects to play first once again.

He begins the turn with an Upstart before summoning Thunderking Rai-Oh and setting 3 backrows.


Tinsley sets a monster and two backrow before passing.

Jono draws and passes.

Tinsley draws and passes.

Jono draws and passes.

Tinsley draws and passes.

Jono sets a card and passes.

Tinsley sets a card and passes.

Jono draws and passes.

Tinsley sets a card and passes.

Jono finally elects to attack Tinsley’s set Linde with Thunderking and Linde brings out a Megalo.

Tinsley draws for turn and activates Raigeki Break discarding Turge to attempt and destroy Thunderking, but Jono flips over Forbidden Lance to protect it! Tinsley continues with his turn by playing Reckless Greed and then uses 3 Mystical Space Typhoons to clear Jono’s backrow! Pressing forward for his turn, he discards Gunde for Teus, but Jono responds with a Maxx “C”. Tinsley elects not to use Gunde’s effect and just swings Megalo over Thunderking while scoring a direct hit with Teus. In MP2 Tinsley overlays them for Mermail Abyssgaios


Jono elects to set 3 backrow before passing.

Tinsley continues the pressure by summoning Pike discarding Gunde for the effect and Jono plays Soul Drain in response. Pike nets Tinsley a Marksman as a consolation. Undeterred Tinsley summons Aqua Spirit and enters BP. He swings with Aqua Spirit and Pike before attacking with Gaios into a Dimensional Prison. In MP2 Tinsley overlays his two cards for Bahamut Shark, but Jono has the Fiendish Chain for the effect.


Jono draws and plays Fire Formation –Tenki to add Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear. He Summons the Bear and sends Tenki to the graveyard to destroy Bahamut before playing Fire Formation- Tensu to summon Coach Soldier Wolfbark alongside the Bear. He swings with both and Bear lets Jono set another Tenki and in MP2 makes a Bujintei Kagutsuchi.


Tinsley skips a draw phase and just passes his turn.

Jono shows Wolfbark and Bear in hand to even the score!

Game 3

Tinsley elects to play first and begins the third and decisive game by discarding Linde for Teus. Teus allows Tinsley to add Pike to his hand and he just sets a card before passing.

Jono begins the turn with Upstart once again and sets two before passing.


Tinsley summons Pike discarding Gunde to add Marksman to his hand. Gunde brings back Linde and Pike swings in before choosing to set a card and passing


Jono draws and plays Tenki for turn, but is met by Tinsley’s MST. He continues his turn by summoning Bear and attacks into Tinsley’s Pike, but Tinsley uses Raigeki Break discarding Gunde to destroy Bear. Jono plays Dimensional Fissure and sets a card before passing.

Tinsley draws for turn and after considering all of his options, Summons a Turge into Jono’s Torrential Tribute! A massive Torrential Tribute swings the match completely into Jono’s favor.

Jono draws and plays Coach Soldier Wolfbark for turn to bring back Bear from Graveyard and overlays the two for Brotherhood of the Fire Fist- Tiger King. King allows Jono to set a Tenki that quickly nets him a bear before just attacking with King and passing.


Tinsley draws and passes.

Jono summons Bear and swings with both King and Bear. The bear allows him to get another Tenki that nets him a Wolfbark.

Tinsley draws Upstart for turn plays it to draw a Sphere, he sets it and just passes.

Jono draws and with his creatures, Tinsley uses Sphere in a last ditch effort to stay alive but Jono has the Bottomless to take the match and advance to Top 8 !