YCS Anaheim Top 8 Tournament Report

Hello again, Duelists! This past weekend I made the Top 8 at YCS Anaheim using Qliphorts. The list is a little different from the one I used at ARGCS Seattle, where I finished in second place. While the matches are fresh in my mind, I'll do the tournament report this week, and next week I'll discuss why I decided to go with some “unusual” picks for my deck. Before I start the article, I want to give a big congratulations to Patrick Hoban for winning the YCS!


Since I live about 35 miles away from YCS Anaheim, I decided that preregistering was unnecessary. So on Saturday morning, Robert Mushkatblat drove me, Georgiy, and Phil L. to the YCS.
Heres the list that I used for the event:

3 Qliphort Disk

3 Qliphort Carrier

2 Qliphort Helix

3 Qliphort Scout

2 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

1 Performapal Trampelynx

3 Saqlifice

3 Summoner's Art

3 Upstart Goblin

1 Book of Moon

1 Raigeki

2 Pot of Duality

3 Mystical Space Typhoon

3 Dust Tornado

2 Vanity's Emptiness

1 Bottomless Trap Hole

1 Solemn Warning

1 Compulsory Evacuation Device

2 Skill Drain

Side Deck

3 Maxx "C"

2 Wiretap

1 Qlimate Change

3 Spell Shattering Arrow

3 Dynatherium

3 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

Extra Deck

1 Number 106: Giant Hand

1 Number 103: Ragnazero

1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger

1 Number 61: Volcasaurus

1 Artifact Durendal

1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer

1 Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon

1 Abyss Dweller

1 Diamond Dire Wolf

1 Shark Fortress

1 Number 82: Heartlandraco

1 Gagaga Cowboy

1 Cairnagorgon, Anitluminescent Knight

1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight

1 Lavalval Chain

Round 1 vs Frogs
Game 1: My opponent shows up really late and gets a game loss.
Game 2: I go first and open Qliphort Scout, Performapal Trampolynx, Vanity's Emptiness, Dust Tornado, and Qliphort Disk. I was pretty sure that I was winning that game, as it is a very ideal hand. He special summons Swap Frog and sends Ronintoadin. When he attempts to special summon Ronin, I use Vanity's Emptiness, and he chains Mystical Space Typhoon. He then tributes both for Mobius the Mega Monarch, destroying my face-down Dust Tornado, Performapal Trampolynx, and Scout. Then he special summons Ronin from grave again in attack mode. Afterward, he uses Creature Swap to give me the Ronin and take my Carrier equipped with Saqlifice, and attacks for a lot of damage. Next turn I draw Saqlifice and normal summon Disk, equip Saqlifice and pass. He uses another Creature Swap and the game's over.
Game 3: I ended with Carrier, Saqlifice, and a Raigeki in hand with Compulsory Evacuation Device set. He summoned a Vanity's Fiend and flipped Mistake. I didn't destroy Vanity's Fiend until I could OTK him, so he couldn't do much while Vanitys Fiend was faceup so I Raigeki'd and OTK'D.
We played a real game 3 for fun to see what would've happened and since he didn't open Swap Frog this duel, I won.
Round 2 vs Shaddoll
Game 1: He went first but I was playing Qliphort and he was using Shaddoll. He summoned Raiden and milled a Beast, and I had a floodgate so I won pretty fast.
Game 2: He went first and set a monster and a backrow or two. I normal summon Qliphort Carrier, equip it with Saqlifice, and set Dust Tornado, Shadow Imprisoning Mirror, and another Saqlifice. On his turn he flips up Shaddoll Hedgehog and I use Shadow Imprisoning Mirror, then he chains Mystical Space Typhoon. He fusion summons El Shaddoll Construct and uses its effect to send Dragon, destroying my facedown Saqlifice. This lets me OTK him next turn after searching a Scout and hitting his only backrow with Dust Tornado during the End Phase.
Round 3 vs Burning Abyss
Game 1: He didn't have much, as he special summoned Calcab and Alich and didn't mill a Graff or Scarm off of Dante. He just set some backrow and passed. I get rid of his Dante with Carrier, and next turn he draws Tour Guide but he still can't win from there.
