Top 8: Nicolas Banville (Blackwings) vs. Ruo Chen Mo (Geargia)


Top 8: Nicolas Banville vs. Ruo Chen Mo

Nicolas is from Ottawa, ON playing Blackwings.  He has a regional top from 2011.  Ruo is here locally from Montreal and topped the last Montreal regionals.

Game 1:

Ruo opened Geargiarmor, 2 Geargiagear, Geargiano, Genex Ally Birdman, and Mystical Space Typhoon.  He set one monster and three back row.

Nicolas began his turn by activating Black Whirlwind and summoning Blackwing - Bora the Spear.  Ruo responded with Mystical Space Typhoon on Black Whirlwind.  Nicolas attacked into Ruo's facedown Geargiarmor taking 200 damage and adding a Geargiaccelerator into Ruo's hand!  Nicolas set one and passed.  During his end phase, Ruo activated Geargiagear and summoned 2 Geargiano MKII from his deck that are now level 4.  Ruo XYZ summoned Gear Gigant and was met with a response of Compulsory Evacuation Device from Nicolas.  Ruo opted to activate Gigant's effect to summon back an MKII from the graveyard.  He flipped Geargiarmor facedown.  It flipped into attack mode activating the effect grabbing a Geargiaccelerator from his deck.  He summoned Geargiaccelerator, bounced for Genex Ally Birdman and resummoned the Geargiaccelerator.  Ruo synched DSC04527Birdman and Accelerator into Burei and summoned Saizan in defence mode with its effect.  Ruo summoned another Accelerator from hand synchroing into Burdeido activating its effect to summon another Saizan.  He used Burei's effect to turn Saizan to attack and draw a card from Bureido's effect.  He opted to synchro for another Burei and summon Nishipachi from the deck.  He synched it and Armor into another Burei!  He used Burei's effect to turn Bora to defence mode.  Summoned Geargiano and tributed it to summon back his Saizan and synchro into Star Eater with one of the Bureis.  Ruo attacked with Burei into Bora and then attacked with everything for game!

Ruo makes quick work of Nicolas' Blackwing deck in game one.  Both players side decked to begin game two.

Nicolas opted to go first at the beginning of game two.

Game 2:

Nicolas activated Duality revealing Whirlwind, Emptiness, and Blackwing - Kalut the Moonshadow.  He opted to take the Black Whirlwind to hand.  He activated Black Whirlwind and summoned Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame and activated Black Whirlwind adding Blackwing - Bora the Spear to his hand.  He set three cards to his back row and ended.

Ruo opened game two with, 2 Geargiano MKII, Upstart Goblin, Fiendish Chain an Geargiaccelerator and another Upstart Goblin.  He played Upstart Goblin into a second Fiendish chain increasing Nicolas' life to 9000.  Played the 2nd increasing to 10000 and drew Genex Ally Birdman.  He set Geargiano MKII and two Fiendish Chain to his back row.  Nicolas attacked with Shura into a Fiendish Chain.  He activated Icarus Attack and decided to destroy his second facedown (Fiendish Chain) and MK II.  He summoned Spear and searched Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite.  He ended his turn.

Ruo summoned MKII and retrieved MKII from the grave.  Nicolas responded by activating DNA Surgery.  Ruo gave his next move some thought and decided to XYZ into Wind-Up Zenmaines in attack position.  He swung into Bora and popped DNA Surgery in the end phase.

Nicolas activated a second whirlwind and summoned zephyrs.  Adding Kalut and Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North into his hand.  He thought about his play and entered his battle phase and attacked Zenmaines with both monsters.  Life was now 7500-10000.  He passed his turn.

Ruo set a monster and passed turn to Nicolas.

Nicolas scanned his extra deck before entering his battle phase to attack Ruo's Geargiaccelerator which added back MKII.  Left life at 10000-5000 and Nicolas set a back row and ended his turn.  He summoned MKII and retrieved Geargiaccelerator and bounced it for Genex Ally Birdman.  Re-summoned the Geargiaccelerator.  Synchroed for Burei which got Saizan to synchro for another Burei.  Activating that Burei's effect to summon Saizan.  Nicolas responded to Saizan's summon with Torrential Tribute clearing the field!  That left Ruo with just two cards to Nicolas' five and two whirlwinds.

Nicolas summoned Blizzard which was met with Maxx "C".  He bounced the Bora summoned from Blizzard for Zephyros and specialed Bora from hand to attack for game with the help of Kalut.

