Top 8 Feature Match: Larry Musgrove (Dragon Ruler) vs. Dominique Roberts (Dragon Ruler)

Another Dragon Mirror match with Dominique Roberts and Larry Musgrove in top 8! Roberts won the die roll!

Roberts opened up with a hand of Dragon Ravine, Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders, White Stone of Legend, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Trigon, Cards of Consonance. He activated Cards of Consonance, discarding White Stone of Legend but did not search any Blue-Eyes White Dragon! He then activated Dragon Dragon Ravine and discarded Trigon to send Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms from his deck to his graveyard.

Roberts continued and banished a Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Tempest from his from his hand and a Tempest for Redox, searching Debris Dragon! He Normal Summoned Debris Dragon, but Musgrove chained Maxx “C” when Debris Dragon brought back Trigon and Synchro Summoned Ancient Fairy Dragon to pop Dragon Ravine and gain 1000 Life Points! He used the second Dragon Ravine, discarding the Blue-Eyes White Dragon he drew off of Cards of Consonance to send Blaster from his deck to his graveyard. He set one and ended his turn.

Musgrove activated Sacred Sword of Seven Stars and banished Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to draw two and search a Tidal from his deck to have seven cards in his hand! Musgrove summoned Card Trooper and milled two copies of Redox and a RB. He pitched Tempest and Dragunity Corsesca to search a Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos to his hand! He activated Redox next, banishing Maxx “C” and Dragunity Corsesca. He then banished Redox and Tidal from grave for Blaster and then summoned Number 11: Big Eye!

Roberts destroyed the entire field with Torrential Tribute when Big Eye came out, and Musgrove drew a Dragon Ravine from Trooper! He used it, discarding a Tidal to send Tempest to his graveyard, set two cards to his back-row and passed.

Roberts banished White Stone of Legend and Trigon to Special Summon Redox from his graveyard and shuffled through his graveyard looking for something else to do. He followed up by banishing Blaster and Ancient Fairy Dragon to summon Tempest, netting him another Blaster from his deck! He attacked for 2400 and stacked both his dragons into Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack, but Musgrove had the Book of Moon, and Roberts had to pass without tokens!

Musgrove banished Card Trooper and Blaster for Redox and added another Blaster to his hand. He continued and Normal Summoned Dragunity Corsesca and Synchro Summoned into Crimson Blader! Musgrove brought out Tidal by banishing Dragunity Corsesca and Tempest and searched for another Tempest. Blader killed the facedown Dracossack and Tidal hit for 2600, cutting Roberts lead to just 800!

Roberts was locked under Crimson Blader and unable to summon any high level monster during his turn! Roberts set one and ended.

Musgrove used Blaster and Guard to destroy Roberts one set trap, but Roberts responded by activating his Return from a Different Dimension! He brought back Ancient Fairy Dragon and White Stone of Legend in defense, but brought back Tempest and Blaster in attack mode!

Blader killed White Stone of Legend, and in Main Phase Two, Musgrove used his facedown bluff, Gold Sarcophagus to banish Tempest and search a Debris Dragon to his hand. He then summoned Debris Dragon and brought back Flamvell Guard. He then banished Redox and Debris Dragon to summon Tidal and searched his last Redox from his deck. He then made Stardust Dragon and passed.









Roberts banished all of his monsters during the End Phase and added a Blaster and Tempest from his deck to his hand.

Roberts drew to four in hand and played Sacred Sword of Seven Stars banishing two Tempest and adding a Dragunity Darkspear to his hand. He looked through both graveyards and then scooped game one!

Musgrove continues to dominate in feature matches with a strong game one appearance!

To start game two, Roberts drew Swift Scarecrow, Tempest, Flamvell Guard, Vanity’s Emptiness, White Stone of Legend and Trade-In. He passed.

Musgrove used Sacred Sword of Seven Stars to banish Tidal to get the second from his deck. He followed with Cards of Consonance and pitched Dragunity Corsesca. He set three and passed.

Roberts set Vanity’s Emptiness, but lost it to Mystical Space Typhoon during the End Phase.

Musgrove banished Tidal from hand and Dragunity Corsesca from graveyard for Blaster to get his last Tidal. He attacked for 2800 and ended his turn.

Roberts drew a Transmigration Prophecy and set it before passing. Blaster Return from a Different Dimensioned to Musgrove’s hand.

Musgrove passed.

Roberts banished a Flamvell Guard and Tempest from his hand for Redox, but Musgrove chained Maxx “C!” Roberts searched another Tempest as Musgrove drew, but it didn’t matter! Roberts tributed Redox for Vanity’s Fiend and attacked for 2400, locking Musgrove out of Special Summoning!

Musgrove wasted no time and destroyed Vanity’s Fiend with a Blaster and Flamvell Guard.

Roberts set a card and passed.

Musgrove banished Blaster and Flamvell Guard for a Tidal, netting another Blaster to hand and attacked Roberts for 2600, but Swift Scarecrow stopped the attack.

Musgrove set one, and PWWB bounced the set one, discarding White Stone of Legend and getting a Blue-Eyes White Dragon to his hand, making use of his seemingly dead hand!

Roberts drew to four in hand and used Trade-In, discarding Blue-Eyes White Dragon! He followed up his drawing by activating Dragon Ravine and discarded Tempest, but Musgrove used RB to destroy the Dragon Ravine!

