Top 16: Jarred Randolph (Spellbooks) vs. Jerome Porter (Sylvans)

Welcome guys to Day 2 of the ARG Circuit Series Washington, D.C.!  We kick off our Top 16 with a great matchup featuring two strategies people haven't paid too much attention to, Sylvans and Spellbooks.  Which one of these "rogue" archetypes will be able to carry their pilot onto the Top 8?

Game 1

Jerome starts with a Sylvan Charity, sending back Sylvan Flowerknight and Sylvan Peaskeeper. He Normal Summons Kuribandit, sets two to his backrow then proceeds to the End Phase. Kurbandit excavates two copies of Sylvan Sagequoia, Reckless Greed, Sylvan Flowerknight, and Sylvan Peaskeeper, adding Reckless to his hand. Flowerknight uses its effect to put Sylvan Hermitree on top of his deck. Next, Peaskeeper Special Summons itself and uses its effect to excavate Hermitree which allows him to rearrange the top three cards.

Jarred begins by Normal Summoning Justice of Prophecy. He proceeds to his Battle Phase and attacks over Peaskeeper. During Main Phase 2 he sets three, and during end phase, uses Spellbook of Wisdom targeting Justice naming traps. Jerome immediately responds with a Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Hermitree to spin Justice.

Jerome Normal Summons Kuribandit then activates Sylvan Charity putting Sylvan Komushroomo and Flowerknight back on top. He sets two and ends. During the End Phase, Kuribandit excavates Komushroomo, two Flowerknight, Miracle Fertilizer, and Trap Stun, adding Fertilizer. He then uses Komushroomo to destroy Jarred's set reckless which he activates in response, followed by another.

Jarred starts his next turn with a loaded hand, but seemingly out of options after two Reckless Greed, scoops it up to conserve time. Jerome's massive advantage is just too much for Jarred's magicians to handle!


Game 2

Jarred decides to go first and leads off with a Spellbook of Secrets, grabbing Spellbook Magician of Prophecy which searches out a Spellbook of the Master. Master reveals eternity to copy secrets and search Spellbook of Fate. He sets two cards to his backrow before passing the turn.

Jerome's first turn of the second game starts with a simple set of two backrow before ending.

Jarred immediately moves to his Battle Phase and swings with Spellbook Magician before passing.

During Main Phase 1, Jerome activates a copy of Reckless Greed to dig for some kind of action. A Mystical Space Typhoon hits Jarred's set Mirror Force. He follows up with a Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Lonefire Blossom. Jarred responds by using Fate to set his Spellbook Magician. Jerome then Soul Charges for 1000 to bring back Lonefire, Jarred responds with Maxx “C”. Lonefire tributes itself and brings out Hermitree. A Sylvan Charity draws three, sending back Sagequoia and Sylvan Princessprout. He then uses Hermitree and excavates Sagequoia to draw a card. Kuribandit is then Normal Summoned successfully. In the End Phase, Kuribandit excavates Malevolent Catastrophe, Soul Charge, Trap Stun, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, and Sagequoia, adding Soul Charge.

Jarred flips his Spellbook Magician in Main Phase 1, using its effect to add Spellbook of Power. He Normal Summons Justice, the activates Eternity to grab the Master banished with Fate. Power is used on Justice boosting it to 2600. A Master copies Power, revealing Spellbook Magician. Justice, now at 3600 ATK, swings over Hermitree. Two Power searches add The Grand Spellbook Tower and Secrets. He goes on to set four, end phase Justice banishes itself to search for High Priestess of Prophecy and Eternity.


Jarred 8000 – Jerome 5100


Turn 1 under Reckless, Jerome uses Miracle Fertilizer on Hermitree, which is instantly met with a Book of Moon. A second Fertilizer brings back Sageqoia. Jerome digs with Sylvan Charity sending back Princessprout and Lonefire. The effect of Sageqouia excavates Princessprout. Princessprout Special Summons itself and becomes Level 7. He also Special Summons Sageqoia from his hand because Princessprout hit the graveyard. Sagequoia and Princessprout overlay to Xyz Summon Orea, the Sylvan High Arbiter. Jarred flips up Solemn Warning, making sure that the Sylvan boss doesn't hit the field. Jerome goes on to Soul Charge for 3000 on two Sagequoia and Lonefire. Bottomless Trap Hole by Jarred banishes the Sagequoias. Lonefire tributes itself to Special Summon another Lonefire which then gets Hermitree. Hermitree's effect whiffs on a Trap Stun. Jerome, reeling, sets two before passing.


Jarred 6000 – Jerome 2100


Tower goes off, putting back Master on the bottom of Jarred's deck to draw Spellbook of Life. He begins with a Normal Summon Spellbook Magician to get Master. Jarred then reveals Master, Secrets, and Eternity for Priestess and Jerome picks up his cards. A strong defense of Book of Moon, Solemn Warning, and Bottomless Trap Hole prove too much for Jerome to overcome. This match will be going to a final and deciding game!


Game 3

Both duelists shake hands before the final game. Jerome starts with a Kuribandit then sets two backrow. End Phase, Kuribandit excavates twp Soul Charge, Miracle Fertilizer, Trap Stun, and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, putting Soul Charge in his hand.

Jarred starts by snapping down a Crescent for Wisdom, Secrets, and Fate, ultimately adding Secrets. Secrets searches out Wisdom, protecting his followup Normal Summon of Justice. He next activates Master, revealing Wisdom to copy Secrets and add Fate. Justice gets in for 1600 Life Points. Main Phase 2, Fate banishes Jerome's set Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. End Phase, Justice searches Eternity and Priestess.


Jarred 8000 – Jerome 6400


Jerome sets a monster and one backrow before sighing and passing the turn.

Jarred flips up Dimensional Fissure. He then reveals Wisdom, Eternity, and Secrets to Special Summon Priestess. Fate is banished with Priestess' effect to destroy Jerome's set Malevolent Catastrophe. Jarred contines with an Eternity which grabs a banished Master. Master goes off, revealing Secrets to get back Fate. A Secrets then searches Power. Power is used on Priestess pumping it to 3700 ATK. Priestess attacks Jerome's set monster, but Jerome flips a second Malevolent Catastrophe in response, destroying Jarred's Dimensional Fissure and set Solemn Warning. Priestess swings over a Komushroomo, which excavates Fertilizer, Sylvan Charity, Kuribandit, Lonefire, and Sageqouia. Power then resolves and searches out Eternity. Main Phase 2 Jarred Normal Summons Justice and sets one. End Phase Justice uses its effect and adds Master and Priestess.

Jerome starts with a Soul Charge for 3000 on Komushroomo, Lonefire, and Sagequoia. Jarred flips Fate and banishes Lonefire when they fit the field. Undeterred, Jerome Normal Summons Princessprout. The effect of Princessprout excavates another Princessprout, which is then Special Summoned, naming level 7. The effect of Sagequoia misses, revealing Trap Stun. He then overlays Sagequoia and Princessprout to Xyz Summon Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack. Dracossack summons two tokens then uses one to destroy Priestess. He passes his turn without any defenses.


Jarred 8000 – Jerome 3400


Jarred reveals Master, Tower, and Wisdom for Priestess. He then uses Eternity and gets Power. The effect of Priestess banishes Fate to destroy Komushroomo. Master, revealing Wisdom, copying Eternity to add Fate. Power is then used on priestess, followed by Fate to put the remaining token in ATK. A boosted up Priestess is able to ATK over for the victory!

A format mainstay but now strategic underdog, Randolph's Spellbooks are able to overcome the new kids on the block of Sylvans. Randolph moves on to the Top 8!

Joe Soto