What I Want To Write

Hello. As I sit down to write an article I consider a few things: Originality, information, accuracy, and a few more key points that I always look to address. I read other articles to be certain I don't infringe on what other people have come up with, although I like to believe myself an original thinker. I love writing these articles and I especially enjoy it when people express their interest and let me know that they have benefited from knowledge that I was able to express through writing Yugi-Articles. These are things I think about as I sit down to write, but right now, all I can think about is what I want to write.

You see Yugi Community, I want to write something  you all have never seen before. I want to write an article that addresses the lesser known points of the game as well as addressing the well known points of the game from a new point of view. See I have viewpoints on things such as Maxx "C" being such a powerful card and strategies as to how to use it. The thing is, so does everyone else and they're expressing it in mass quantities. But I want to stray away from that and bring you quantity.

I want to write an article that outlines the next format. Inzektors are an amazingly powerful up and coming archetype that have the ability to plow through an established field with very little commitment through cards such as Inzektor Dragonfly, Inzektor Centipede, and Inzektor Hornet. And this mass destruction can all be done before synchroing or Xyz summoning. Plants have a way around the toughest of fields, but they use a few more cards to do it. Dark Worlds are the same, they lose little advantage while slowly dwindling your resources and keeping thorough knowledge of what's in your hand. Then there are the highly speculated additions to the Wind-Up arsenal, that utilize a very well known loop to diminish your hand before you make a play at all! Some players are even combining these two new archetypes to create a deck that tarnishes your whole game before you draw for your very first turn. See my peers, these are the things that I wish to write about. These are the articles that I want to explore in depth. But so does everyone else, right?

I want to make points about how this past format reached speeds that almost rivaled that of the TeleDad era. I want to write about how leaving your field open while having 6,000 LifePoints left was a bad thing, regardless of what you may or may not be holding in your hand. Fields covered with Synchro, Xyz, and boss monsters like Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning were only a few cards away from happening at any given moment and a well-timed Maxx "C" could turn your world upside down. The thing that a lot of players failed to realize was that playing conservative had its moments, but there were times where making the play that you would not normally make was the better option. Some players did not see that making Leviair the Sea Dragon in order to revive a banished Thunder King Rai-Oh would be a better option than simply Xyz summoning Wind-Up Zenmaines and passing turn, in order to combat the pending threat of the aforementioned monsters. Some of the most potent destruction cards this game had to offer like Heavy Storm and Dark Hole insured that you never over committed to your field unless you had protection or a good reason to. These cards showed either how skilled a player was, or how lucky he/she was at any given time. Just more aspects that I want to bring to this community in a different light.

See the thing is, I just want to write! Maybe about how your demeanor during a game determines the reads your opponent may or may not make. And how the smallest of things can make the biggest difference later on. Did you scoop when your opponent had a huge field game one? That was a mistake. Now when your opponent has managed to amass a huge field(You must not have had Maxx "C") and you don't scoop, they're able to read that you possibly have a Gorz or Tragoedia play. Simple things like maintaining the same demeanor throughout the game and putting on your "Poker Face" can keep your opponent guessing as to what you may have in your hand. Keeping the same face when you have Maxx "C" or Gorz as you have when you don't have it can make all the difference when it matters. Looking at your graveyard each turn instead of the turn when you draw Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning or Monster Reborn can lead your opponent to believe you dont have these cards when you actually do draw them. But who doesn't know that, right? Again my friends, these are things that I want to write about.

I know for a fact that with every new format, new decks will arise. New cards will become great and old favorites will be Forbidden and lose their ability to be played. This is what I want to be here for. To provide yet another voice of reason as to why certain things are done in this oh-so-complicated game we play. I'll always have an opinion. I apologize, I must rephrase. I'll always have a viable opinion about new comings in this game. I'm creative, I see things before most people and I have a tendency to catch on and learn quickly. I'm one of those people that players come to looking for new unseen tech choices, side deck options, and extra deck innovations. That's what I am Yugi Community, I am an innovator, a creator, a strong-minded individual who wishes to bring you all the information that you need and want in whatever form available. I'm not campaigning for class president, nor am I asking you to do anything more than read and let me know what you think.

I want to write an article that expounds on the limits and boundaries of this game in a brief but effective outline. I want to write something that gives people an insight to who I am so that they may become more familiar with me and how I think about things. I want to write an article that makes people think outside of the box and make better players and strategists of themselves. The only problem is, I haven't done that yet.

Thank you for reading!

Dominique Roberts

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