YCS Weekend Ahead! Trending In Yugioh Right Now – With Billy Brake

Hello Yugioh Community! What a weekend we have in store for us! Not only do duelists have YCS Dallas, Texas to look forward to this weekend, but we also have YCS Toulouse, France! I am very excited for both of these events, but I will be at YCS Dallas seeing as how I live here! In my article this week I want to make sure all of the duelist out there are aware of the current state of the meta and are prepared for whatever event they are participating. Mainly, I want to go over some little points that some duelist might have overlooked. Anytime you are going to a major event, even if nothing new has been released since the last event, there are always changes in the game and new cards people are trying out. It is important to be on top of this if you want to have success at a higher level.

Question of the Article: Do you think the same deck will win YCS Dallas and YCS Toulouse? What will win!?

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Before I dive into specific decks I wanted to take a look at how the metagame has evolved already since the Forbidden and Limited List was released at the start of March. It used to be players were in love with using many copies of hand traps like Maxx “C” and Effect Veiler, but times have changed. Maxx “C” was once a ten dollar card a couple of months after its release and we saw its value skyrocket to an astonishing one hundred dollars at the start of March. It was so expensive because everyone wanted to run three copies, but that is simply not the case anymore. Wind-Ups popularity has dwindled significantly and people are deciding it just isn’t as good against all the top decks especially since the rise of Inzektors and Heros. People have begun removing this card out of their decks and its price drop to around sixty-five dollars is proof. What is trending in Yugioh is very valuable information anytime you are trying to build a deck for any major event.

By looking at what happened at YCS Long Beach and spending some time surfing over a couple of Yugioh Forums such as Duelistgroundz it is pretty easy to figure out what decks will have the largest representation. Knowing what decks to expect at an event is an excellent way to make sure you are prepared. It will help you build your side deck and you must know the in-and-outs of all of the decks so they can’t take you by surprise. I am going to go over each match-up, why they are so popular, try and mention some things you may not know about them including new trends.

1. Dino – Rabbit
This deck has been outright the most popular deck ever since YCS Brighton. It is extremely powerful and not very complicated at all. It is kind of like the Hulk in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, it requires very little input, but has a lot of output. This deck easily has the strongest one card combo in Rescue Rabbit and can just draw hands that can’t be beaten.

Once upon a time ever Dino-Rabbit deck looked the same, but it is important to know it is evolving. Jurrac Guaiba is no longer seeing as much play as it once was and players are starting to include copies of Forbidden Chalice in their deck.

This is an excellent card in this deck. It is amazing in the mirror match, having the ability to negate your opponents Laggia if they got to go first is huge. This card really isn’t bad against any of the top decks, worst case you just can make your vanilla monsters a little more beefy to run over anything standing in their way.

I haven’t heard too much talk about this guy, but if you are taking Dino-Rabbit to a YCS I would strongly consider including him in your extra deck. Gellenduo’s popularity might be at an all time high because of how well it can stall out a Dino-Rabbit duelist. If you have this guy handy, all you need is to have one of your Rescue Rabbit banished and then Tour Guide From the Underworld will be able to make this guy and instantly kill Gellenduo by its own effect. It may be situational and only 100 points of damage, but this could mean the difference from you killing your opponent or letting Gellenduo make a fool out of you.

Inzektor popularity might be at an all time high right now. A lot of well known duelist are using this deck and anytime that happens, you can expect that to be mirrored by the masses. It is a deck that can keep coming at you every turn as long as you have the decks key card Inzektor Hornet. It is a very stable deck and can just beat you in one turn. I expect to see a lot of this match-up at either one of the YCS this weekend.


