Top 4: Jordano Ibrahim (Traptrix Firefist) vs. Aaron Furman (Geargia Hands)

Our first matchup of the Top 4 highlights two duelists who have taken a tried and true archetype and added a twist to it.  Jordano has added a Traptrix support engine to the consistent Fire Fists, giving him additional defense.  Aaron Furman has gone with Main Deck copies of Ice Hand and Fire Hand, giving him the edge in grindy matchups and blowing out opponents who believe every set monster is a Geargiarmor.  Mind games will definitely be a big part in this match, especially with the fact that both decklists are public knowledge.


Game 1

Aaron wins the die roll and stats by setting a monster and one backrow.

Jordano starts and uses Fire Formation - Tenki to search out Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear. A Pot of Duality then reveals double Forbidden Lance and Solemn Warning. Jordano immediately snaps up the Solemn Warning. He goes into the tank, respecting the fact that Aaron Main Decks two copies of Ice Hand and Fire Hand. If he uses Bear's effect too early on the facedown monster, he could end up suffering a huge loss on the field to a Fire Hand. He decides on using Mystical Space Typhoon, forcing Aaron to use Geargiaear to get two copies of Geargiano MK-II. Bear is then Normal Summoned, and he proceeds to his Battle Phase. Bear attacks over one MK-II and in Main Phase 2, Bear tributes Tenki to destroy the other MK-II. He sets four and ends his turn.

Aaron smiles as he flips up Geargiarmor which is hit with the known Solemn Warning. Another T-set, while Jordano's Mystical Space Typhoon hits Aaron's Wiretap.


Jordano 6000 – Aaron 8000


Jordano sets one backrow and ends.

Aaron flips Armor and gets Geargiaccelerator. Armor goes back facedown, he sets another monster and passes.

Jordano sets one backrow and ends.


Aaron flips Armor and gets Accelerator. He then flips up Fire Hand into ATK mode. During the Battle Phase, Fire Hand attacks Bear, but Jordano responds with Dimensional Prison. Main Phase 2 Armor once again flips face down. He goes on to Normal Summon Geargiarsenal.  Arsenal tributes to summon Armor in defense.  Armor slips a falls into a Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. He sets one backrow and passes.

Jordano simply sets one backrow before passing up the turn.

Aaron flips Armor and searches the last Accelerator. He Special Summons Accelerator then Normal Summons Geargiano, get armor. Aaron overlay both Armors for Gear Gigant X.  Gigant X gets Geargiano MK-II from grave which is immediately Normal Summoned and jordano scoops it up, having seen enough. Sitting safely behind Geargiarmor after forcing Jordano to respect the set Hand Turn 1, Furman is able to systematically gain enough advantage to push through Jordano's defenses and take the first game!


Game 2


Jordano sets two backrow before Normal Summoning Cardcar D.  In the End Phase, Cardcar D draws him a Debunk and a Mystical Space Typhoon.

Aaron leads off with an MK-II to Special Summon Geargiano. He then Xyz Summons Ghostrick Alucard. Set 3 and pass

Jordano Normal Summons TraptrixMyrmeleo, but Aaron activates Fiendish Chain, although Jordano has the last laugh with a Mystical Space Typhoon.  Myrmeleo searches out Bottomless Trap Hole. During the Battle Phase, Myrmeleo runs over Alucard. He sets two before passing.


Jordano 8000 – Aaron 7900


Aaron Normal Summons Ice Hand and goes to Battle. Ice Hand attacks Myrmeleo and Jordano responds with Mystical Space Typhoon, hitting Aaron's Bottomless Trap Hole. Ice Hand goes to grave and is met with a Debunk by Jordano which is then Wiretapped. Ice Hand hits Jordano's set Forbidden Lance and Special Summons Fire Hand. Fire Hand swings into Myrmeleo then destroys it. Aaron ends his turn without adding onto his defenses.


Jordano 8000 – Aaron 5800


Jordano plays Tenki to get Bear, Normal Summons the Bear, then passes the turn.

Aaron passes with no action.

Jordano Normal Summons another Bear. He moves to the Battle Phase, swings with one Bear and grabs another Tenki.  The second Bear attacks and gets the last Tenki. One of the Tenkis is activated to get Coach Soldier Wolfbark. A Pot of Duality reveals Nobleman of Crossout, Torrential Tribute, and Myrmeleo. Jordano deftly tosses the Torrential Tribute into his hand and passes the turn.

Aaron sees his next card and then gives it up, sending us to a deciding Game 3!


Jordano 8000 - Aaron 2600


Game 3


Aaron begins with a Normal Summon of Arsenal which then calls forth Armor. He decides to leave Armor face up in Defense, playing around a possible Nobleman of Crossout which he knew Jordano Side Decks. He set four backrow and passed it up.

Jordano starts with a Tenki for Bear. A Pot of Duality reveals Wiretap, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Myremeleo.  Jordano  adds Mystical Space Typhoon then Normal Summons Cardcar D.  He sets two cards to his backrow, and during the End Phase, Aaron uses Geargiagear to get Geargiano and MK-II while Cardcar D draws Jordano a pair of Wiretaps.

Aaron uses Armors effect to flip itself facedown.  He then flips it back up and adds Accelerator.  Geargiano and Geargiarmor are overlayed for Gear Gigant X, but Jordano has the Black Horn of Heaven to stop it from hitting the field. Accelerator is then Special Summoned and used to Xyz Summon Gear Gigant X along with MK-II.  Aaron continues right along and unleashes Geargiagear for two more MK-II. He Special Summons another Accelerator and Xyz Summons the two  MK-IIs for a 3rd and final Gear Gigant X. Gear Gigant X adds Arsenal from the graveyard which is then Normal Summoned. Main Phae 2 Aaron activates Arsenal to get Armor in Defense. He sets one then overlays Arsenal and Armor for Number 106: Giant Hand in Defense.  Aaron confidently passes the turn with the mighty Prize Card staring Jordano in the face.


Jordano 1500 – Aaron 8000


Jordano stares at his hand but the Giant Hand was the nail in the coffin and he offers the handshake. Aaron takes Geargia to the finals on the back (or hand) of Number 106: Giant Hand!



Joe Soto