Top 4 Feature Match Trey Weber Vs. Nate Forte

Nate Forte top 4’d the last system tournament he’s back here trying to get over the hump and make it to the finals, ahead of him though is Trey Weber who is also here in the top 4 playing Anti-Meta.

Trey won the roll and would open up game one by setting Book of Moon and Forbidden Chalice to his back row and then normal Summoned Breaker the Magical Warrior. He ended his turn by playing Dimensional Fissure. All Forte could do was set a monster and play was back to Trey, he topped Pot of Duality and added Skill Drain to his hand.

Trey continued his turn by summoning Beast King Barbaros he attacked with the Barbaros into Super Nimble Mega Hamster, Trey negated the Hamster with Forbidden Chalice, and he then attacked with Breaker. Forte set another monster and passed again back to Trey, he drew and the flipped up Skill Drain to boost Barbaros up to 3000 attack points. He normal summoned Doomcaliber Knight attacked into Forte’s Debris Dragon and Trey kept pushing forward by attacking with the Breaker into the Ryko and Doomcaliber negated the Ryko, and a turn later it was all over. Trey takes a quick a furious game 1.

Forte opened up game 2 with just a set monster. Trey set 4 back rows and played Beast King Barbaros and played Dimensional Fissure before ending his turn. Forte drew and summoned Card Trooper, Trey responded with Skill Drain. Forte set a back row before ending; Trey drew and attacked with the Barbaros over the Card Trooper. Forte drew set another monster and a back row, Trey tried to attack and was shut down by Book of Moon. Forte set yet another monster.

Trey flipped up his Barbaros but he ran into needle ceiling, with no other plays he passed his turn. Forte drew and flipped Royal Decree. Forte followed that up with Cold Wave, he flipped up both Dandylion and Spore and Snowman Eater, forgetting that Snowman Eater had to kill itself. Forte still managed to play Black Rose Dragon to clear the field. With all spells and traps Trey could only pass.

Forte played Foolish Burial for Dandylion he got his 2 tokens and had to pass his turn. Trey played his Duality and got a Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. He then summoned the Kycoo and destroyed one of Forte’s tokens. Forte then played Debris Dragon, he special summoned dandylion from the effect but wasn’t able to synchro summon due to Trey’s Book of Moon. Trey summoned Beast King Barbaros and then attacked with both of his monsters into Forte’s Debris Dragon and face down Dandylion.

Forte again being forced to just set a monster, Trey drew and attacked into Forte’s Mirror Force. Still not being able to top a playable monster, Forte drew Lonefire Blossom but with Dimensional Fissure face-up it was useless, but Trey still had a Cyber Dragon and 2 turns later the duel was over.

Trey Weber moves on to the FINALS!