Zektkaliber first saw successful tournament play at YCS Leipzig making it all the way to the top 4. This version is fairly consistent and can easily kill you on your first turn. If you are unfamiliar with this card and all of the combos it can start with Inzektor Dragonfly and Inzektor Hornet I suggest you find out asap! The downside is this makes the deck more dependent on drawing monster than it already is. The Card Trooper version on the other hand is a lot less powerful, but has a little more of a consistency factor. Card Trooper can help get to Inzektor Hornet faster, he is a floater that helps the Hero match-up, and can be used well with Call of The Haunted which the deck usually uses three copies. In my opinion, at least in YCS Dallas I think more players will be going with the Card Trooper version, but don’t fall asleep on Zektkaliber, or it might just kill you in one turn!

This decks popularity was through the roof at the 100th YCS in Long Beach. I expect its popularity to remain for two main reasons. It is very cheap and extremely effective. ARG Writer Joe Giorlando was able to take his HERO deck to the top 4 in long beach and he will be the first to tell you how consistent the deck is. Anti-Meta is just thriving right now because all of the top decks are combo based (Inzektor) or lose to removal ( Dino-Rabbit). You can count on this deck being a major contender at both of the YCS tournaments this weekend.


There really isn’t too much trending with this deck outside of this topic. I have seen it discussed amongt many duelist and I have any discussed it with Joe Giorlando. What it comes down to is when you make Miracle Fusion, do you want to make Elemental HERO The Shinning or Elemental HERO Nova Master, and do you want the ability to bluff Honest. In my opinion, I think the Crusader is probably the way to go since The Shinning is such a big factor in the deck. Evocator is also a Reinforcement of The Army target, but most of the time you will have a Neos Alius in your deck ready to go. There is really no right answer and it comes down to mainly player preference, but I do think Crusader is the way to go.

When you are facing this deck one of the toughest tasks is taking down Elemental HERO The Shinning. His effect to get two removed from play Elemental HERO monsters can be quite devastating, but luckily there is an easy way to prevent this from happening! Elemental HERO The Shinning’s graveyard effect is an optional Trigger effect. This in order for its effect to not miss timing and be able to activate, the last thing to happen as the chain resolves is The Shinning going to the graveyard. A simple way to make sure this doesn’t happen is by summoning an effect monster that has an effect that triggers when it summons or one you can call player priority to activate its effect and then chain Torrential Tribute!

Here is an example of a play I made during Attack of the Giant Card at the 100th YCS.
My opponent had a face-up Elemental HERO The Shinning, I had a banished Wind-Up Rat, a set Torrential Tribute, and a Tour Guide From the Underworld in my hand. I summoned the Tour Guide grabbed another from my deck and special summoned it to the field. I could have chained the Torrential to my Tour Guide’s effect and it would have resulted in The Shinning from missing his timing, but I had darker plans. I then XYZ summoned Leviair the Sea Dragon from my extra deck and called priority to activate his effect . I then chained to his effect Torrential Tribute since it was still in response to the summon. The chain resolved backwards, my Torrential Tribute destroyed all monsters on the field, including my opponent’s Shinning, and then I special summoned my Wind-Up Rat with Leviair’s effect. Since the Shinning going to the grave was not the last thing to happen on the chain he missed his chance to activate his effect.
You can do the same thing by responding to the summon of Elemental HERO The Shinning with a Mystical Space Typhoon and chain Torrential Tribute and he will miss timing. As long as the last thing that happens isn’t Elemental HERO The Shinning going to the grave, he will not get his effect!

Conclusion: In The Yugioh Metagame there are three decks that seem to separate themselves from all of the others. While other decks are still serious contenders such as Wind-Ups and Dark Worlds, they are not even close to being the most popular. Even though it may seem like everyone is still using these decks that have been around for a while, they do know how to adapt. It is important to make sure you are always on top of all the trends and what your future opponents are going to try and throw at you!

Thanks for reading! I hope to see a lot of you at YCS Dallas this weekend! Feel free to come up and say Hello! Good luck to everyone attending YCS Toulouse! Don’t forget to answer the question of the article!
Remember, Play Hard of Go Home!

-Billy Brake
-YCS Toronto and Columbus Champion