Game 2: He summons Tour Guide, but I have Maxx “C”. He special summons Scarm, makes Dante, mills one, sets some backrow, and adds Tour Guide during the End Phase. My hand would have been pretty mediocre if he hadn't made Dante. The card I drew off Dante was Saqlifice and for turn I drew a Summoner's Art. I activate Art, search Scout, and he uses Mystical Space Typhoon. Then I normal summon Helix and equip Saqlifice. I have another Maxx C in my hand and a Shadow Imprisoning Mirror set and I win from there.
Round 4 vs Burning Abyss
Game 1: He goes first and summons Tour Guide for Graff, and only mills one. Then he special summons a Cir from his hand, makes another Dante, and mills one again. Luckily he didn't set any backrow so I got through both Dantes, one with Carrier's effect, and the other by attacking over it with Disk, then next turn I used Dust Tornado on the backrow that he set and won soon after.
Game 2: I Raigeki'd his Dante. I have Helix with three set to his two backrow. On his turn he uses 2 Mystical Space Typhoons on both my face-down Shadow Imprisoning Mirrors, he then special summons Rubic and normal summons Cir, syncs for Virgil and Special Summons Dante from grave. I use Compulsory Evacuation Device, and next turn I draw Saqlifice and tribute Helix for Disk, make Dweller, then activate the Scout I searched off of Saqlifice. Next turn he concedes because he doesn't draw Tour Guide.
Round 5 vs Qliphort
Game 1: I go first and open Qliphort Scout, whereas my opponent only opens Odd-Eyes with four sets. Next turn I Mystical Space Typhoon his Scout and the game is pretty much over.
Game 2: He ends with Scout, Carrier, Saqlifice, and three sets .He uses Spell Shattering and Mystical Space Typhoon on my Scouts. So I summon Helix, equip it with Saqlifice, and set two. I use Spell Shattering Arrow on his Scout. He adds a Helix and normal summons it, makes Castel to return my Saqlifice and attacks over my Helix. I end up drawing into a Dynatherium but can't get to any monsters for the rest of the game and get beaten down with Castel.
Game 3: I summon a turn one Ragnazero and then activate Scout to search a Carrier, then set Mystical Space Typhoon and Solemn Warning. I use Mystical Space Typhoon on his Scout and he sets some backrow and passes. I use Scout and he uses Mystical Space Typhoon, then I summon Carrier and attack. Next turn I use Solemn Warning on his Pendulum Summon and he concedes since he can't stop my attacks on the next turn.
Round 6 vs Qliphort
Game 1: He goes first and opens Scout with too many Mystical Space Typhoons and Dust Tornados for me to deal with, and he also had a Bottomless Trap Hole for the monster I summoned so the game was over pretty quickly.
Game 2: I don't let his Scouts resolve and win soon after.
Game 3: I looked at my hand and was almost certain that I was going to lose. My hand was 2 Qliphort Helix, 2 Qliphort Disk, and a Compulsory Evacuation Device. Luckily for me my opponent just set 4 and passed. For turn I drew Dust Tornado. I summoned Helix, attacked, and then set two. He set one and passed. Next turn I summoned another Helix and attacked with both. He just set a monster and passed. During my next turn I used Compulsory Evacuation Device in case he had Trap Stun and he conceded since he was at 2600.
Round 7 vs Stellarknights
Game 1: He goes first with Deneb and two sets. He also tells me he's never played against Qliphort. He uses Mystical Space Typhoon on my first Scout, but I have a second and win shortly after.
Game 2: I play through his traps then OTK him.
Round 8 vs Squiddy Shaddolls
He goes first and summons Mathematician, sending Squamata which sends Falco, and sets two. On my turn I use Scout to search a Carrier, attack over Mathematician , and set three. Then I activate Odd-Eyes, and during the End Phase search for Performapal Trampolynx. On his second turn he flips up Falco to special summon Squamata, then he flips up his set El Shaddoll Fusion to Fusion summon El Shaddoll Winda. I use Compulsory Evacuation Device to return Winda since I assumed he would summon Black Rose Dragon. Then he summons Dark Armed Dragon and destroys my facedown Dust Tornado, which I chain on his set Mystical Space Typhoon, which he chains on my other Dust Tornado, he then destroys my Scout and Carrier and attacks with Falco and Dark Armed Dragon. Finally he tributes Falco to set a Shaddoll Beast. He passes without setting any backrow. On my turn I try seeing if I can OTK him but unfortunately I was 300 off so I don't Pendulum summon a Scout from my extra deck and leave him at 1300. He activates Raigeki on my normal summoned Disk, and I think to myself, "This is going to be a repeat of Seattle's game 3 where he Raigeki's me then attacks for game." Luckily for me he says, "Just kidding you got it, I needed a light monster or Fusion."
