Top 8 Feature Match: Andrew Paller (Dragons) vs Alejandro Ahearn (Dragunity Ruler)

Here we are, Alter Reality Gamers! Top 8 of the 3rd ARG Circuit Series event and we have Andrew Paller and Alejandro Ahearn facing off against each other in a heated Dragon Ruler mirror match. Alejandro has brought Dragunities to the top tables for this entire event and he aims to continue that trend by destroying Andrew. Andrew however won't stand for any of that and plans to fight back, tooth and nail, against the onslaughts of Dragunity Dux and Dragunity Phalanx.

Round 1

Alejandro won the dice roll and decided on setting 3 cards to his backrow before ending his turn.

Andrew activated Sacred Sword of Seven Stars by banishing Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, allowing him to draw Maxx “C” and Dragon Ravine as well as search for a new Blaster. He then proceeded to play his Ravine and discard a Blaster to send Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to his graveyard from the deck. Alejandro noticed a sleeve with a bent corner in Andrew’s deck and asked kindly that it be replaced. After quickly grabbing a spare sleeve, Alejandro cut the deck before Andrew set 2 cards and passed his turn. Alejandro played 6th sense during the end phase, calling 5 and 6. Unfortunately for Andrew, the dice came up with 6 to allow Alejandro draw 6 new cards.

Alejandro drew to an astounding 10 cards in hand before using Cards of Consonance (Phalanx). With so many cards in his hand, Alejandro thought for a moment before playing his Dragon Ravine over Andrew’s. He used Ravine to discard Tempest and add a Dux to his hand. Andrew summoned Dux and used its effect to equip Phalanx from grave. Phalanx special summoned itself while Andrew chained maxx C to draw book of moon. Alejandro attacked for 1900 and then set 3 more before passing his turn.

Andrew 6100, Alejandro 8000

Andrew drew Flamvell guard for his turn before banishing Blaster and Maxx C to special summon Redox from his graveyard. Blaster’s effect added another Blaster from his deck to his hand. Andrew attempted to play his own Dragon Ravine but Alejandro chained Mystical Space Typhoon to the activation in order to protect his own field spell. Andrew sent his Redox into battle against Phalanx before summoning Flamvell guard and syncro summoning Stardust Spark Dragon. Alejandro wasn’t having any of that so he used his set Compulsory Evacuation Device to send it back to the extra deck. Andrew set Book of Moon before passing.

Alejandro drew to 6 in hand and used Reckless Greed to draw 2 more cards, putting him back up to 8 in hand. He tributed Dux to special summon Mysteltainn from his hand. Andrew thought for a moment before letting it pass through. Mysteltainn brought back Phalanx and eventually syncro summoned into Scrap Dragon. Alejandro used Scrap Dragon to target one of Andrew’s backrow and his own. Both players chained their targeted Phoenix Wing Wind Blasts, Andrew targeting Scrap Dragon and Alejandro targeting Andrew’s set Raigeki Break. Andrew discarded Blaster and Alejandro discarded Dux to activate these effects before Andrew chained his Raigeki break and discarded his Effect Veiler from hand to destroy Alejandro’s Dragon Ravine. Alejandro discarded 2 Blasters to destroy Andrew’s set Book of Moon before finally summoning Dragunity Dux into a clear and unopposed field. After Scrap Dragon returned to the field he began to special summon Tempest before Andrew just conceded the game altogether.

Alejandro takes game 1 after an intense resolution of Sixth Sense let him draw 6 cards! Both players agreed to side out Return from the Different Dimension and Sixth Sense for the next game before they began their side decking.

Side In: E-Virus x2, MST, Divine Wrath x2
Side Out: Sixth Sense, Return from the Different Dimension, Corsesca, Sword, Phoenix

Round 2

Round 2 begins with Andrew taking the first draw this time, letting him open up with Sacred Sword, Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, MST, two copies of Flamvell Guard and Book of Moon. Andrew activated Sacred Sword, banishing Tidal to draw MST and Blaster before adding Tidal to hand. He set his 2 MSTs and Book before passing to Alejandro.

Alejandro set 2 cards himself before passing back to Andrew.

Andrew drew Raigeki Break for his turn and thought for a moment before deciding to discard a Guard and Blaster to destroy Alejandro’s set Reckless Greed. Alejandro chained greed to draw 2 new cards before Andrew set Raigeki Break and passed.

Alejandro couldn’t draw, but decided to play Dragons Ravine and discard Blaster only to be blown away by MST and forced to end his turn.

Andrew drew Redox and then proceeded to banish Blaster and Redox to special summon Tidal and add another set of Redox and Blaster to his hand. He sent Tidal to attack for 2600 damage and pass.

Andrew 8000, Alejandro 5400

Alejandro still could not draw so he set a monster and a backrow before passing. Tidal returned to Andrew’s hand. He then used MST to destroy Alejandro’s set Dark Hole.

Andrew drew another Redox for his turn before discarding two of them to special summon one of the discarded Redoxes back to the field. He then banished Blaster and Guard to special summon Tidal from his hand and add another Blaster back to it. Andrew overlaid his two dragons into Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack and detached Tidal to create 2 tokens before ramming the Draco into Alejandro’s set Dragunity Dux before he passed.

