Top 16 Featured Match – Zach Leverett (Dragunity Rulers) vs. George North (Dragon Rulers)

We're here at the ARG Circuit to bring you folks the eternal war between the Dragon Ruler variants! Will young Leverett come out on top as we saw yesterday? The hands of fate might seem to suggest so. Both duelists cast the die and as nice as North's 10 off two 6 sided die was, Leverett's 11 was a little nicer.



Leverett activated Ravine and pitched Tempest to add Phalanx. He then Terraformed for a second Ravine which was activated over the other other one to pitch the added Phalanx and add Dux. When he summoned Dux and attempted to syncro climb, North Maxx "C" Phalanx's summon. Stopping cold, Leverett set 1 backrow and ended.

North had a hand of Corsescsa, Cards of Consonance, Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, Raigeki Break, and 2 Tempests. He pitched Corsesca for Consonance to draw 2. Next, he played his own Ravine over Leverett's, and with it pitched Tempest to dump Tidal to grave. Then he banished Tempest for Sword to draw two cards and search for another Tempest at resolution. Corsesca and Tidal were banished to summon Blaster from hand (and add Tidal) which was used to attack over Dux with Blaster to drop Leverett to 7100. He set 2 backrow and ended.

Leverett played another Ravine which North Break'd by pitching Tidal to destroy it. Leverett sent Phalanx to grave to summon Mystletain and when it tried to equip Phalanx North flipped over another Raigeki Break and picthed Tempest to destroy the Arma! Leverett set 1 backrow and ended.

North drew, but Leverett realized the game had fallen out of his favor and decided to try his luck in the next game.

Game 1 goes to George North1! In response to the quick game 1, North replied, "if the next games go this quickly, I might be able to get some chicken before next round!"

When consoled about his loss, Leverett replied, "well, I'm fine if I lose to luck because that's just luck. If I lose to slipping up, I'm going to be a little more annoyed."



Leverett said "uh...nope," to his opening hand. Still, he must've had something available as he pitched Tempest with Dux to add Phalanx to hand.  He summoned it and sent it to grave to summon Mystletainn, but when he tried to bring out Phalanx for a synchro, North chained Maxx C! Never the less, Leverett pushed through into Colossal Fighter and set 1 backrow before ending.

North drew into Corsesca, D.D. Crow, Blaster, Ravine, Tidal, Sword, and Redox thanks to Maxx C's extra draws! He played Ravine and used it to pitch Tidal and dump Tempest to grave. He banished Redox for Sword, and Leverett chained Mystical Refpanel! Leverett drew two and North tutored Redox. Next, he banished Tidal and Tempest for Blaster, afterwards adding copies of the same cards to hand. North stopped to check Leverett's grave. He shuffled his hand considering the proper play. Finally, he summoned Corsesca and synced it with Blaster for his own Colossal Fighter. He crashed it into the other and, in the exchange, North lost his Colossal Fighter to Leverett due to player priority interactions. He ended.

Leverett searched Ravine with Terraforming and used it to pitch Blaster and dump Redox. Next, he banished Redox and Mystletainn from grave to summon Blaster and tutor Redox. When a Dragunity Dux came down, North said, "yeah, that turns into a level 8 synchro, we're done here."

An unfortunate result of game mechanics seals game 2 for Zach Leverett!



North opened to Debris, Corsesca, Ravine, Consonance, Redox, and Break. He pitched Corsesca for Consonance to draw two and then played Ravine to pitch Redox and dump Tempest to grave. He set one backrow and passed.

Leverett played his own Ravine over North's and used it to pitch Redox and send Blaster to grave. He then banished Redox and Tempest (from hand) to summon Blaster, to which North chained Maxx C. He tutored identical copies and then swung in to drop North to 5200. He set 3 cards backrow in MP2 and ended.

North mulled over his plays before finally banishing Corsesca and Maxx C to summon Redox. He shuffled his hand over and over again while trying to read Leverett's backrow, stopping to say "that's rough." He banished Tempest and Blaster from hand to summon Blaster and Leverett pasued to look at his backrow. "Okay" he replied. He added Tempest shortly thereafter. Both were overlayed for Dracossack and when he activated its effect to make tokens, Leverett pitched Redox to chain Divine Wrath! With nothing left to do, North ended.

Leverett started his turn by trying to banish Tempest and Blaster for a Redox in grave which was swiftly met by North's Crow. He added Phalanx and Blaster. He then pitched Phalanx with a freshly played Ravine to attempt sending something to grave, but North pitched Tempest to Raigeki Break it and stop any such thing from happening.

North drew and, in standby phase, Leverette flipped Vanity's Emptiness. He set 1 monster and ended.

Leverett set 1 backrow and ended.

North set another monster and ended.

Leverett set another backrow and ended.

North flipped a set Debris and swung direct to drop Lev to 7000 before passing play.

Leverett drew and passed.

North swung again to put Leverett at 6000. He set 1 and ended.

Leverett played MST on North's set sword which popped his own Emptiness! He then dropped Dux, and when North chained Maxx C to his Phalanx summon, Leverett pitched a Blaster for Divine Wrath! When Vajrayana hit the field, North mulled over his options and asked to see Leverett's graveyard. He then decided to D.D. Crow Leverett's Phalanx. Vajrayana swung over Debris dropping North to 4300 and then the turn ended.

North top-decked Return from the Different Dimension! He banished Dracossack and Debris to summon Tempest which went unstopped by Leverett. He followed up by banishing Maxx and Blaster for Redox which searched him a Flamvell Guard. It was at this point that time was called. He summoned Guard and synced it with Tempest to make Stardust Dragon, which got hit by Leverett's Solemn Warning! North's set Debris was then flipped over and synced with Redox to make Star Eater! He tried to go into battle phase and when he did, Leverett's pitched Mystletainn to Break broke the Eater by pitching Mystletainn for cost. North set one and passed.

Leverett swung in with Vajrayana dropping North to 2400. He set 1 and ended.

North top decked Dragon Ravine! He then banished Stardust Dragon and Tempest to summon Redox which tutored him another Tempest. He played Ravine and pitched Tempest to dump Blaster. Next, he banished Star Eater and Guard to summon Blaster. Both were overlayed for Dracossack and tokens were made. Noprth tributed a token to pop Leverett's set Sword. When it hit the grave, Leverett calmly asked, "do you have Return?" To which North flipped over just that!


Leverett extended the hand shake and the game went to George North!

At the end of the match, North exclaimed, "I finally got Return!" And how folks. And how.