Game 2: He doesn't use Mystical Space Typhoon on my Scout and saves it for the Shadow Imprisoning Mirror that I flip up next turn (lucky for me because I needed that Scout to resolve). And next turn I just OTK him.
Round 9 vs Qliphort
I unfortunately have to play against a friend and if I win this round then I secure my spot in the top 32.
Game 1: He goes first and opens Scout, and ends with Saqlifice equipped to Carrier with three sets. When I look at my hand, I realize it is one of the best I've had all day. 2 Mystical Space Typhoon, Scout, Dust Tornado and a Solemn Warning, and for turn I drew another Scout. So I activate Scout and he lets it resolve. I add and normal summon Carrier. Then I do something I haven't done all weekend - I activated a second Scout and added a Saqlifice, so he couldn't just attack over my Carrier. On his turn he uses Scout and I use Mystical Space Typhoon. He tribute summons for the Disk he just drew and I Warning. He forgets to use Carrier to bounce and adds a Scout which I use Dust Tornado on. Then I just beat him down in the next couple of turns.
Game 2: He opens Scout and uses Pot of Duality to add Mystical Space Typhoon, summons Helix, equips it with Saqlifice, and sets three. When I summon a monster he uses Bottomless Trap Hole. I activate Odd Eyes and set three. I add a Scout. On his turn I use a Spell Shattering Arrow and he adds a Scout to his hand. He tributes his Helix for Carrier and destroys my Dust Tornado missing my Saqlifice, so if I chain Dust Tornado on his Mystical Space Typhoon I win, but unfortunately I hit his facedown Vanity's Emptiness and lose shortly after.
Game 3: I end with Scout, Carrier equipped with Saqlifice, and a set Spell Shattering Arrow with Raigeki, Helix and a card I can't remember in hand. He activates Scout and I use Spell Shattering Arrow, and fortunately he doesn't have another Scout because he said he could have OTK'D me. He just sets 2 and passes. I use Scout and he uses Spell Shattering Arrow, then I search another Scout and activate it and he uses Dust Tornado. I summon Helix, attack with both, then summon Ragnazero in Main Phase 2 and the game is over shortly after.
So I have just locked in my top 32 spot!
Day 2:
Upon arriving to our round 10, Bo, Jose and I (the only 3 undefeated players) decide that we would rather go practice draft than have impressive records in Swiss since we're going to top anyway. We eventually find 5 other people to draft with (Cole Hill, Jeff Gomez, Jose's friend who's name I didn't get, Juan Moroyoqui, and Arnold Alvarado). We couldn't find Yuki and thus didn't get the opportunity to practice draft with him as well.
Round 10 vs Jose, Burning Abyss
My opponent gave me the win since we were going to go and practice draft.
Round 11 vs Yuki, Qliphort
I scooped and went back to practicing draft.
Top 32 Vs Burning Abyss
Once again, I lose the die roll to Burning Abyss. He goes first and ends with a field of Virgil, Dante, Graff, and two sets. That's pretty impressive and I'm pretty sure that I lose. I activate Scout and he allows it to resolve (which I didn't expect). I search a Carrier, activate Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon and he flips up Vanity's Emptiness. I summon Carrier and attack over his Graff. Then I set two, add Scout with Odd Eyes, and pass. On his turn he uses Dante to mill three and mills Cir. On Cir's effect I use Vanity's Emptiness. He attacks over Carrier and in Main Phase 2 uses Virgil to target my face-down backrow and I chain Dust Tornado on his face-down, which ends up being a Karma Cut. He passes to me after adding a Tour Guide off the Scarm he discarded. Since he has no traps I get rid of his board and do a lot of damage. Next turn I tell him that if he doesn't draw a trap I can OTK, and he doesn't draw a trap so we went to the next game.
