Top 8 Feature Match: Joey Chou vs Jesus Suarez

Joey Chou sends some shootouts to his friends in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico! Jesus Suarez however sends a shoutout to his sponsors and just in general awesome people, Caesar Selinas, Javier Vasquez and TCS.

Game 1

Jesus will start things off with a handshake and drawing to 6 cards before playing Fire Formation – Tenki to search for Coach Soldier Wolfbark from his deck. He summons Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear and sets Mystical Space Typhoon, Mind Crush and Fiendish Chain.

Joey Chou summons out Bujin Yamato before playing Pot of Duality into MST, Dark Hole and Upstart Goblin before deciding on taking Typhoon and setting 3 cards. Yamato activated its effect in the end phase and Jesus tried to stop it with Fiendish Chain, but was cut short by Joey's MST. Joey sent Bujingi Hare from his deck to the grave with his Bujin's effect.

Jesus draws Bear for his turn. He activates the onfield Bear, sending Tenki to the graveyard to target Yamato but was cut short by Joey’s fiendish chain. Jesus decided to summon another Bear into Joey's Torrential Tribute while Bujingi Hare is banished to save Joey's Yamato. Jesus set 1 more and passed his turn.

Joey draws for his turn before activating a set Pot of Duality, revealing Mystical Space Typhoon, Forbidden Lance and Bujin Mikazuchi before taking MST and playing Kaiser Colloseum. In the End Phase Yamato activated its effect, once again repeating the play with Jesus's Fiendish Chain falling to Joye's chained MST. Yamato sent Bujingi Turtle during the resolution of his effect.

Jesus summoned Wolfbark before he used MST on Kaiser. Wolfbark used his effect and revived a Bear to overlay into Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King. Tiger King's effect sets Tenki to the field to search for another Woflbark. The King attacked over Yamato for 500 damage before ending his turn.

Joey 7500, Jesus 8000

Joey activates Bujincarnation in his Main Phase 1, summoning Hare and Yamato to the field and overlaying for Bujintei Susanowo. He detaches Hare to add Yamato to his hand before having it Mind Crushed away by Jesus. He set Fiendish chain and attacked over Tiger King for 100 damage before passing.

Joey 7500, Jesus 7900

Jesus drew Gyokou and summoned Wolfbark to bring back Bear and make another Tiger King. Tiger King set his final Tenki and searched for his final Wolfbark. He sent Tiger to attack over Susanowo for 100 damage, but Hare left the game again so he could protect Susano for the duration of the battle.

Joey 7400, Jesus 7900

Joey draws for his turn before activating Susanowo’s effect to add Bujingi Crane to his hand. Susanowo charged in, running over Tiger King for 2300 damage with the assistance of his Bujingi. Jesus was unfortunately out of targets in his deck for Tiger Kings effect and could not summon any new monsters by sending the 3 Fire Formations!

Joey 7400, Jesus 5600

Jesus however began his next turn by summoning Wolfbark on to bring Bear back and overlay into Bujintei Kagutsuchi, milling Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Warning, his final Bear, Pot of Duality and Dimensional Prison. Kagutsuchi attacked into his brother Susanowo for 400 damage. Finally feeling like he is back in the game, Jesus sets 1 and ends his turn.

Joey 7000, Jesus 5600

Joey drew before setting 1 and passing his turn.

Jesus drew and summoned Gorilla and attacked for 1800 and 2700 damage.

Joey 2500, Jesus 5600

Joey plays Dark Hole, destroying the Gorilla and one material on Kagutsuchi. Joey then plays the Bujincarnation that he ripped off the top of his deck to summon Hare and Yamato again before making Susano and searching for Crane. Mind Crush got rid of the crane. And passed.

Jesus attacked for 300 damage and set 1

Joey 2200, Jesus 5600

Joey added Bujingi Crane with Susano, summoned Mikazuchi and passed his turn.

Jesus drew, set and attacked with Kagutsuchi and took 1100 damage from the battle.

Joey 2200, Jesus 4500

Joey drew and set

Jesus attacked over Mikazuchi for 800 and set

Joey 1400, Jesus 4500

Joey drew and passed

Jesus drew, played a Tensu and attacked into Honest for 2400 damage, losing his Kagutsuchi in the process. He set a monster and ended.

Joey 1400, Jesus 2100

Joey drew before using Upstart Goblin and Pot of Duality to reveal another Upstart, an Effect Veiler and a Bujingi Turtle. Joey decides on taking the Veiler and passes his turn.

Jesus draws and passes

Joey draws and then summons Yamato to attack the set Effect Veiler and end his turn.

Jesus draws and passes.

Joey summons Mikazuchi before attacking for game.

This just shows the absolute power that Bujincarnation brings to the table and the huge momentum swings the card can create. The consistency that Pot of Duality gave Bujins the match let him dig deeper into his deck and get the counters he needed to combat Jesus's Fiendish Chains.

