Top 16 Tej Trivedi (Dragon Rulers) vs. Bryan Pham (Dragon Rulers)

Welcome to Day 2! We start off the Round of 16 with two good friends that traveled here from South New Jersey and are rooming together. As both Duelists re-sleeve their decks, a lot of friendly banter goes on as both players jokingly talk about how they know what they’re playing and their decklists.

IMG_1987 IMG_1988

After quite a bit of gibberish later, both duelists are sleeved up and ready to go!

Tej starts off by pile shuffling his deck and pulls out cards with imperfections on his sleeves. Pham snickered “You know if you don’t beat me, none of that’s going to matter anyways.”

Tej Rolls a 7 against Pham’s 10. Pham opts to take first.

Game 1

Pham opens up the match with Sword banishing Tidal to get another Tidal. He sets 3 backrows before passing his turn.

Tej draws and looks at his opening hand of Dragunity Corsesca, Torrential Tribute, Dragons Ravine, Tidal Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, Maxx “C”, and Redox Dragon Ruler of Boulders. Tej starts everything off with his Ravine to discard Tidal to send Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos to the Graveyard. He then proceeds to Special Summon that Blaster by banishing Redox and Tidal which is instantly met by Pham’s Maxx “C”. He just adds another Redox and Tidal before choosing just to attack for 2800 and setting a card. Phoenix Wing Wind Blasts in the End Phase by Pham spun Tej’s new set before drawing for his turn.

Tej-8000 Pham – 5200

Pham starts off by discarding two Tidals in order to dump Tempest to grave. Pham then plays Redox by banishing Tempest and Maxx “C” and is instantly met by Tej’s Maxx “C”. Pham adds Corsesca to hand with Tempest’s effect before summong the Corsesca to make a Crimson Blader. Pham attacks into blaster with Crimson Blader and in the Damage Step, he plays Castle of Dragon Souls to push his Blader over Blaster. Pham plays his set Sword and banishes Blaster in order to get Trigon to his hand. He activates his own Ravine to get rid of Tej’s and discards Trigon to send another Tempest to his Graveyard before setting a card and passing his turn.

Castle of Dragon Souls shows what it can do

Castle of Dragon Souls shows what it can do

Tej- 7300 Pham – 5200

Tej draws for his turn and Pham says “Are you going to play your Neo-Spacian Grand Mole or Morphing Jar #2?” Tej paying no attention just sets two cards before passing his turn.

Pham brings out Tidal by banishing a Redox and Tempest and adds a Debris Dragon and a Redox with their effects. Pham presses forward by summoning Debris and targets Trigon, but before Trigon hits the board, Debris is met by a massive Torrential Tribute by Tej to wipe everything off the board! Reeling, Pham just attacks with Trigon for 500 before ending his turn.

A massive Torrential play!

A massive Torrential play!

Tej- 6800 Pham – 5200

Tej draws for his turn and goes into the tank for a little bit trying to recall Pham’s decklist in hopes of figuring out what Pham’s last set card is. He activates Redox by banishing Maxx “C” and Blaster which is met by Pham’s Maxx “C”. Blaster nets Tej a Flamvell Guard that is instantly summoned to tune with Redox for Crimson Blader. Crimson cracks over the Trigon for 2300 and in MP2 discards two Tempests to add Blaster to his hand before ending his turn.

Tej- 6800Pham – 2900

Pham draws for turn and discards Tempest for Ravine to send Blaster to the Graveyard. He plays his set Sword banishing Redox to draw two and add another Redox to hand. Pham sets 3 cards to his backrow and passes for turn unable to do anything because of Crimson Blader.

Tej draws for turn and chooses to banish Tempest and Redox for Blaster which is met by a Vanity’s Emptiness from Pham. Tempest nets Tej a Debris Dragon and Tej decide to just attack with Blader for 2800 and passes.

Tej- 6800 Pham – 100

Pham draws for his turn and instantly discards Guard for Ravine to send blaster to his graveyard and destroy his Emptiness. Redox discards Maxx “C”  to summon Blader, but Tej plays his Emptiness and in response Pham plays Trap Stun and when the dust settles, Blader hits the board. Blaster banishes Tempest and Debris Dragon to summon itself. Tempest gets Pham Debris. Debris summons itself to bring out guard and Pham presses on by bringing out Tidal banishing Tidal and Trigon. Guard and Tidal make Scrap Dragon and he targets Castle to destroy Blader. Castle allows Pham to bring out Tempest from his banished pile. Debris and Tempest go into Star Eater and swings with everything for game!


Some smack talk by Pham discussing Tej’s misplay happens before they start siding. In the midst of all that they decide to take out sixth sense and return. Tej jokes right as the decks are presented about how he didn’t board them out.

Game 2

Tej opens up with the second game with D.D. Crow, Mole, Debunk, Blaster, and 2 Redox. He opts to just set one and pass.

Pham draws and stares at Tej asking if he really hit the Debunk. He discards Tempest and Debris which is met by a Debunk. He summons Tidal banishing Blaster and Debris to let him add Guard to his hand before attacking with both of them for 2700, and making Stardust Spark Dragon with a set card before ending. In the EP, Tej D.D. Crows Pham’s Tempest.

Tej- 5300 Pham- 8000

Tej summons Mole to bounce away the Stardust and Pham for the first time is quiet.

Expect the unexpected

Expect the unexpected

Pham draws for turn and just sets one and passes.

Tej Summons Mole once again and pokes for 900. Tej sets Trap stun and ends.

Tej-5300 Pham – 7100

Pham just draws and passes with no plays.

Tej draws into a Sword and instantly plays it banishing a Blaster to draw into Redox and Ravine. Blaster gets him another Blaster and Ravine is played discarding that Blaster to send Tempest to the graveyard. Tej banishes Tempest and Redox to summon Redox adding Corsesca to hand before saying he has return set. Corsesca is summoned to tune with Redox into Scrap Dragon and chooses to attack for 2800 and 900 before using Scrap to destroy his Trap Stun and Pham’s Emptiness.

Tej – 5300 Pham – 3400

Pham draws for turn, plays Blaster banishing Tidal and Redox adding Tidal and Redox to hand. Pham looks at his hand once again and just picks it up, but not before stating, “Well now I guess I’m just going to destroy you Game 3.”

Game 3

Pham starts off by playing Ravine to discard Blaster to send Redox to the grave. He banishes Blaster and Debris to summon Redox stating, “Just Crow me,” before adding Guard and summoning it to make Stardust Spark Dragon setting a card and passing. Pham states “Please don’t have Mole or Morphing Jar #2.”

Tej  draws for turn and looks at empest, Corsesca, emptiness, Tidal, Kidmodo, and Emptiness. He ponders for a while before discarding  Tempest and Corsesca for Tidal before promptly sending both Tidals in his hand to the graveyard to put Blaster there with them. He ends up setting Kidmodo Dragon and two cards before passing.

Pham attacks into Tej’s Kidmodo Dragon and declares the effect to protect itself on the declaration of the attack. In MP2 he discards Ravine for Ravine to send Tempest to grave and summons Redox by banishing Tempest and Guard which adds him a Tempest to hand. He then summons Corsesca to make Scrap Dragon and targets Stardust and Tej’s backrow destroying emptiness.

Tej draws for turn and uses Blaster by banishing Tidal and Tempest which is met by Pham’s D.D. crow. He adds Debris to hand and opts not to use Tidal’s effect. Tej summons Debris Dragon and a flashed Emptiness by Pham forces Tej to pick it up.

That's Game

That's Game

Pham advances to Top 8!