What to Expect at the Kaijudo Championship

bobby brakeThe Kaijudo Championship is this week and all of the invitees are testing really hard, trying to figure out what deck they should use. With a max of only 50 players at this event, I believe there will be a handful of different decks there. What I am going to discuss in this articles is the decks I feel are going to be used and which one might be the best choice, along with each decks strength and weakness. I know a lot of you are not going to be able to attend the Championship this week, but hopefully you will get a chance in November when the 2nd one comes around. You can just read this as my analysis of the meta as it is right now.

Water/Dark/Light and Water/Dark/Light/Nature Control Deck

These two decks are the ones that dominated most of the Kaijudo Master Challenges this past season and you should probably still expect to see a lot of these at the Championship. The reason these decks are so popular is because they use probably 3 of the best cards in the game right now, Andromeda of the Citadel, King Tritonus, and Keeper of Laws. The 3 civilization version focuses around controlling your opponent and then overwhelming once you reached turn 10 in order to play King Tritonus and are able to take complete control of the game. People started to add Nature into the deck, utilizing cards like Reap and Sow and Mana Storm to help them reach King Tritonus faster because that card is insanely powerful. The Nature section also helps it along in the mirror match, but you have to play it very carefully because using mana ramp when your opponent has Keeper of Laws out or you will give them great hand advantage over you. It is a very consistent deck and usually the more skillful player can win in the mirror. This deck is a good choice for the Championship, but in my opinion it is not the best. It greatly struggles to mono red rush decks, along with Megabugs, and the mirror match is a long drawn out grind session. I would not suggest using this deck if you do not have a lot of patience or feel like playing very long matches.

Mono Red Rush Deck

Many of you know that I have a strong disliking towards this deck. Sadly you cannot rule out this deck at the Championship. After the release of Clash of the Duel Masters, this deck become very popular at KMC’s and performed quite well at a number of events. I do not think there will be many of these decks but there will be enough to where you are going to need to be prepared for it. This deck has a great match up against W/D/L control decks because they do not have many plays before turn 4 and by then Mono Red will already have stabilized. So if you are afraid of W/D/L control decks I would say go for it. My problem with this deck is that it is a ticking time bomb. I do not understand why people use decks that when it reaches a certain turn it almost automatically loses. It has to get the tempo going by turn 3 or it all falls apart. If they get to play Andromeda or Infernus the Awakened it is game over most of the time. Another issue I have with this deck is your opponent does not even get to play Kaijudo. It turns into a game of how many blockers can you play. This deck has an auto lose condition within itself, which is why I feel like it is not the best choice for the Championship.

Greed Dragon Deck

This deck is essentially a 5 civ Bottle of Wishes Dragon deck. It focuses around using all the big dragons, and now some are even using King Tritonus, with fire birds and tries to overwhelm your opponent with non-stop dragon action. This deck has not seen much play around my local area and this is deck I expect to see the least of at the championship, this is a great deck if Bottle of Wishes goes off. In my opinion it is a very inconsistent deck. If you play against Control and you Bottle into an Infernus the Immolator, congratulations, but outside that it just cannot compete with the top decks out there. If you are looking to get lucky and Bottle of Wishes is your favorite card I say go for it, but I just do not see this deck performing very well at the Championships.

Water/Light/Nature Megabugs Deck

This deck feels like it came out of nowhere here recently. It performed well at the Las Vegas KMC and then Carl Miciotto (A.K.A. EarthP0w3R) won one of the last KMC’s of the season with it. Ever since then The Hive Queen has almost tripled in price and this deck as been on the rise. It is probably the best tempo decks since Kaijudo has come out. Its strongest matchup is against W/D/L/N control decks. It can put so much pressure on the board that it completely overwhelms them and they cannot answer it. The fact that it uses cards that replace itself like Mana Tick creates huge advantage. It also uses General Finbarr helps out a lot as well. In some cases Finbarr is a better move than The Hive Queen because you just fill your hand up and then you can swing with The Hive Queen the following turn for additional pressure. If the control decks are going to be as popular as a think, I would definitely go with this deck. The deck does struggle with Mono Red a bit, but if you are able to get your early drops as fast as them, along with a couple blockers, you should be able to take care of them. This deck I feel has the strongest matchup against most decks in the meta right now and if you still haven’t decided what to use, this will probably do very well and I expect to see great results from this.

These are my thoughts on the top decks I expect at the Championship later this week. If you have not decided on what deck to use, I hope this helps you make a decision. In the end though I am just going for the experience and looking to have a good time. If I do not do well it will be okay, because I can just try again at the next one if I make it. After the Championship is over we all going to have to dive right back into testing because the next season of Kaijudo Master Challenges starts in Septemeber!

See you on the other side of the veil!

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