Top 16: Gilles Gibeault (Dragon Ruler) vs. Sehabi Kheireddine (Dragunity Ruler)

Top 16: Gilles Gibeault vs. Sehabi Kheireddine 

Gilles is here today from Sudbury playing Dragon Rulers and his opponent Sehabi is here locally from Montreal.  Gilles went undefeated in yesterday's swiss portion of the event.  Sehabi previously finished top 4 at YCS Toronto earlier this year with Blackwings.  Today he is here playing Dragunity Rulers.  Sehabi won the die roll and elected to go first.

Game 1:  Gilles opened, Debris Dragon, Trigon, Compulsory, Redox, and Blaster.  Sehabi studied his six cards before activating Dragon Ravine.  He pitched Dragunity Phalanx to send Tempest to the graveyard.  He activated Redox banishing Redox from his hand and Tempest from graveyard to summon it in defence mode.  He tributed Redox to summon Dragunity Arma Mystletaninn.  Attached Phalanx, brought out phalanx synched for Stardust Spark Dragon.  Set two back rows and ended his turn.  Leaving no cards in Sehabi's hand.

Gilles set Compulsory and passed.

Sehabi activated Ravine pitching Tempest off the top for blaster to grave.  Activating Blaster banishing Redox Tempest.  Gilles chained Maxx "C" and Sehabi chained Return!  He brought out Tempest, Tempest, Redox, Redox dropping his life to 4000.  He attacked with everything and Gilles scooped everything up.  Both players agreed to side out Return/Sixth Sense for games two and three.

With Sehabi up a game both players side decked and Gilles elected to go first.

Game 2: Gilles opened, Mystical Space Typhoon, 2 Debris Dragon, Tidal, Compulsory Evacuation Device, and Dragunity Corsesca.  He set two spell trap and passed turn.

Sehabi drew to six and banished Redox and Tidal to summon Blaster searching each other big dragon back to his hand with their effects.  He attacked with Blaster putting Gilles to 5200.  Set three and passed.  Gilles drew Flamvell Guard, banishing Debris and Corsesca from hand to summon Tidal.  He summoned Flamvell Guard and his opponent played Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and bounced the Tidal to the top of the deck pitching his own Tidal for the cost.  He summoned the Blaster again banishing Redox, Tidal searching them both back to hand and run over the Flamvell Guard dropping Gilles' life points to 2500.

Gilles sat and thought after drawing back Tidal.  He passed his turn back to Sehabi.

Sehabi drew and Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars was played banishing Blaster, drawing two, searching another Blaster.  Sehabi banished Tempest and Blaster to summon Tidal and searched Phalanx.  Sehabi activated Cards of Consonance and pitched Phalanx to draw two more cards!  He summoned Dragunity Dux equipping Dragunity Phalanx.  Gilles activated Mystical Space Typhoon targeting the Phalanx equipped to Dragunity Dux.  Attacked with Dragunity Dux dropping him to 800 life points.  Gilles activated Compulsory Evacuation Device in response to the attack of Tidal.  Sehabi ended his turn.

During Gilles' draw phase, Sehabi activated Imperial Iron Wall.  Gilles top decked another Mystical Space Typhoon and played it on Imperial Iron Wall.  He summoned Tidal back banishing Flamvell Guard and Debris Dragon and ran it into a Compulsory from Sehabi.  With that Gilles extended his hand to end the match.

With a quick 2-0 Sehabi moves on to the top 8 of ARG Montreal!

Written By:  Matt Bishop