Top 8 Feature Match: George North(Dragons) vs Steve Klaus(Dragunity Rulers)

George North is here in the top 8 with the most represented deck of the tournament, Dragon Rulers. Steve Klaus is here representing the version that has seemingly fallen out of favor, Dragunity Rulers. Both of these competitiors have made it this far, and they're both hoping to advance to the top 4.

George is taking first today, and he opened with a hand of Tempest, Card Trooper, Return from the Different Dimension, Debris Dragon, Cards of Consonance and Dark Hole. He summoned Card Trooper and milled Raigeki Break, Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars and Tidal. He passed turn.

Steve started things off by activated Gold Sarcophagus. He banished Tempest and searched Dragunity Arma-Mystletainn. He activated Dragon Ravine and pitched Dragunity Phalanx to add Dragunity Dux to hand. He summoned Dragunity Dux and equipped Dragunity Phalanx. Phalanx activated its effect and special summoned itself. He synchro summoned the two for Dragunity Knight-Vajrayana. Vajrayana equipped Phalanx and it special summoned itself again. He sent it off to special summon Mystletainn, equipped it and special summoned it for the third time this turn. Vajrayana and Mystletainn xyz summoned into Constellar Ptolemy M7. He activated its effect and detached Mystletainn to add it back to his hand. He sent the Phalanx off again to special summon Mystletainn, reequipped Phalanx and special summoned it for the 4th and final time. Mystletainn and Phalanx synchro summoned into Crimson Blader. The Blader struck over the Card Trooper for 2400 and George drew a Sacred Sword off of its effect. M7 hit directly for 2700, and in main phase 2 Steve set 3 and passed turn.

George drew Redox for turn and started off by banishing Tempest for a Sacred Sword. The Sword netted him a Trooper and another Tempest. He searched out a Dragunity Corsesca and pitched it for Cards of Consonance. Off that he drew another Cards of Consonance and Dandylion. He activated Redox effect and pitched it alongside Dandylion to revive his in graveyard Corsesca. Steve shut him off with a Book of Moon on the Corsesca. Unphased, George activated Dark Hole, effectively clearing the board and having baited out the Book of Moon. He followed it up with a Cards of Consonance again, only this time pitching Debris Dragon. He drew into a Redox and a Vanity's Emptiness. He summoned Card Trooper and milled Dragon Ravine, Blaster and Vanity's Emptiness. The Trooper punched in 1900 damage. Life stood at George's 2900 and Steve's 6100. George set 2 and passed.

Steve drew for turn, and then proceeded to flip up a Reckless Greed. He pitched a Terraforming to search out a Dragon Ravine. He ditched that Ravine for the one already on the field and added Dragunity Dux to his hand. He summoned Dux and equipped Phalanx. When he attempted to activate Phalanx effect to special summon itself,  George activated Vanity's Emptiness. Steve declared an attack on the Trooper with Dux for 1500, and George got a Swift Scarecrow off of Trooper's effect.

George's draw for the turn netted him a Tempest, which he banished alongside Card Trooper to special summon Redox, but was ultimately shut off by Steve's Vanity's Emptiness. George added Debris Dragon to hand off of Tempest, and during the end phase Steve flipped up another Reckless Greed.

Unable to draw for turn due to Reckless, Steve proceeded to the standby phase where he added the Tempest he had used Gold Sarcophagus on 2 turns earlier. He pitched the Tempest for Ravine to add a Phalanx to hand. Phalanx was discarded for Cards of Consonance and Steve got to dig 2 cards deeper into his deck. He followed it up with the run of the mill Dux into Vajrayana play, only ending with a Stardust this time. He brought back the Tempest he pitched earlier by banishing 2 Dragunity Dux, and then he banished Mystletainn and Vajrayana to bring out Blaster. When he went for the kill shot he was shut down by George's Swift Scarecrow. In main phase 2 he overlayed the Blaster and Tempest for Dracossack and detached Blaster to bring out two tokens. He then tributed off a token attempting to hit George's face down Return from the DD. He opted to not activate it in response. Steve ended by setting 2 cards and passing.

Play was back to George, who brought out Tidal via banishing Corsesca and Debris Dragon. He followed it up by banishing Dandylion and Swift Scarecrow to bring back Redox. Then Overlayed the Redox and Tidal to make a Big Eye and was met with Steve's Castle of Dragon Souls. He targeted his Stardust, pumping it to 3200 and banished Tempest to add another Tempest to hand.  Before Big Eye could activate its effect, Steve flipped up Phoenix Wing Wind Blast pitching the Tempest he had just added to spin Big Eye back to the extra deck. George followed it up by summoning Debris Dragon targeting Card Trooper with its effect. Card Trooper paid cost to activate effect and milled 2 Maxx "C' and a Flamvell Guard. The mystery of the missing Maxx "C's" had been solved. Redox and Flamvell Guard were then banished for Blaster, and Tidal and Redox were then banished for Tempest. He overlayed the Tempest and Blaster for Big Eye. He detached Blaster for Big Eye's effect and took Steve's Dracossack. Debris Dragon and Trooper then synchro summoned an Ancient Fairy Dragon. Dracossack then detached to put two tokens on the field and George tributed one of them to try and destroy Steve's backrow via Dracossack. Steve responded with Stardust, but Dracossack can't be destroyed while there are tokens on the same side of the field, so the effect fizzled and Draco lived. George followed it up with Ancient Fairy destroying Steve's Ravine and added one of his own to his hand. He played the Ravine and pitched a Blaster to send his final Redox to the graveyard, and end phase Stardust came back for Steve.

