ARG Circuit Fort Worth:Top 4 Feature Match Jerry Williams-Anderson VS. Scott Page

Here we go Alter Reality Gamers with some Top 4 action! Jerry Williams-Anderson from Baltimore, Maryland and he's playing Dragon Rulers. Scott Page from Dallas, Texas who we featured yesterday is also playing Dragon Rulers. So one of these players is moving onto the Finals and the other one loses out on the chance to win the prize money. Let's jump into the game and see what happens!

Jerry begins the match with a hand of Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms, Debris Dragon, Mystical Space Typhoon, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and Mirror Force. He sets 3 cards to his back row and ends his turn.
Scott starts off with Tempests effect sending Dragunity Corsesca to grave and adding Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to his hand. Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos is Special Summoned banishing Tidal and Redox; the dragons add copies of themselves putting Scott back at 4 cards in hand. Blaster attacks directly for 2800 damage and puts Jerry at 5200 life points. He sets one card an passes his turn but it gets mst'd at End Phase.
Jerry draws another Tempest and activates the effect sending both to grave to add Blaster to his hand and ends his turn. Scotts Blaster goes back to his hand at End Phase.
Scott draws and activates Sacred Seven Star Sword banishing Blaster to draw 2 while adding Flamvell Guard to his hand. Cards of Consonance is activated sending Guard to grave to draw 2 more cards. Guard and Corsesca are banished to Special Summon Tidal. Tidal attacks directly for 2600 damage and drops Jerry to 2600 life points. He sets 2 back row and a monster to end.
Jerry draws Maxx "C" for turn. He banishes Tidal and Tempest to attempt to Special Summon Blaster from his hand and it resolves; He searches another Tidal and a Corsesca from his deck to his hand. Blaster attacks over the Tidal dealing 200 damage and dropping Scott to 7800 life points. MP2 he normal summons Corsesca, and Raigeki Break discarding a Tidal is activated to destroy the Blaster. Jerry passes with that.
Scott draws to 2 in hand and summons Card Trooper milling Corsesca, Return From the Different Dimension, and a Ravine boosting it to 1900 attack. A sigh of relief comes from Jerry and a little bit of light laughter ensues. Corsesca and Tempest are banished to Special Summon Tidal from grave; Tempest searches Debris Dragon from the deck and adds it to hand. Debris Dragon is normal summoned and Jerry activates Maxx "C". Card Trooper and Debris are synched into Black Rose which destroys the field, giving Jerry a card. Blaster is Special Summoned banishing two dragons, giving Jerry another card from Maxx "C". Blaster attacks directly and Scott Page takes game 1 of this Top 4 mirror match!
Siding is meticulous on both sides and Game 2 starts quickly.
Jerry leads off with Vanity's Emptiness, Debunk, Blaster, Redox, Ravine, and Debris. He activates Ravine and the effect sending Redox from hand to send Tempest to grave from the deck. He banishes Tempest and Redox for Blaster; searching Redox and Corsesca from the effects. Corsesca comes down and both monsters are used to special summon stardust dragon. Jerry sets two cards to his back row and ends.
Scott draws for his turn. He banishes Tidal and Tempest to attempt to Special Summon Blaster but Jerry flips up Vanity's; Corsesca and Tidal are aded to his hand. Card of Consonance comes down to send Corsesca and draw 2 cards. He sets 2 cards to his back row and ends his turn.
Jerry draws and attacks for 2500 with Stardust dropping Jerry to 5500 life points. Sets 1 card to his back row and passes his turn.
Scott draws and activates 7 Star Sword banishing Tidal to draw 2 cards and search another Tidal.  Sets another card to his back row and ends.
Jerry draws Tidal and attacks for another 2500 putting scott down to 3000 life points. He ends his turn with that.
Scott draws for turn and activates 7 Star Sword banishing Tempest and adds Corsesca to his hand. He activates book of moon on Stardust and Stardust Dragon goes face down. Scott activates MST on a random facedown, which is Debunk! Debunk going to grave causes Vanity's Emptiness to be destroyed also letting him Special Summon now. Scott banishes two Corsesca to Special Summon Tidal to the field. Effect Veiler is normal summoned and used to Synchro Summon his own Stardust. Stardust attacks over Jerry's Stardust and he passes after that.
Jerry draws for his turn, activates MST targeting Scott's back row, which is negated by Stardust sending it to the grave. He activates his facedown 7 Star Sword banishing Redox to draw Maxx "C" and Cards of Consonance; searching another copy of Redox. He activates Cards of Consonance sending Debris to the grave to draw two cards, another Maxx "C" and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Blaster and Debris are used to Special SummonTidal and Scott chains Maxx "C"; Guard is searched and added to hand. Guard is Normal Summoned and both monsters are used to Synchro Red Dragon Archfiend in Attack mode which give Scott another card. Red Dragon Archfiend attacks and Swift Scarecrow is discarded to end the Battle Phase. Ravine is activated sending Redox from hand to send Tempest from deck to grave. Sets 1 back row and ends. Stardust comes back for Scott at the End Phase.
Scott draws and activates Dark hole destroying Stardust and Red Dragon. Scott banishes Maxx "C" and Swift Scarecrow for Redox and Jerry chains Maxx "C" to draw a card. Scott tributes Redox for Vanity's Fiend! Vanity's Fiend attacks for 2400 damage and drops Jerry to 5600 life points. He sets one and passes his turn.
Jerry Draws Corsesca and activates Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Tidal to put Vanity's Fiend back to the top of Scotts deck! Jerry banishes Maxx "C" and Corsesca for Redox but Scott chains Vanity's Emptiness! Jerry passes now shut down by Vanity's Emptiness.
Scott draws the Vanity's Fiend and passes back with nothing else.
Jerry draws for his turn and ends.
Scott draws and sets a monster then passes to Jerry.
Jerry draws Vanity's Emptiness and sets it to his back row then passes.
Scott tributes his facedown Maxx "C" for Vanity's Fiend and attacks Jerry for 2400 dropping him to 3200.
Jerry draws Ravine then sets a Corsesca and passes back to Scott.
Scott draws and attacks over the set Corsesca then ends his turn.
Jerry draws 7 Star Sword and sets Maxx "C" and passes back to Scott again. He's completely shut down by the Vanity's Emptiness and Vanity's Fiend.
Scott attacks over the set Maxx "C" and ends his turn.
Jerry draws Return and offers the handshake to end the match! Scott reveals another facedown vanity's to show that there wasn't a way for Jerry to play out of Scotts field anyways.
Scott Page is onto the Finals against the winner of Patrick Hoban, our own ARG player and reigning National Champion, playing his Signature Dragunity Rulers and Jordan Pollack the player that is taking the Top matches by storm with Chain Burn!