Top 8 Feature Match Jordan Brooker vs. Vince Campana

Now were in the top 8 Vince Campana had made here with an 5-1 record playing Absolute Zero and Jordan Brooker was also 5-1 and playing blackwings.

Campana won the roll and opened up the top 8 with an Allure of Darkness he removed a Caius the Shadow Monarch, Campana followed it up with Gold Sarcophagus and removed Reinforcement of the Army he set 3 back row’s before ending.

Jordan matched the back row sets and in the end phase Campana chained Royal Decree, Campana drew played Tomato and attacked for 1400. Brooker summoned Blackwing Sirocco the Dawn and attacked over the Tomato. Campana searched out Sangan. He drew and added Reinforcement of the Army adding Elemental Stratos adding Destiny Hero Malicious, he followed up with a Destiny Draw. Campana wasn’t finished setting up his turn by playing a Pot of Duality and added Miracle Fusion. Jordan drew and attacked with Sirocco. Sirocco would then be changed to defense by Enemy Controller. Campana drew and played Dark Hole clearing the field and adding Deep Sea Diva to his hand. He summoned Diva and special summoned Reese the Ice Mistress, played Monster Reborn got back Malicious synchro’d for a Stardust Dragon. He wasn’t done yet and removed the same Malicious to special another one. He then synchro’d for a 2nd Stardust Dragon but to finish off Jordan life points he would need a few more attack points but lucky for Campana he had 2 Miracle Fusions in his hand and that would be enough to send Campana one game away from a seat in the top 4

Side decking was quick and methodical Jordan would open up game 2 with Cards for Black Feathers he removed Sirocco for its effect. He normal summoned Shura and set 3 to end his turn. Campana played Pot of Duality and added a Royal Decree he set one to the back row but it was blown away by Mystical Space Typhoon in the end phase. Jordan drew special summoned Bora and then normal summoned Banisher of the Radiance and attacked with all 3 into Campana’s life points.

Campana drew and played Giant Trunade and then normal summoned Deep Sea Diva off of that effect he got Spined Gillman. He attacked with the Gillman over the Banisher and then synchro’d for All of Justice Catastor, and set 2 to his back row before ending. Jordan drew attacked with Shura into the Catastor and then played Book of Moon to turn the Catastor face down off of Shura effect he got Blackwing Gale the Hurricane. He attacked with the Gale and then in main phase 2 he synchro summoned Blackwing Armor Master, but Campana had Bottomless Trap Hole for it in the end phase Campana played Royal Decree.

Campana drew and set Sangan and another back row. Brooker attacked with the Shura again this time getting Kalut. Campana then added Destiny Hero Diamond dude to his hand. Campana drew with just 200 life points left normal summoned the Diamond Dude, played Miracle Fusion and attacked over Shura leaving Brooker with 7300 life points. Campana set another back row but this game was going to come to an end next turn when Brooker dropped Dark Armed Dragon.

Campana opened up game 3 with Reinforcements of the Army fetched him Elemental Hero Stratos, which got him Destiny Hero Diamond Dude. He played destiny draw ditching Destiny Hero Malicious, but Campana wouldn’t be done yet he then activated a Pot of Duality and added a Bottomless Trap Hole, he set 2 then play was over to Jordan. He drew thought for a minute, and then normal summoned Gale used Gale’s effect and ran over Stratos. Brooker set 3 and in the end phase Campana played Royal Decree. Campana drew and summoned Diamond Dude and attacked over the Gale for 100 life points.

Jordan played Black Whirlwind and tried to normal summoned Sirocco but was denied by Book of Moon. He played monster reborn and brought back Gale used Gale’s effect and ran over Diamond Dude and play was back to Campana.

Campana drew and removed his Malicious from play to special summon another one. He normal summoned Plaguespreader Zombie to synchro summon Stardust Dragon. He then had enough darks to special summon Dark Armed Dragon. He attacked with both and then used Dark Arm’s ability to blow up his own Decree. All Brooker could do was set one and pass back to Campana.

Campana drew removed another dark to blow up Brooker’s back row of Solemn Judgment he swung with both monsters  and this game was all but over. Campana drew and played Deep Sea Dive special summoned Spined Gillman, he followed that up with Miracle Fusion to special summon Absolute Zero, but Brooker had GORZ! To rid the field of the Gorz, Campana was forced to play his 2nd Miracle Fusion, but it was all over Brooker tried to normal summon Banisher but it fell fate to Bottomless Trap Hole and that was it Vince Campana was the first to move on to the Top 4!