Nicolas makes a swift comeback in game two with a risky play of swinging into Ruo's facedown monster at the beginning of the game and came up with a huge Icarus Attack because of it.

Both players sided before heading into game three.


Game 3:

Both players entered game three with plenty of time left on the clock at 25 minutes.  Ruo opted to go first.

Ruo opened his six with Geargiano, Bottomless Trap Hole, MKII, Maxx C, Mirror Force and Geargiarsenal.  Ruo summoned arsenal and activated it to summon Geargiarmor from deck.  He used Geargiarmor's effect to set it facedown and set two cards to his back row.

Nicolas set four back row and passed.

Ruo flipped Geargiarmor and added Geargiaccelerator to hand after drawing Seven Tools of the Bandit.  He normal summoned Geargiano into Nicolas' Torrential Tribute.  Ruo set Seven tools and passed.

Nicolas summoned Bora into Ruo's Bottomless and passed turn.

Ruo summoned MKII using the effect to target Geargiarmor in graveyard.  Nicolas responded with Emptiness which was met with Ruo's Seven Tools of the Bandit!  He specialled Accelerator from hand and XYZ'd into Gear Gigant X which was met with Nicolas' Bottomless Trap Hole.  Gear Gigant X retrieved Geargiano and it was XYZ'd with MKII into Zenmaines.  Ruo attacked with Zenmaines for 1500 and set a back row and passed turn.

Nicolas summoned Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn and attacked Zenmaines into Ruo's Mirror Force.  Nicolas passed back to Ruo.

Ruo attacked for another 1500 with Zenmaines set a back row and passed.

Nicolas activated Duality revealing, Icarus Attack, Bora, and Kalut.  He added Icarus Attack to his hand and shuffled the rest back in.  A card was set to Nicolas' back row and that was the end of his turn.  Lifepoints were 7000-6000 in favour of Ruo after he used Upstart Goblin to start his turn.  He summoned Arsenal and attacked with both for 1700 and 1500.  Leaving Nicolas at 2800.  He used Geargiarsenal to summon a Geargiarmor from the deck and flipped it facedown.  He passed back to Nicolas.

Nicolas summoned Kalut and specialled Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind from hand.  He used Gales effect to target Wind-Up Zenmaines.  Nicolas activated Fiendish Chain which was met with Nicolas' Mystical Space Typhoon.  He entered his battle phase and attacked with Kalut into Zenmaines and Gale into Zenmaines.  Nicolas entered his end phase, Ruo used Zenmaines targeted his facedown Icarus and Nicolas activated it to destroy his Zenmaines and Geargiarmor. DSC04529

Ruo set a back row and passed.

Gale attacked into the two back row and Nicolas set a card which was met by MST in the end phase.

Ruo summoned Geargiano MKII bringing back Geargiarmor and flipped it facedown.  Ruo passed turn.

Nicolas summoned Blizzard to the field using its effect to target Kalut in the graveyard.  Ruo thought before activating Maxx "C".  Gale cut MKII and Nicolas synched for Armades, Keeper of Boundries.  Armades attacked Geargiarmor getting rid of it without effect.  Gale attacked the MKII and Nicolas passed turn.

Ruo set a monster and a back row and passed turn.

Nicolas entered his battle phase when Ruo activated Fiendish Chain on Armades.  Gale attacked into Ruo's facedown Saizan.  Nicolas set a card to his back row and passed turn.

Ruo drew a Maxx "C" and passed.

Nicolas used Gale to decrease Saizan and attack it to put life at 2700 for Ruo and 2300 for Nicolas.  Nicolas passed turn after the attack.  In the end phase, Ruo activated Transmigration Prophecy and added back two MKIIs to his own deck.

He drew Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders for his turn and activated it discarding it and Maxx "C" to target Accelerator and special it to the field.  Ruo thought before XYZing into Gear Gigant and activated its effect to search MKII to his hand.  He summoned the MKII using its effect to get back Geargiano.  He activated Birdman returning MKII and then activated Geargiano getting back Armor from his graveyard!  He then synced into Burei and summoned Saizan from his deck in defence position.  He used Burei to turn Gale to defence and run it over with Gigant.  He then attacked the Chained Armades with Burei and passed turn.

Lifepoints were 2700 to 2000 for Ruo.  Nicolas activated his facedown Black Whirlwind and summoned Sirocco to search Kalut.  He pushed it into Saizan and activated Kalut for game!

Nicolas moves on top four to playoff for the win at ARG Montreal!