Steve finished up his last turn under Reckless. He brought out a Blaster by banishing Crimson Blader and Vajrayana, and Tempest hit the field by banishing 2 Phalanx. He overlayed the two for Big Eye and Big Eye detached Tempest to take George's Big Eye. He then used George's Big Eye to take his Dracossack back. He then used Castle of Dragon Souls banishing Tempest to pump his Stardust to 3200. Stardust swung over Ancient Fairy Dragon and in main phase 2 he tributed Dracossack to destroy his own Big Eye. This was likely to prevent George from being able to make the double Big Eye play. He ended turn.

George had a lone Mecha Phantom Beast token and a Dragon Ravine on the field. He drew a Blaster for turn and pitched it for Ravine to send a Tidal from his deck to the graveyard. He banished 2 Maxx "C' to special summon a Redox in defense position. He banished Ancient Fairy Dragon and Blaster to special summon Tempest. Off of Blaster he added a  Flamvell Guard to hand. Then Blaster and Debris Dragon were banished to bring out a Tidal. Tempest and Redox were used to bring out a Dracossack, and then Tempest was detached from Dracossack to put 2 tokens on the field. Dracossack once again tributed a token to destroy Steve's backrow and Stardust negated. He summoned Flamvell Guard and synchro sumoned the two remaining tokens and Flamvell Guard for Black Rose Dragon. He overlayed the Black Rose and Tidal for his last Dracossack. He detached Black Rose to put 2 more tokens on the field and swung over Steve's lone token with the Dracossack that had not used its destruction effect. Stardust came back in the end phase and George passed play back to Steve.

Steve was no longer under Reckless, and drew for turn. He banished Blaster for Castle of Dragon Souls to pump Stardust to 3200. He added Blaster off of Blaster's effect.  He summoned Dragunity Dux with no available targets.  Dragunity Dux and Big Eye attacked over George's two tokens and Stardust pressed over Dracossack for 600.

Play was back to George who drew Raigeki Break. He activated Dracossack's effect to put 2 more tokens on the field. He then banished Dracossack and Tidal for Tempest, adding a Tidal off of Tidal's effect. He then followed it up with Guard and Black Rose being banished to bring out Blaster. Once more, Dracossack attempted to destroy Steve's backrow by tributing a token and Stardust negated. George set a card and Stardust came back in the end phase.

Steve was back on the play and he tributed Dux and Big Eye to normal summon Blaster. Stardust attacked a token and Blaster attempted to swing on Dracossack. George responded with Raigeki Break and Stardust negated. Blaster successfully attacked over the Dracossack and when George saw his next card he conceded.

Steve Klaus takes a very long game 1 and we're off to game 2!

Game 2

George's opening hand was 2 Blaster, Royal Decree, Cards of Consonance, D.D. Crow and Maxx "C." He passed play without doing anything.

Steve opened things up by activating Ravine and pitched Blaster to add a Phalanx to hand. Cards of Consonance came down next, pitching the Phalanx and drawing him two more cards. He then banished the Phalanx from grave and a Tempest in hand to bring back the in grave Blaster and George responded with D.D. Crow. Tempest got Steve another Phalanx, which he used for a second Cards of Consonance. Upstart Goblin came down next and Steve ended turn by setting 5 cards to the backrow.

George drew for turn and was immediately hit with an Imperial Iron Wall. George summoned a Card Trooper and milled a Cards of Consonance, Dragon Ravine and Tidal. Card Trooper swung for 1900 damage. In main phase 2 he set 2 cards to his backrow and was met with an end phase, blind MST by Steve. Royal Decree bit the dust.

Play was back to Steve who summoned a Dux pulling back Phalanx. When Phalanx attempted to special summon, it was met with a Maxx "C." Steve chose to not continue special summoning and just attacked over the Card Trooper with Dragunity Dux for 1500. George drew a Blaster off of the Card Trooper.

Debris Dragon came off the top for George for the turn and he immediately summoned it, pulling back Card Trooper. Card Trooper milled Electric Virus, Dragunity Corsesca and Maxx "C." He synchro summoned the two for Black Rose Dragon and Steve responded with Return from the DD. Then after realizing George could bring out 2 Dragons, he conceded and they were headed to game 3.

Game 3

The winner of this game would advance to the top 4.

Steve started things off with a Dragon Ravine. He pitched Phalanx to add a Dux to hand. He summoned Dux activating it's effect and equipped Phalanx. Phalanx special summoned itself and synchro summoned with Dux for Dragunity Knight-Vajrayana. Vajrayana pulled back Phalanx and it special summoned itself again. He synchro summoned the two for Colossal Fighter and set 2 cards to the backrow to end his turn.

George had an opening hand of  2 Tidal, Mystical Space Typhoon, Royal Decree and Swift Scarecrow. He drew Maxx "C" for the turn. He pitched the 2 Tidals to send Blaster to the graveyard, then set Royal Decree and passed turn.

Steve Drew for turn, attacked with Colossal Fighter for 2800 and passed back to George.

George drew Tempest for turn. He banished Tidal and Tempest to special summon Blaster. He added Tidal for Tidal's effect and Debris Dragon for Tempest. He summoned Debris Dragon with no targets in graveyard and tuned it with Blaster for a Star Eater. As Star Eater hit the field, the judge called time in the round. The end of match procedure only allow turns 0-3 in top 8, and George's turn was turn 0. He declared an attack on Colossal Fighter and Colossal Fighter brought itself back.

Steve drew for turn and passed, realizing George would have to commit 2400 damage in order to win.

George drew for turn and conceded defeat without a way around the Colossal Fighter.

Steve Klaus moves on to the top 4 of ARGCS Columbus!





















Decree and Tempest.