U/G Delver its A Miracle!!

Hey readers back again with another live stream. This time I will be piloting U/G Delver or Miracle Grow list. The list seems pretty solid, but for some reason as you will see in the video I either get flooded with land or choked on land which I did not understand at all ( I think modo hates me).  I really like this list a lot, I think it has a lot of potential and maybe you guys could take this list and improve on it even more, but this is the basic shell I have composed and I think it is a pretty standard shell. My buddy Matt Hoey took a list like this to St. Louis and did pretty well with it. I think personally if I were to make any changes to the deck I would splash red and play Bonfires or spot removal like Pillar of Flame. Although I did not do so well tonight I still think the list has a lot of potential. As I stated in the video you will watch, my girlfriend took a version of this deck to FNM and went 3-1 in a 4 round tournament which landed her packs. Next week I will be talking about the deck I have come to fall in love with and it is what I took to Star City in Kansas City, so definitely tune in for that article as I will be going over  the deck I have been doing really well with. Without Further ado here are the videos that will shed light on a list you may want to play at any event coming up. The deck is also fairly cheap if you were looking to get into competitive magic and all while keeping a budget. I hope you guys enjoy and see ya next week!


I did throw some practice games in there because in rounds 3 and 4 my opponents did not show up to the match so I improvised to give you guys some more shots of the deck.

Introduction to the Deck

Round 1 1/3

Round 1 2/3

Round 1 3/3

Round 2 1/2

Round 2 2/2

Practice Game 1

Practice Game 2

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