Top 4 Feature Match Corey Roca (Evilswarm) vs. Alyxander Lisgathe (Mythic Ruler)

We’re finally here! Just two more rounds until we’re able to crown the winner of ARGCS Richmond. Alyx had to fight his way to this point after sneaking in at the 16th seed. Corey on the other hand has had an easier route starting off at the 5th seed.

Game 1

Corey won the die roll and starts off by summoning Evilswarm Kerkyion and setting 5 backrow.

Alyx sets a monster and two backrow before passing. In the EP Infestation Infection was played sending Kerkyion to the deck to add a Evilswarm Castor to his hand.

Corey draws and passes

Alyx sets a card and passes

Corey Draws Evilswarm Heliotrope, plays Castor and then addition normal summons Helioptrope. He proceeds to BP and Compulsory Evacuation Devices the set monster before attacking with everything. In MP2 he plays Reinforcement of the Army to add another Castor to his hand. He sets a card and passes.


Alyx sets a monster and a backrow and passes.

Corey draws Kerkyion and overlays his two creatures into Evilswarm Exciton Knight. He uses the effect and is met by a Skill Drain from Alyx. The Knight swings into a set Flamvell Guard before passing.


Alyx draws and sets a card and passes.

Corey mirrors the play.

Alyx plays Mystical Space Typhoon hitting Bottomless Trap Hole to clear up room so he could play Trade-In, discarding Blue-Eyes White Dragon to net two new cards. He continues his turn by playing Dragon Shrine sending Flamvell Guard and Redox to the Graveyard. He plays Soul Charge to bring out Redox and Guard to the field, and quickly turns the Non-Foil Guard and Redox into a Stardust Dragon. Corey has a response though and uses Black Horn of Heaven to stop the summon. Undeterred, Alyx brings Redox back to the field with its own effect, plays Gold Sarcophagus for Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls and adds Mythic Water Dragon to his hand. He turns his Guard and Redox into Colossal Fighter before passing his turn.


Corey draws for his turn, uses Exciton’s effect and uses his newly drawn Mystical Space Typhoon to target the Skill Drain. Alyx uses his Phoenix Wing Wind Blast to spin Exciton back to the top of the extra deck to dodge a Kerykion play. Corey summons Castor and Kerykion, turns them into Evilswarm Ophion and adds an Infestation Pandemic to his hand. He sets two and passes.

Alyx sets a monster and passes.

Corey summons Heliotrope and takes Game 1!

Game 2

Alyx elects to take first and sets a monster and two cards before passing.

Corey draws and summons Evilswarm Mandragora and summons Castor to make Exciton Knight. He uses the effect, Alyx has a Skill Drain, but Corey has a Twister, however Alyx had another Drain set. Exciton swings into a Fire Hand that destroys it and sets an Ice Hand. Corey sets a card and passes.

Alyx flips over Ice Hand and attacks directly before playing Gold Sarcophagus banishing Blaster to add Flamvell Guard to his hand. He sets a card and passes.

Corey draws and passes.

Alyx just attacks and passes.


Corey set a Infestation Infection that gets MST’d in the EP.

Alyx summons Influence Dragon and turns his two creatures into a Black Rose Dragon. He continues on by banishing Influence and Fire Hand for a Blaster, but is hit by a Torrential Tribute! Soul Charge comes down bringing back Black Rose and Blaster, but Maxx “C” is played, however Alyx just passed his turn without making a play.

Corey sets a Monster and a backrow before passing.

Alyx summons Flamvell Guard and synchros with his Blaster to make Stardust Dragon. He Burial from a Different Dimension’s back his creatures and animates Blaster once again before attempting to swing with everything for game. However a Fiendish Chain stymies that dream, but after looking at his next card he concedes to bring us to a third and final game.

Game 3

Corey takes first and starts things off with a Thunderbird and 3 set.

Alyx draws and Corey instantly flips over Macro Cosmos. Alyx stares at his hand and there’s not enough time to type how many “Umms” that came out of his mouth. He sets a monster and 3 backrow before passing. In the EP Infection is played sending Heliotrope back to the deck to add Castor to his hand.

He summons another Thunderbird and swings into the set. Alyx in response uses Twister targeting Macro Cosmos, and in response uses Thunderbird’s effect to stop the attack.

Alyx draws and plays Dragon Shrine for his turn sending Blue–Eyes White Dragon and Blaster to the graveyard. He banishes Tempest and Blue-Eyes to bring back blaster, and the Tempest lets him add Influence Dragon to his hand while one Thunderbird blinks itself away. Blaster attacks into a Thunderbird and Corey uses Infection, but it’s spun to the top with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Blaster attacks directly and he passes his turn.

Corey normal summons Castor and makes Number 101: Silent Honor Ark, but Alyx has ANOTHER Skill Drain to stop the effect. Ark attacks into a set Fire Hand that destroys it and brings out an Ice Hand.

Alyx draws and summons Fire Hand and on the back Skill Loli takes the match!