Game 2

Jesus will start things out again by first playing Tenki to add a Wolfbark to his hand. He then proceeds Upstart into a new card before playing Bear and setting 3 cards.

Joey 9000, Jesus 8000

Joey begins his turn with Upstart Golbin before using a blind MST on Jesus’s set MST. He continues by summoning Yamato and setting 1 card before moving to the end phase to send Hare to the Graveyard.

Joey 9000, Jesus 9000

Jesus draws before activating Fire Formation - Gyokkou on Joey's set. Bear sent Tenki to the grave, targeting Yamato but Effect Veiler put a stop to the Fire deck's shenanigans. Jesus set 1 more card before passing.

Joey draws but goes straight to his end phase and sends Bujingi Turtle to the grave with Yamato's effect before using MST on the Gyokkous. Jesus used Dust Tornado to blow away Joey’s set Torrential Tribute, still denying him access to the card.

Jesus draws before summoning Bear and overlaying Ursa Minor and Ursa Major into Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Cardinal! When he detached the two materials Joey activated Effect Veiler to keep his monsters on the field and in the grave.

Joey draws before activating Tenki to search for Bujin Mikazuchi. Jesus was ready for it this time though and activated Mind Crush to take away the Mikazuchi, revealing the Honest in Joey's hand. Joey attacked over Cardinal with Yamato for 100 damage. When the end phase rolled around, Yamato sends Turtle to the grave.

Joey 9000, Jesus 8900

Jesus draws and activates Tenki to search for Wolfbark. He summons the Wolfbark and revives Bear and overlays into Kagutsuchi, milling 2 Duality, a Fiendish, Upstart, and Thunder King Rai-Oh before attacking into Yamato for 700 damage. Joey banishes his bunny from the game to save Yamato from the battle.

Joey 8300 Jesus 8900

Joey draws before he summons Honest. He consolidates the two Light-Type monsters into Starliege Paladynamo. Paladynamo pushes forward by activating his effect, negating Kagutsuchi's effect and setting his attack to 0! Paladynamo does what Paladins do best and smites the feeble Kagutsuchi for 2000 damage before ending.

Joey 8300, Jesus 6900

Jesus summon wolf bark, bringing back another Wolfbark and overlaying into Number 101: Silent Honor ARK! The S.H.ARK steals Paladynamo away from Joey and attacks for 2100 damage.

Joey 6200, Jesus 6900

Joey activated Bujincarnation but was shut down by a Solemn Warning before being forced to pass his turn.

Joey 6200, Jesus 4900

Jesus set a new back row before attacking for 2100 more damage.

Joey 4100, Jesus 4900

Joey summons Yamato for his turn and moves straight to the end phase. Yamato snagged a Bujingi Crane and sent the Bujingi Hare from his hand to the graveyard.

Jesus drew and sent his Ark to attack Yamato for 200 damage. Joey's final Hare runs away to save Yamato for another turn.

Joey 3900, Jesus 4900

Joey draws and activates Tenki, only to have it fall to Dust Tornado. Joey summoned his Crane and overlaid with Yamato into Susanowo. He then activated Susanowo's effect to add another Crane to his hand before attacking over Ark. Jesus activated Dimensional Prison, but was cut short by the shell of Joey's Bujingi Turtle. Jesus detaches a material from Ark to save him while taking 400 damage.

Joey 3900, Jesus 4400

Jesus set 1 for his turn.

Joey began his next turn by activating Susanowo's effect, but Jesus responded with Fiendish Chain! Joey activated Turtle to protect Susanowo from Fiendish Chain (leaving it dead on the field after a ruling debate) and added another Crane to his hand in the resolution of Susanowo's effect. Susanowo demolished Ark with his next attack, inflicting 400 additional damage.

Joey 3900, Jesus 4000

Jesus summoned Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla before sending Tenki to the grave to destroy Joey's set Full House.

Joey summoned Mikazuchi into a Bottomless Trap Hole! Forbidden Lance came down quickly and saved the Mikazuchi and allowed Susano to attack over Gorilla for 900 damage. Mikazuchi followed suit and attacked directly for 1100 more damage before ending.

Joey 3900, Jesus 2000

Jesus drew, unable to do much of anything and set a card to his back row.

Joey drew and summoned Yamato to attack for game.

The super consistent protection given to Bujins by Bujingi Hare and Turtle, along with the battle phase dominance that Crane gives kept Jesus from being able to mount a successful comeback in the end. Congratulations to both players for making it to top 8, but congratulations especially to Joey Chou for making it to top 4!

Kalen Nelson
Head of Press Staff for ARG Circuit events. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Party Hard by Andrew W.K and making awesome live commentary for the ARG LiveStream. Always feel free to come hit me up at events and say hi!