Top 4 Carl Manigat (Mythic Dragon Rulers) Vs. Mike Espinoza (Dragunity Rulers)

Top 4 Feature Match

Alright guys we have Top 4 Dragon Mirror Match here. First off we have Carl Manigat from Long Island, NY and he’s playing Dragon Rulers. His Opponent Mike Espinoza is from West Hartford, Connecticut playing Dragunity Rulers. Carl won the die roll and will be going first.

Carl opens with Upstart Goblin, 2 Fobidden Lance, 2 Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls and Return From the Different Dimension. He starts off with Upstart Goblin to draw Gold Sarcophagus and gives Mike 1000 to bring him to 9000Lps. He activates Tidal sending both copies to send Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos from the Deck to the Graveyard. Gold Sarcophagus banishes a Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to add another to his hand. He sets 3 back row and passes.

Mike draws for turn and sets 1 card to his back row to end.

Carl draws Mythic Water dragon for turn. He banishes Redox and Tidal for Blaster, Mike drops Maxx “C” to draw one card, Tidal and Redox add Mythic Tree Dragon and Tidal to his hand. He attacks for 2800 damage dropping him to 5200Lps. He passes with that.

Mike draws to 6 in hand for his turn. Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars activates banishing Blaster to draw 2 and searching another Blaster to his hand and putting him to 7 cards in hand. Redox is Special Summoned banishing Dragunity Phalanx and Maxx “C”. Flamvell Guard is Normal Summoned and Synchro’d with Redox to summon Colossal Fighter. Colossal Fighter crashes with Blaster and Special Summons back to the field to attack directly for 2800 dropping him to 5200Lps. He sets one to his back row and ends.

IMG_2907 Carl draws Reckless greed for his turn. He Normal Summons Mythic Tree Dragon and Mike activates Maxx “C”. Mythic Water Dragon is Special Summoned giving Mike a card from Maxx “C". He makes Mythic Tree Dragon an 8 star by it’s effect and Xyz Summons Heliopolis, giving Mike yet another card from Maxx “C". Heliopolis effect is activated and Mike responds with Mystical Space Typhoon targeting Carl’s facedown Forbidden Lance, Carl chooses to tribute his in hand Tidal, and Redox to destroy Colossal and Mike’s facedown Mystical Refpanel! Blaster is Special Summoned by banishing Tidal and Tree dragon, adding a Tidal and giving Mike another card from Maxx “C”. He attacks with Blaster directly for 2800-3400 and with Heliopolis for 3000-400 and Mike drops Tragoedia!. He passes his turn with that.

IMG_2908Mike draws for turn and takes Blaster with Tragoedia’s effect by discarding his own Blaster. Tragodia becomes a level 7 and xyz into Big eye. Big Eye takes Heliopolis from it’s effect by detaching his Tragoedia. Next he activates Heliopolis’s effect by detaching Mythic Water Dragon, He destroys his Big Eye and and in hand Blaster to destroy Carls facedown Forbidden Lance and Reckless Greed. Mike activates blaster by banishing Redox and Flamvell Guard from his Graveyard, adding another Redox to his hand from the deck. He attacks for 2800 and is shut off by Carl’s last facedown Return from the Different Dimension paying himself down to 2600Lps and bringing back two Tidals, Redox, and a Mythic Tree Dragon! Blaster continues it’s attack on a Tidal and Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis does the same on the other copy. He sets 3 and passes. At the end phase Redox and tree are banished giving Carl another Mythic Tree Dragon to his hand.
Carl draws Battle Fader for his turn. Next Mythic Tree Dragon is Normal Summoned. Mythic Water Dragon is Special Summoned to the field. Mythic Tree Dragon becomes an 8 star and they are used to Xyz Summon Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder! With that Mike scoops up his cards realizing that Carl has a full graveyard even if he does stop the Gimmick Puppets effect.

In between matches the players talked about how they didn’t play Sixth Sense and how Carl had it in his side deck to have people side it out Game 2 against him. Both players talked about the match and what could’ve played out differently while side decking. Mike will be leading us off in Game 2 of this Top 4 match.

Mike starts off Game 2 with Sacred Sword banishing Tempest to draw 2 and adding a Phalanx from deck to hand with it’s effect. Next comes 2 set back row and a set monster.

Carl starts with Sacred Sword, Tidal, Reckless Greed, Blaster, Gold Sarc and Montage Dragon! He activates Sacred Sword on Tidal and mike responds with Mystical Refpanel to draw 2 cards! Carl activates Gold Sarc on Redox to get Redox. He sets a back row passes with that.

Mike draws and Flip Summons Phalanx and Normal Summons Dragunity Dux. Dragunity Dux and Dragunity Phalanx are used to Synchro Dragunity Knight-Vajrayana and equips Dragunity Phalanx from the Graveyard. Dragunity Phalanx Special Summon itself and Synchro Summons into Scrap Dragon. Blaster banishes Vajrayana and Redox, searching another Redox from his deck to his hand. Blaster and Scrap Dragon attack directly for 5600 dropping Carl to 2400. Scrap Dragon activates by destroying Blaster and Carl’s set Reckless Greed which he chains to draw Forbidden Lance and Mythic Water Dragon. Mike sets one back row and passes.

