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Joe BogliHello there everyone. As you all might be aware, there were numerous regionals held this weekend. And our very own Cordero "Vexacus" Spencer was on point on getting all the information on the ARG Facebook page and giving you all the decklists he can assemble. So I would first off like to thank him for all his hard work and dedication. Next up, YCS Austin is a few weeks away and with the new ban list in effect this past weekend, how did your tournament experiences go? Whether it be just a local tournament or if you attended a regional, comment below! And if you had success at either event, congrats 🙂 I attended the Edison, New Jersey regional this past saturday and ended up getting second place after swiss with my Mono Mermail deck. Its structure and core is similar to fellow ARG members Jeff Jones and Billy Brake from YCS Miami. But in the end, I made my own card choices and decisions that helped me throughout the event and I was overall happy with my deck in the end. Lets get into a mini tournament report and at the end, I'll post my decklist if you all have not already seen it.

Round 1: Zombies. Now we all know Zombies used to be a big force when we had the full advantage of Brionac, Mezuki, and Burial from a Different Dimension. But after that, they have not done too much in the different meta's as the game progresses. I know from time to time, I get bored on Dueling Network and make fun decks. Zombies being one of them, I know the deck can still be explosive and make big pushes. Thankfully for me, that did not happen during this match and I won 2-0.

maxx cRound 2: Spellbooks. From the start, I knew this matchup was going to be hard because of the deck not playing and trap cards that I knew of and also it having hand traps to stop my big pushes. I try and rush the deck and play extremely aggressive and it worked. I went for a game and he did not have a hand trap to back him up. During game 2, I used a similar mentality and played aggressive. When playing against Spellbooks from my past and on DN, I noticed that if you rush the deck, they most of the time do not have the Tragoedia or Veiler/Maxx C since the deck is focusing on gaining advantage from Magicinan/Secrets/Masters. So I rush it again in game 2, and this time, I get Swift Scarecrow'd as I'm trying to attack from game. And from that point, a snowball effect happened to where I ran out of steam. During game 3, I established early control with Abyssleed discarding cards. When Tower came down for my opponent, I had the MST sitting and waiting. It was an overall good matchup and he was a very good Spellbook player (I'm sorry if your reading this, I did not write your name down).

Round 3: Sky Scourge Norelas. This matchup was interesting. Game 1, he Reinforcement of the Army turn one so I make an assumption I'm playing against Infernities. Then does cool plays where Plague, Malicious, Necro Gardna end up in the graveyard. I rethink my assumption and assume its Sky Scourge. I opened up 2 MST and Heavy Storm. I almost mount a comeback but he made Void Ogre Dragon right before I drew Pot of Avarice. I saw no Phantom of Chaos or Sky Scourge game 1 so I could not be 100% certain but I had a good feeling. Game 2, I gain control with Abyssleed once again but this time, I was sending Lightsworn monsters to the graveyard with its effect. Game 1 I only saw dark monsters, game 2 I only saw light monsters. It came down to where my opponent was dead drawing and I won. Game 3, I got my whole hand sent to the graveyard turn 1 from Phantom of Chaos with Norelas. And he made Void Ogre Dragon after drawing his card, placing it on top for Plaguespreader and removing Malicious. I thought it was all over for me since if I top decked a power spell, it was useless. I drew a Abyssgunde. and passed my turn. I don't remember what my opponent drew (Maybe Necro Gardna) but hit for 3000 and set a monster. I drew Abyssteus. Ended up going destroying the face down monster and then taking control of Void Ogre Dragon with Big Eye. From there on out, I kept drawing good card after good card. This was a very fun/good match. I continued to talk with this opponent during the later rounds to see how he was doing. I believe he finished x-3.

dimensional fissureRound 4: Inzektors. Game one ended rather quickly since the only monster my opponent drew was Centipede. Game 2 was short on my behalf since I got brickwalled by a Dimensional Fissure and left all my plays useless. I had a strong hand of Dragoons, Gunde, Leed, Megalo, Teus. But Dimensional Fissure said NO! Game 3, I make Abyssgaios turn 1 and it stays on the field most of the matchup, then once it got destroyed, I made a second copy of it and it sealed the victory for me. I believe this players name was Tristian, a very nice and polite guy who was a pleasure to play against.

