Yugioh Championship Series Review- Toronto

First, I would like to congratulate Alter Reality Games' own Billy Brake for FINALLY becoming a champion after years of trying. His victory was unquestionably deserved. With the amount of hard work accompanied with the time and dedication he put forth towards this game, his largest accomplishment was almost inevitable.

The best way to access a tournament is not only looking at what decks won, but also to statistically analyze the various deck types that topped. Answering the following question will be a good first step; what has changed from last format? How many different deck types made the final cut? How many of each deck were there? Which card(s)will benefit you in future tournaments against this new set metagame? Will theses deck still be viable for the next major event? All of these questions are here to help us review the following tournament.

What has changed from the last Format? Well having plants win is definitely not a big change at all; arguably the best deck from last format seems to still be carrying a bit of steam with it. Although it lost multiple cards to the ban list it was still able to function. But lets clear a few things up although people are claiming it was a plant deck that won. It was really a Reborn Tengu- Tour Guide From the Underworld synchro/xyz deck. That being said the plant engine was the main factor for the synchroing portion but not the key to the whole deck, It iss safe to say that plants are no longer a legitimate deck type but the best engine to run.

Top 32 consisted of 11 Plant-synchro, 11 Agents, 2 Tech Genus, 2 Karakuri , 1 Anti Meta, 1 Chaos, 1 X-saber, 1 Nordic, 1 Frog Monarch and 1 Unknown. That being said it is clearly evident that it’s a battle at the top between Plants and Agents (both decks also faced off in the finals). After accessing the match up its basically a race between both decks to set up mounds that are very hard to deal with. The difference is plants have the ability to combo with very minimal cards but Agents posses the best boss monster in the game ( Archlord Kyrstia ) that has the ability to shut down almost every deck out there.  Although there were nine different deck types that made top 32 only 2 of them clearly stand above the rest ( Plants and Agents ). You can expect a few people to “netdeck” the other decks in top 32 but it is very hard to imitate the way they were portrayed by the original players.

The biggest card to counter the meta is Maxx ‘C’ and Billy Brake explained in his previous article on why it is so amazing and I couldn’t say it any better.

-Maxx “C”
This card has a lot in common with Effect Veiler. Being a “Trap Monster” gives this card a definite edge this format. It is the one way to stop the opponent when they start going off for game if it involves a lot of special summoning, which most decks do. It can be great against agents if you chain this card to an activation of an Agent of Creation – Venus. It can hurt Gladiator Beast if you chain this card to the effect of Gladiator Beast – Darius to get the guaranteed draw and perhaps make them think twice before they fuse for Gyzarus. A lot of plant decks can still remain pretty popular and this card can really give them a hard time. As I said earlier X-Sabers have been growing and Maxx “C” can insure that XX-Saber Gottoms can’t pick all the cards out of your hand. While Maxx ”C” won’t be able to stop a turn 1 Tour Guide, you will at least be able to get a draw and perhaps get to the right cards you need faster. This card can be pretty useful against a lot of decks, but not all of the top decks that have been popular so far in this format. This card doesn’t do too much against Gravekeeper’s or Heros , and both of these decks still remain a threat in this undefined format. I think Maxx “C” is a great card, but in an undefined formant it is hard to main deck multiple copies of this card.

-Billy Brake.

Just like last years YCS Toronto a brand new card pool was released after Lazaro won with  X-sabers and Frazier Smith was able to change the face of Yugioh once again with the aggravating Gravekeeper deck. This year will definitely be the same story, with a brand new structure deck being released with amazing support for an old archetype expect many duelist to jump on this bandwagon. Darkworlds have been around for along time and it never really seemed to hit the limelight, but after looking at all the devastating cards released in that upcoming Structure deck I will go out on a limb and say it will unquestionably win YCS Ohio.

With The Yugioh Championship Circuit making its next Stop in Alter Reality’s home state make sure to drop by to pick up any last minute cards you will need for that event. That being said I would like to Congratulate Billy Brake once again, Thanks for bringing the Championship Back to ARG!!!! Until Next Time Dale Bellido signing out.

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