What the “Pro Players” Fail to tell you Pt.2

What’s going on Yu-Gi-Oh Community. Nationals is only a few days away! It’s me here and I’ll show you now the 2nd part of what the “Pros” aren’t telling you. I’ll warn you now there’s still 5 more steps to becoming over average. These next 5 steps take it past playing the game and more onto the observation of your surroundings, using logic to be aware of the world around you, and meeting people. I’ve addressed what the problems of the so called pro player. Now I’ll move on to solutions. The solutions will cause a controversy that may have you thinking I’m talking trash to some of you. Don’t take anything I say out of context, please reread this article if you don’t completely understand it and send me a message with your issue.

6) There seems to be times where a “Pro” likes to take control of everyone in the room of their locals or regionals. Assuming a certain stance, everyone is following him/her and praising him/her constantly, knowing your surroundings fits into this fairly well. Don’t be one of the many following him/her and making their egos rise even more. In my case I would ask them to play for cards or money, but that is just a personal joke I say to myself when I see someone with that many followers. Don’t you feel the urge to duel someone who thinks they are so good they can beat anyone 2-0(translating to he can defeat you in a match without losing). A little suggestion, ignoring those players is most likely the best thing to do, since they are desperate for attention. If you choose not to ignore them do not be rude to them as they only have this game to be proud of nothing else.

7) Using basic knowledge and realizing your either in a card store, hotel, or convention center you realize everyone is playing a children’s card game. You also start to realize the people who claim are pro make themselves known in the bad way. Once you come to an understanding of this you can only laugh in your head hopefully or feel pity for them. Meet good decent people who also play this game, enjoy a few laughs, and forget the egotistical maniacs that ruin this game! Remember as I do not mention names think of players you know in your area who act like this, you can actually help them on rare occasions of course. Part of this logic is simply looking around the entire room and seeing who is grabbing all of the attention. Grabbing them aside and telling the “pro” how you feel could actually talk sense into them, but if you know anyone with an ego everyone is below them all the time so be tricky with your words!

8 ) As I mentioned before taking your attention off the attention-grabber here is another way to become an over average player. Making the correct friends. This is much harder then it seems because there are many people in today's' society that choose to steal and lie because it’s easy to get away with. Avoid these kinds of people at all costs! Making the correct friends is what you must do in order to accomplish the over average goal. Try this for example put someone through a test: place a card (a card that is valuable that you can prove it is yours with a crease or mark or something) on the table for someone to take and act like you aren’t paying attention to it. If they take it and walk off you know what type of person that is. Of course ask for it back right away, chase them down if you have too! I’ve made many good friends off this game and I hope to continue that as well, but the bad eggs (the pros) are still there. They are potential friends someday when the egos die down.

9) Another huge flaw I seem to find in most Yu-Gi-Oh players is when they can’t take a break, play all day, and go back home to play all night. There comes a time where you just need to stop playing for a while and take a rest. After taking a day break from this game you will be much more pumped for all your next duels and probably prevent boredom. This game does have many aspects to it but there should be other priorities in life whether that may be a job, school, or running your own business! Time spent into this game should be well spent and should be enjoying every moment. Grinding and testing so much for an event is often painful and will cause headaches, which I highly suggest you shouldn’t do. I come from a place where time matters way too much and this is me voicing my opinion I feel spending your time wisely is key to becoming over average.

10) Lastly, here is the MOST important way to become an over average player: Your voice matters is what matters! You may think you aren’t much in the Yu-Gi-Oh community, but you’d be surprised. Many “little” people can change the game state drastically. By topping a YCS or National event with a random deck that no one has seen or being creative with original ideas. Konami likes suggestions so send all your suggestions into Konami so they can take them into consideration. I’m sure if you have a good idea they will listen! Your input can help in so many different ways.  Tell the judges and staff at any Regional/YCS/National event what improvements they can make to the game. I’ll state a problem that I’ve seen lately, cheaters can get away with a lot right now. Most cheaters stack during the rounds before top 32 where judges aren’t watching as much. This really bugs me because they don’t deserve to be up there, they either draw extra cards, stack their own deck, or stack your deck when you are not paying attention or look away for 1 second. Cheaters can lie and you won’t be able to prove what they did is true, they also cheat with the calculator and paper, writing down extra things that happen when they didn’t happen. This truly disgusts me, almost as bad as “pro” players do, but the problem can be taken care of if Konami gives any care to the players who commit a lot to this game. Remember to voice that opinion because you aren’t little!

I’ll end on this note since this is a very touchy subject. The days of Pro players sadly are over, this game simply put is you get lucky or they get lucky. There are 3 categories of players and all of us are in one of them, but the pro concept has got to go. It doesn’t make sense anymore, take that word out of the Yu-Gi-Oh vocabulary and move on!

Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, good luck if you attend nationals this year. Remember, Play Hard or Go Home!!!

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