Round 5: Dino Fire Fist. I was paired against Giovanni Del Moral. I knew he became a Dueling Network sensation when he won one of the tournaments. But I never got the chance to meet him or watch him play in real life. Now I was playing against him. I saw his decklist from the previous DN tournament so I had a general understanding of what he was/was not playing. Game 1, turn 2 I go for the OTK and it went through. During side decking he mentioned he opened 2 Tenki and drew into a 3rd copy of it. Game 2, he establishes and early Abyss Dweller. I manage to get over it but he still had so much advantage over me, I could not mount a solid comeback. Game 3, it becomes a real grind game. We both were looking for monsters. Drawing spell after spell and trap after trap. I manage to Mind Crush him when he adds a Bear to his hand, seeing he had a Soul Drain. So I attempt to play around it the best I could. I make a hard push late game and MST the set Soul Drain I knew was there and the trap he recently drew was Bottomless and that sealed the victory for Del Moral. He was also a very nice and polite player to play against. Im looking forward to seeing and playing against him in the future.

laggiaRound 6: Macro Rabbit. My opponent drew 5 vanilla monsters throughout the course of game 1 with not much backrows to support them so I ended up just making bigger monsters via Deep Sea Diva and won. Game 2, he opened Rabbit into Laggia. 3 set backrows. Flipped Macro when I drew. Then summoned Tour Guide. Game 3 here we go! I opened Leed, Gunde, Megalo, 2 MST and a Bottomless. Ended up winning 2 or so turns later.

Round 7: Barbaros Fire Fist. All the momentum I established was put at bay when a 3000 attack Barbaros came down from my opponent via Monster Reborn. From there on out, I couldn't not get over it. Game 2, I got rid of all my opponents backrows and Abyss Dweller, which allowed me to set up my next turn for the Leed/Gunde/Meglo play. I had knowledge of my opponent having a Bear in his hand from Tenki last turn so I went to Mind Crush the Bear since all 3 Tenki were gone, my opponent drew into a 2nd copy of Bear. That game ended quickly after that. Game 3, my opponent drew a lack of monsters/Tenki and the only monster he summoned got banished via Bottomless so I just went to work with Marksman/Linde. I asked after the match if he preferred the Barbaros/Tenken version of the deck rather then the standard Rabbit Version, made some more small talk, wished each other luck the remaining rounds and went our ways.

starlight roadRound 8: Rabbit Fire Fist. Game 1 ended quickly on my behalf. Drawing and inconsistent opening hand and getting hit by a Starlight Road sealed the early victory for my opponent. Game 2, we get into grind game and I have Messenger of Peace, Abyss Dweller with 2 Dragoons under it, a Marksman and a MST set with a Teus in my hand. My opponent has a Thunder King Rai-Oh and 2 set backrows in 1 card that he just drew. Flips his set Dark Hole which gives me a read that he has Starlight set. I chain Dragoons and we get into an argument on how I dont search (When I actually do since Thunder King will not be on the field after Hole resolves and Dragoons starts the new Chain Link). So when the head judge comes over and agrees that I do get my search. I get Marksman from Dragoons, he plays a Tenki he just drew, I MST it, then on my turn, I do Teus/Marksman shenanigans and win. Game 3, my opponent opens Rabbit into Tiger King, sets Tenken via ability and sets another backrow. I Heavy Storm, he blind Mind Crush and calls Megalo which I do not have, I discard a Bear out of his hand. I do Teus/Goons plays and end up with Leed on my field and using its effect. I send another Bear to the graveyard and making Abyssgaios. He draws, and conceeds. I go to shake his hand after the match like I do all my opponent whether I win or lose, and he denies my handshake and walks away from the table.

Round 9: Mono Mermail. Game 1 I open the stone cold nuts. Heavy Storm (which I played on his 2 backrows), Leed, Teus, Dragoons, Diva. Game 1 shortly ends after this turn. Game 2, I get Deck Devastation Virus'd and lose just about my whole hand and cannot recover at all. Game 3, we go back and forth gaining control and establishing field presence. But during his main phase 2, I flip Sphere and get out Linde. He Reborns his Marksman, Mind Controls my Linde and goes into Leviathan, detaches Marks to try and pop my other set back row. I flip my second Sphere and get out Linde. Then during the end phase I bring out Leed and durng my turn, I Teus/Gunde him to seal the victory for me.

My finishing record for this event was 8-1 getting 2nd after swiss. I was very pleased with my tournament experience and cannot wait until YCS Austin to come along in a few weeks. For those who did not get a chance to view my decklist on Cordero's Facebook or the ARG Facebook page, here it is. If you have any questions reguarding my card choices, post below and I will surely get back to you! If you are attending the Danvers, Massachusets Regional on March 16, I will be there so come and say hi! Until next time, Play Hard or Go Home!

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