Roberts continued by banishing Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Tempest for Redox, adding Dragunity Corsesca, but Musgrove had another Maxx “C!” Roberts summoned Dragunity Corsesca and Syncrho Summoned Crimson Blader to give Musgrove another card! Blader successfully destroyed Tidal. Roberts stayed at 5200 and dropped Musgrove to 5400.

Locked under Blader, Musgrove had very few plays, but killed Crimson Blader with a Dark Hole. He set two and passed.

Roberts drew to three in hand but looked to his graveyard for answers. Roberts banished Crimson Blader and Dragunity Corsesca for Blaster, but Musgrove had Debunk to negate and banish Robert’s Blaster!

Musgrove activated Dragon Ravine, discarding Redox, but Roberts had the Mystical Space Typhoon to staunch the flow of dragons to the graveyard. Redox tried to come back by banishing two Maxx “C”, but Transmigration Prophecy but Redox and Blaster back in the deck!

Roberts drew for turn and passed.

Musgrove drew and passed.

Roberts activated Dragon Ravine and pitched Tidal to send a Tempest from his deck to the graveyard! He banished Swift Scarecrow and Tempest for Redox, but another Debunk banished Robert’s Redox! He still searched a Debris Dragon to his hand for Tempest’s effect and passed.

Musgrove set one spell or trap and passed.

Roberts set one spell or trap and passed.

Musgrove played his own Dragon Ravine on top of Roberts Dragon Ravine. He discarded Blaster to bury Tempest. Tidal tried to come to the field by banishing Blaster and Tempest, but Roberts played Debunk to remove Tidal from the game! Musgrove still searched, but he had to end his turn.

Roberts drew and ended.

Musgrove discarded Blaster for Dragon Ravine, sending Redox and then pitched Tempest and Dragunity Corsesca to get a Debris Dragon to his hand! He banished Redox and Dragunity Corsesca to summon Blaster and searched Blaster, but Roberts had the Maxx “C!” Musgrove dropped to 2400!

Roberts drew to four in hand but with only 2400 Life Points, it was not looking good for him. Musgrove’s set Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed Roberts’ set Return from a Different Dimension after Roberts set a monster and a trap.

Musgrove pitched two copies of Redox to reborn a Redox and Roberts removed the target with D. D. Crow! Musgrove summoned Blaster, banishing Tempest and Redox to search his last Tempest from his deck. He Normal Summoned Debris Dragon and made a Star Eater to kill Trigon. He set one and ended.

Roberts Normal Summoned Debris Dragon Dragon and attempted to bring back Trigon from his graveyard, but Musgrove had the Vanity’s Emptiness to stop the summon... or at least he thought so. Mystical Space Typhoon came down to destroy Vanity’s Emptiness, but before Roberts could make a big play, Musgrove used another set card, Book of Moon, to set the Debris Dragon.

During the game play, a card was found under the table and was discovered to be Musgrove’s Return from a Different Dimension! Since neither player could verify how the card ended up on the ground, Musgrove was given a game loss for a card out of his deck. Musgrove went first after receiving a game loss in game two.

Sacred Sword of Seven Stars banished a Redox, giving Musgrove another copy of Redox to his hand. He followed up by using Dragon Ravine to discard Redox to send Blaster to his grave. He activated Cards of Consonance discarding Debris Dragon to draw two. He set a card and passed.

Roberts’ opening hand was Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Transmigration Prophecy, Mystical Space Typhoon, Trade-In, Tidal and Blaster. He set three and ended his turn.

Musgrove discarded a Tempest with Dragon Ravine and sent a Tidal to his Graveyard. He summoned Blaster from his grave by banishing Tidal and Debris Dragon, but Tempest and Blaster went to deck with Transmigration Prophecy. Musgrove searched a Tidal from his deck, set a card and assed.

Roberts passed.

Musgrove pitched Blaster for Dragon Ravine, but Roberts played a Mystical Space Typhoon. His second Dragon Ravine discarded a Tidal to send a Tempest from his deck to his graveyard. Musgrove banished Redox and Tempest to re-summon Blaster and added Redox and Dragunity Corsesca to his hand. Roberts chained Maxx “C” and drew just one card. Blaster dropped Roberts to 5200, and Musgrove passed.

Roberts played Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, banishing Tidal to draw two and add another copy of Tidal from his deck to his hand. He followed up by summoning Dragunity Corsesca and using Electric Virus to steal Blaster! Musgrove relinquished his Blaster, and Roberts made a Stardust Dragon and attacked put Musgrove down to 5500!

Musgrove used Dragon Ravine, pitching Tempest to send Debris Dragon to his graveyard. He Special Summoned Redox by banishing Debris Dragon and Tempest to add another Tempest to his hand. He Normal Summoned Dragunity Corsesca and made a Blader and attacked the Stardust Dragon! He banished Blaster and Dragunity Corsesca to summon a Tidal from his hand and add a Blaster!

When Blader attacked, Roberts used his Phoenix Wing Wind Blast to dismiss Musgrove’s Crimson Blader, but the Stardust Dragon fell to Tidal and Roberts took 100 points of damage!

Roberts scooped to Musgrove upon his next draw!

The game loss clearly shook Musgrove, but played through the game loss and won in a decisive game three!