IMG_2911Carl can’t draw due to Reckless Greed. Next his discards Blaster, Tidal, and Redox to Special Summon Montage Dragon at 6300! Blaster comes up banishing Redox and Tidal, Mike responds with Maxx “C” giving him a draw, Carl adds Mythic Tree Dragon and Tidal to hand from the Deck. Mythic Tree dragon is Normal Summoned and Water is Special Summoned, giving Mike another card to hand from Maxx “C”. Mythic Tree Dragon attempts to become an 8 star but is shut down by Effect Veiler so it stays at level 4. Compulsory is activated on Montage Dragon but Carl halts that with Forbidden Lance lowering Montage to 5500 attack to keep it on the field. He attacks over Scrap Dragon for 2700 damage dropping Mike to 5300Lps. The Blaster, Tree Dragon and Water Dragon attack taking Mike to 2400 Lps. Main Phase 2 Carl Xyz Summons Heliopolis and destroys tree to destroy Mike’s last backfield and it’s revealed Return From the Different Dimension! Upon seeing that Carl scoops up his cards.

This is going to a final and deciding Game 3 to decide who will be going into the Finals to play for $1,500 in credit and the other will be playing for 3rd and 4th for $350. Conversation went on again about the match prior and siding/shuffling was thorough again. Carl will be starting us off in this final game in this Top 4 match.

Carl opens up with 2 Blaster, Montage Dragon, 2 Maxx “C” and Tidal. He passes his hand without anything else.

IMG_2913Mike draws for turn. He activates Sacred Sword to draw 2 banishing Blaster to add Blaster. He activates Dragon's Ravine sending Phalanx from hand to add Dux to his hand. Dux comes down to equip Phalanx, and Phalanx Special Summons itself, Maxx “C” gives Carl Redox, Phalanx and Dux attack for 5600Lps. Main Phase 2 the two are used to Synchro Summon HTS Psyhemuth giving Carl Battle Fader. He sets one back row and passes.

Carl draws for turn and activates Blaster to destroy Mike’s facedown Bottomless Trap Hole. He activates Trade-In sending Montage to draw Upstart and Trap Stun. Upstart gives him Reckless Greed. Tidal comes down banishing Redox and Montage Dragon, Mike chains Maxx “C” giving him a card from the Special Summon, he searches Redox to hand. Tidal attacks and Mike takes 200 damage to 8800 and both monsters are banished from the effect. He sets 2 cards and passes back play to Mike.

Mike activates Sacred Sword banishing Blaster to draw 2 and to add another Blaster from deck to hand. Dragon’s Ravine is activated sending Tempest to add Dux to hand. Dux is summoned to equip Phalanx, Phalanx Special Summons itself in attack position, Carl chains Maxx “C” to give him Ravine, the two are used to Synchro Summon Dragunity Knight-Vajrayana to equip Phalanx. Phalanx Special Summons itself to the field and the two are used to Synchro Summon Scrap Dragon giving him Trade-In, Bottomless Trap Hole, Sacred Sword, and Redox. Scrap Dragon blows up himself to destroy Trap Stun, and Redox Special Summons it back by discarding two copies of itself, giving Carl Reckless Greed. Scrap Dragon destroys Dragon’s Ravine and Carl’s set Reckless Greed, which is chained and Carl draws another Reckless Greed and Mythic Tree Dragon. Tempest is Special Summoned by banishing two Dux. He attempts to attack but is shut down by Battle Fader. He sets and end.

Carl activates Sacred Sword on Redox to draw Mystical Space Typhoon and Compulsory Evacuation Device with no search. Carl Mystical Space Typhoon's Mike’s set Return From the Different Dimension and Mike chains it putting him at 4400Lps bringing back 2 Attack Position Blaster, and a def HTS Psyhemuth. Dragon’s Ravine comes down sending Redox from hand to send Tidal from deck to the Graveyard. Redox is Special Summoned banishing Blaster and Maxx “C”, searching Guard. Guard is Normal Summoned to Synchro Summon Scrap Dragon to destroy Battle Fader and Mike’s Scrap Dragon giving Mike another card to hand from Maxx “C". Scrap Dragon attacks over Tempest for 400 putting Mike at 4000. He sets 5 to his back row to end his turn. Mike returns one Blaster to his hand, banishes the other and Psyhemuth is banished as well, searching another Blaster to hand.

Mike starts his hand with Blaster sending another Blaster to blindly destroy Carl’s set Bottomless Trap Hole. Mike banishes two maxx “C” to Special Summon Redox in Defense. He Normal Summons Flamvell Guard to Synchro Summon into Colossal Fighter. Tempest is Special Summoned banishing Guard and Vajrayana. He attempts to enter his Battle Phase and Colossal Fighter is bounced back to the extra by Compulsory and Mike extends the hand shake!

After a close 2-1 match Carl Waite is going to the Finals with his Mythic Montage Dragon Ruler deck!