Alejandro drew for his turn finally before thinking long and hard about his available plays. He then discarded Tempest and Dux to his graveyard to add a Redox to his hand. He banished Blaster and Maxx “C” to special summon the Redox and add a Blaster back to his hand before passing.

Andrew drew Dragon Ravine before he discarded another Blaster and Guard to destroy Alejandro’s set MST. Alejandro attempted to blind space one of Andrew’s backrow, but Andrew chained his Raigeki Break, discarding Ravine, to destroy the defense position Redox. Andrew continued by special summoning Redox before Alejandro scooped up the game.

Andrew takes game 2 as Alejandro complains about drawing into 3 dead Dragunity Dux during the game. Alejandro has elected to put Return and Sixth Sense back into his deck, giving the same option to his opponent. Andrew has to think about his deck for a moment as he tries to find space for Return and Sixth Sense again.

Andrew's Side Choices
Side Out: Veiler, Phoenix, Divine Wrath x2
Side In: Sixth Sense, Return from the Different Dimension, Skill Drain x2

Round 3

Alejandro will start the game off again, setting 2 before ending.

Andrew started with Sixth Sense, Book of Moon, double Maxx C, Tempest and Tidal and also set 2 before ending.

Alejandro set 1 and passed. Andrew debated for a moment before he activated Sixth Sense in Alejandro’s end phase calling 5 and 6. Andrew got to return the favor from game 1 and drew 5 cards as a result, drawing into Blaster, MST, Electric Virus, Sacred Sword and Trap Stun.

Andrew drew Skill Drain for his turn before he played Sacred Sword, banishing Blaster to draw MST and his last Maxx “C” before adding another Blaster to his hand. He continued by setting 4 cards to his backrow before he discarded Tidal to end his turn and bring himself to 6 cards in hand.

Alejandro activated Terraforming and searched for Dragon Ravine. He continued by using Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, banishing Blaster to draw 2 cards and add another Blaster to his hand. Dragon Ravine hit the field, but when Alejandro discarded Blaster to try and add Dux, MST blew it away.

Andrew drew Raigeki Break for his turn before banishing Tidal and Tempest to special summon Blaster. Both dragons replaced themselves by adding another Tempest and Tidal to Andrew’s hand. Continuing his turn, Blaster swung hard for 2800 damage. Andrew set Raigeki Break, only to lose it to an End Phase MST.

Andrew 8000, Alejandro 5200

Alejandro drew before playing Reckless Greed and drawing 2 more cards. He then discarded Tempest and Phalanx to add Redox to his hand. Another Dragon Ravine then came down and just like before was lost to MST after a Redox was discarded. Alejandro then banished Blaster and Maxx C to special summon Redox, but Andrew chained Maxx C to draw another Skill Drain. During the end phase of that turn Andrew activated his set Skill Drain, paying 1000 life points to keep his Blaster on the field.

Andrew 7000, Alejandro 5200

During Andrew’s Standby phase, Alejandro attempted to activate Reckless Greed to draw some more cards, but was shut down when Andrew activated Trap Stun! Alejandro responded by activating Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding his own blaster to send Andrew’s to the top of his deck. Andrew had to think for a moment before continuing his play, with 7 cards in his hand there were surprisingly few choices. Eventually he set a Maxx “C”, MST and another Skill Drain before ending. Redox then returned to Alejandro’s hand since Trap Stun negated all traps for the entire turn.

Alejandro thought long and hard about his options before finally banishing Tempest and Redox to special summon Blaster from his hand. Andrew activated Maxx C to draw his Blaster that had been spun to the top. Alejandro added another Redox and Tempest to his hand before he sent his Blaster to destroy the set Maxx “C” in battle. With nothing left to do Alejandro ended his turn and passed back to Andrew.

Andrew drew a Flamvell Guard for the turn while he thought about his plays that he could make. Eventually Andrew decided to discard Flamvell Guard and Blaster to destroy Alejandro’s set Solemn Warning. He then MST’d the set Book of Moon before banishing Guard and Tidal to summon Tempest to the field. Tidal replaced itself before Andrew activated Electric Virus to take control of Blaster and force Alejandro to concede the match.

Some might call it Karma that Sixth Sense came back to kill Alejandro after it helped him crush Andrew in game one, but it doesn't matter what you like to call it at this point because Andrew came out on top! Andrew will be carrying his Dragon Ruler deck onto the Top 4 of ARGCS Worcester and is aiming high for that elusive $1,500 credit prize! Alejandro will have to make do with the $150 he won by taking a place in the top 8, but even he must be happy to be walking out with a qualification to the $20,000k ARG Championship and $150 in credit through ARG.

Till next time! Play Hard or Go Home!

Kalen Nelson
Head of Press Staff for ARG Circuit events. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Party Hard by Andrew W.K and making awesome live commentary for the ARG LiveStream. Always feel free to come hit me up at events and say hi!