Top 8 Feature match: Sean Mccabe(Fire Fist) vs Bodan Temnyk(Fire Fist)

As we've seen all weekend, Fire Fist are undoubtedly one of the overplayed decks of the format. Its dominance can't be ignored. Both Sean and Bodan are piloting it here this weekend.

Sean took first, using the Leopard combo to grab a Tensu, followed by Tenki for a Spirt. That turned into a Horse Prince that pulled Rooster, searching Bear for Sean. Rooster sent Tenki and set Tensen from Sean's deck. He set 2 and ended turn.

Bodan activated and resolved a Gyokkou on one of Sean's face down cards. He set two cards and summoned a Cardcar, which grabbed him 2 more cards.

Sean went straight to the battle phase where he swung with Rooster first. During damage he flipped up Tensen, boosting the Rooster. Horse Prince struck next. In main phase 2 he attempted to send off the Tensen for Rooster's effect, but it was shut down by a Fiendish Chain. Sean set one and passed.

Bodan used an Upstart, then summoned a Wolfbark with no targets, using it to attack over Sean's Rooster. He passed.

Sean used the additional normal summon of Tensu to summon Bear. He sent Tensu for Bear's effect to destroy Wolfbark. Bodan attempted to Fiendish Chain but it was shut down with MST. Bear attempted to swing and got removed by Dimensional Prison. Horse Prince swung directly.

The game was over next turn when Bodan attempted to summon a Bear and Sean flipped up Solemn Warning.

Game 2

Bodan started game 2 off using Tenki to get Gorilla. He set 2, summoned Cardcar and drew 2 off of its effect.

Sean summoned Bear and it attacked into a Mirror Force. When he tried to use Tenki in main phase 2, Bodan responded with MST. One card was set to Sean's back row and he passed.

Play was back to Bodan, who summoned Gorilla and sent off Tenki to hit Sean's Book of Moon, which promptly flipped Gorilla face down.  He used a Tensu next, summoning Bear and its effect triggered when it struck in the battle phase. That grabbed him a Tenki, and then a Wolfbark. He set 3 and passed.

On Sean's turn he tried to summon and use Wolfbark's effect, but it was shut down by Fiendish  Chain.

Bodan drew for turn and flipped Gorilla, used its effect to hit Overworked, to which Sean responded with Fiendish Chain, and had it met with an MST. The Overworked was flipped in response but Bodan had the Lance to save his Bear. Wolfbark came down next, pulling back Gorilla. Wolfbark and Bear struck directly and when he made Number 106: Giant Hand in main phase 2, Sean scooped.

Game 3

Sean kicked off the final game using Leopard to pull Tensu, and then followed it up with a Spirit that got shut down by Bodan's Effect Veiler. He set 2 and passed.

Bodan used a Tenki to search Gorilla. Then summoned the Gorilla and sent Tenki to hit Sean's face down Fiendish Chain, Sean flipped it in response and Bodan once again had the MST. Overworked was then flipped to kill off his own Spirit to prevent Gorilla's effect from going off. Gorilla struck directly for 1600.

Sean used his additional summon to summon Rooster. He attempted to use Rooster's effect, sending Tensu and it got shut down by Fiendish Chain. Bear came down next, crashing with Gorilla. He set a card and passed.

Sean additional summon, rooster, rooster send tensu, fiendish in response. Bear summon, crash with gorilla, set one and passed.

Sean set one and passed.

Bodan duality for fiendish, upstart bear, takes bear.  Summon bear, attempt attack on roster, fiendish in response. Set one and passed.

The next few turns consisted of drawing, setting and passing.

The field stood with 2 set cards, a live Fiendish Chain, a Gyokkou and  Thunder King  on Sean's field, and 2 Bear(1 of which had Fiendish Chain on it)/4 back row(one of which had Gyokkou on it) on Bodan's field. Bodan activated a Tenki, not searching anything due to Thunder King. He attempted to use Bear's effect, sending Tenki to target Thunder King, but Sean responded with Effect Veiler.

During Sean's turn, he used 2 Mystical Space Typhoon, hitting Bodan's Torrential Tribute and Forbidden Lance. The Lance was chained to reduce Sean's Thunder King by 800. He finished his turn out by using another Gyokkou on Bodan's final face down.

Bodan simply set 2, and used Cardcar to grab 2 more cards.

Sean used Thunder King to attack over Bear, but Fiendish Chain was used by Bodan to shut it down.  He flipped up Mind Crush, calling Wolfbark. Bodan revealed his hand of Wolfbark, Upstart Goblin, Tenki and Cardcar D. The Wolfbark went to the grave and Sean ended turn by setting 1 card to his back row.

Bodan started his next turn off by activating Tenki, to which Sean responded with Lance on his own Thunder King to stop the search effect of Tenki. Next Bodan used Bear's effect to send the Tenki to the graveyard to kill the Thunder King. Bear then struck directly, triggering its effect to grab Bodan a Gyokkou. Main phase 2 the Gyokkou was flipped face up to freeze Sean's only face down. Bodan set a card and passed.

Sean drew Wolfbark for turn, which he promptly summoned to pull back Bear, overlaying the two for Exciton Knight. The Knight's effect was activated and the board was cleared.

Bodan drew for turn, using an Upstart Goblin and then summoning a Thunder King of his own. The Thunder King attempted to swing on the Exciton Knight but it got blown up in the battle phase via Exciton Knight.

Sean seemed to be in a favorable position, and next came Leopard off the top. He used it to pull a Tenki, which grabbed him a Wolfbark.

Bodan set 1 and summoned a Cardcar, which grabbed him 2 more cards.

Sean summoned the freshly searched Wolfbark and it got removed by Bottomless Trap Hole. Exciton Knight hit directly and in main phase 2, Sean used yet another Tenki to grab another Wolfbark.

Bodan set two and passed.

Sean attempted to summon the Wolfbark he added on the previous turn, but it ate a Solemn Warning. Exciton Knight struck directly again, all but sealing the game.

The game wasn't over however, as Bodan use MST to hit Sean's only face down. Wolfbark came next, pulling back Bear. He overlaid the two for Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, detaching to steal Sean's Exciton Knight as an xyz material. The ShARK attacked directly and play was back to Sean.

He top decked another Tenki, but when he searched his deck, he didn't have a way to deal with the ShARK. Bodan flashed the Bear in his hand and Sean offered the handshake.

Bodan Temnyk advances to the top 4 with Fire Fist!