Game 2: He just sets 2 and passes. He uses Fairy Wind on my Scout. I summon Helix and equip Saqlifice, attack, set two, and pass. On his turn he just sets a backrow and passes to me. Next turn I tribute for Disk. Helix destroys a Phoenix Wing Wind Blast that he chains on my Disk by discarding a Beginning of the End. I special summon two monsters with Disk's effect, add Scout, which adds a Carrier, then Pendulum Summon my Scout in defense mode. I attack into a facedown Rubic and pass. On his next turn he summons Cir tries to use Fire Lake as a last ditch effort, but I have Wiretap and he concedes.
Top 16 Vs Bo Tang
I won the roll and opted to go second. At one point he has at least 4 more cards than I do. He made a super great play where he used Mark of the Rose to take my Aye-Iron, attacked over my Tree Otter and then used Wonder Wand in Main Phase 2 to draw two cards. So I'm pretty sure I lose at this point. Luckily for me I had Swords of Revealing Light to stall 3 turns and Chow Len let me see his set cards. While I had Swords of Revealing Light, he was increasing the attack of his Aye-Iron. After Swords of Revealing Light left the field, I set an Alien Brain, knowing that it was my one chance at survival (I also had a Friller Rabca in the graveyard in case he summoned a different monster). Conveniently for me he just attacks with Aye Iron, and I use Alien Brain to take control of it after he destroys my Chow Len. In his main phase 2, he uses Breakthrough Skill from grave to reset Aye-Iron. On my next turn I drew Evilswarm Thunderbird and attacked with both. Eventually he's forced to use No Entry. I chain Evilswarm Thunderbird. Next turn he summons Blizzard Dragon and uses its effect on my Aye-Iron. Next turn he's forced to use Book of Eclipse, as otherwise he won't survive. So during the End Phase I drew 2 cards, and this is where the whole game changed in my favor. He used Blizzard Dragon's effect on my Aye Iron and I chained Evilswarm Thunderbird, but he uses his second Breakthrough Skill from grave. Then when he attacked with Blizzard Dragon he forgot that I had the Friller Rabca in the graveyard and I negated the attack. Next turn I summoned Submarineroid, attacked over his Blizzard Dragon with Evilswarm Thunderbird and attacked with Submarineroids effect directly leaving him at less than 1600. Next turn he couldn't get rid of my Submarineroid so he just set a monster and passed. On my turn I attacked with Submarineroid directly and passed. Time was called on his turn and I was up by more than 2500 life points. He finally destroyed my Submarineroid. On my turn I normal summoned Mezuki and overlayed into Number 44: Sky Pegasus to destroy one of his faceup monsters by detaching Mezuki. Then I used Mezuki's effect to revive Submarineroid and attacked him directly for game.
Top 8 Vs Scott Snyder
Game 1: I opt to go second, and he didn't open enough traps.
Game 2: He opts to go first, normal summons a monster with 1600 attack, and equips it with a spell that boosts him by 1000. Then he sets three and passes. Unfortunately I couldn't get to any damage step cards, Arfeudytyr, or battle position changers that duel even though they consisted of more than 25% of my deck and lost soon after.
Game 3: I chose to Mulligan as my hand had no traps and the monsters weren't very good for turn one. On my mulligan I draw into 5 monsters... If there was ever an option to Mulligan a Mulligan, now would be that time. Unfortunately that is not a rule, and I only get to one trap/spell within my next 4-5 turns and end up losing because I can't get rid of his monsters that are at 2000 attack.
During the drafting portion I passed up a Evigishki Merrowgeist since I didn't want 2 extra deck monsters and if I hadn't passed it up I would've been able to get rid of his monsters that had 2000 attack and potentially won the match; was I right to pass it up for another card? If only I could remember which card I picked instead. Good match Scott!
Overall this weekend was a lot of fun, and led me to my fifth premier event top! That's all for this week's article! If you'd like to see me write about a certain topic feel free to message me on Facebook. The Circuit Series stops by Chicago, IL next on November 29-30.
And As Always Play Hard or Go Home!